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Key Chains are LEGO novelty items that are based on many different themes. They come in several different forms, including minifigures, mini sets, or single bricks. They all has a special metal keyring attached to them, through which they may be attached onto a key chain.



Minifigure key chains are similar in appearance and playability as most minifigures, with the exception of having their parts glued together and having a key chain screwed into their bodies, normally in their heads.

Mini Sets[edit]

Mini set key chains are built of real bricks. They are unable to break apart, due to special glue-based affixing methods, although it is possible, using the right methods, to take them apart.


These are the simplest key chains, and comprise a single brick, normally a 2x4, affixed to a keyring.


  • If the right equipment were had, most minifigure keychains could be converted to a normal Minifigure. Some methods, however, could damage the initial Key Chain design permanently.
  • Key chains are part of LEGO's promotional products and follow a different numbering system than standard sets. This system has changed over time.

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