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LEGO Universe is a theme introduced in 2010. It was started being worked on in 2005 as a collaboration between LEGO and a Colorado-based MMOG developer called Netdevil. The theme is based around the product 55000 LEGO Universe. The official Closed BETA Testing period opened to the public in March 2010 after the more highly restricted ALPHA Testing period closed. The game went live on October 26, 2010, although those who pre-ordered got early access on October 8 of the same year, but it closed on January 30, 2012 due to the lack of unsatisfactory revenue to the target's audience.

Story[edit | edit source]

The LEGO Universe story begins when four explorers - Duke Exeter, Doc Overbuild, Hael Storm, and Baron Typhonus - set out to find a source of rare power. They find the Imagination Beam, the long lost essence of pure imagination that could create anything imagined, on a cube-shaped planet called Crux. Hael imagined a pirate ship, Duke imagined a large kingdom, and Dr. Overbuild imagined a robot dog, but the Baron had become chaotic during the long travel and imagined a creature of pure evil.

The Imagination Beam creates the monster, but the Baron's attempt to rule the universe through chaos failed and the creature dragged him inside the Imagination Beam. The Imagination Beam was corrupted by the Baron's evil and mutated into a strong and destructive Maelstrom. Dr Overbuild sealed the Imagination Beam, but the pressure inside Crux made the planet explode. The smaller chunks were colonized but the bigger ones became the locations in the game.

The explorers sent a message to all the minifigures to use their creative powers to save imagination. The three remaining explorers founded the factions of Sentinel, Assembly, and the Venture League. The Paradox faction was founded by the Baron's assistant, Vanda Darkflame.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Creation Lab
The Maelstrom
My LEGO Network
Venture League
Classic Ninja

Factions[edit | edit source]

Factions are large groups of minifigures, each of which protect the last shard of imagination and push back the Maelstrom in their own ways. They are Assembly, Venture League, Sentinels, and Paradox.

Assembly[edit | edit source]


Assembly - Guided by construction specialist Doc Overbuild, they battle the maelstrom using various creations. The Assembly Faction is the first of the 4 Nexus Force alliances. Their members believe that the act of creation naturally sets back the chaotic destructive nature of the Maelstrom. They are challenged to push the limits of imagination, exploring new styles and new ways of construction. They consider themselves to be the foundation of the Nexus Force. Even though they may not be as brave as the Sentinels or as daring as the Venture League, they are brilliant architects and clever engineers who are highly respected for their skills.

Doc overbuild.png

Their leader, the eccentric genius Doctor Overbuild, is very intelligent and similar to Albert Einstein. His passion is building and pushing the uses of imagination. He spends months at a time locked in his building laboratory, creating the visions in his head.

Assembly members are mainly builders, engineers, architects, mystic summoners, and inventors. Their symbol is an illusional Penrose Triangle.

Venture League[edit | edit source]


Venture League - Space pirate Hael Storm's Venture League is a group of explorers who solve mysteries and look for answers. The Venture League is the second faction of the Nexus Force. Its members are a composition of adventurers and explorers who want to get to the bottom of all of the mysteries filling the Universe. Whether it's exploring the long-lost civilization of the First Builders or boldly going where no Minifigure has gone before, the Venture League is always the first to discover it.

Hael storm.png

Their leader, the cheerful pirate Hael Storm, has a great sense of humor and is always ready with a wisecrack. He's a born problem solver and in times of danger Storm will always rise to the challenge. His specialty is the sea and he is a seasoned explorer of all the oceans in the Universe.

Venture league is an adventurous group of Daredevils, Buccaneers, and Adventurers and their symbol is a skull in front of a compass.

Sentinels[edit | edit source]


The Sentinels - Legendary warrior Duke Exeter leads the Sentinels in the fight against the Maelstrom. The Sentinels are the third faction of the Nexus Force and their mission is to protect the weak, defend the good and serve justice to all. Integrity and honor are the core values of their operation and their heroic performance overshadows all evil. Members of the Sentinels are the most powerful Minifigures of the Nexus Force. What they lack in pure imagination, they make up with strength and courageous willpower. They are known and respected as the most honorable warriors in the Universe.

Duke exeter.png

Their leader, the charismatic and brave Duke Exeter, is an inspiration to everyone around him. He refuses to compromise his principles, and always finds a way to achieve victory with honor. Always trusting that the right will win, he's big on giving everyone second chances and is always prepared to take on challenges.

The Sentinels are a group of warriors consisting of Knights, Samurai, and Space Rangers. Their symbol is a bird, possibly a blue eagle.

Paradox[edit | edit source]


Paradox - Ninja warrior Vanda Darkflame leads her group in using the Maelstrom's power against itself. Paradox is the fourth faction of the Nexus Force. Paradox members closely study the Maelstrom power in an effort to find the evil within it. They believe that the battlefield is no place for honor and use whatever means are necessary to achieve victory. Paradox has a reputation for being secretive about their operations. They are sneaky in their attacks and highly effective in all their disciplines. Though Paradox has never broken the trust of the other Factions, they are still looked upon suspiciously.

Vanda darkflame.png

Their leader, the mysterious ninja warrior Vanda Darkflame, believes that defeating the Maelstrom requires understanding it and turning its power against it. She is cynical, decisive, and always fights for what she feels is right, no matter what anyone else may think about her methods.

Paradox is a group of Space Marauders, Shinobi, and Dark Sorcerers and their symbol is a slanted eye with a spiral behind it like the Paradox Galaxy.

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