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Mr. Gold
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This article is about the online game. For the minifigure, see Mr. Gold.

Mr. Gold is a online Minifigures game. It can be found here. The player progress through the levels, collecting more parts of characters. At the end, you are Mr. Gold, and have to collect all the minifigures.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Prior to each level, one first chooses which character they want to play. When one first starts the game with no characters unlocked, the only playable option is a generic minifigure with a smiling headprint, red shirt, blue legs, and no other accessories.

Levels are simple 2D platforming environments. Each level features a green platform with black-and-white checkered strips printed on the side, where the character starts the game, and where they will respawn each time they fall. Upon spawning, a timer begins to record the time taken, and the player can begin moving. Players navigate the level by walking and jumping between platforms using the arrow keys. Scattered throughout each level are three floating pickups which each represent one portion of the minifigure players are attempting to unlock. That is, there is one pickup for the legs, one for the torso, and one for the head. These pickups disappear upon collection. At the top-right of each level is a red brick with black and white checkered strips printed on the sides. If a player lands on this brick, they beat the level and unlock the next one. The time taken is displayed and used to determine a rating of the player's performance out of three stars, where three stars is a perfect score. Also, if the player picked up all collectibles, then the respective minifigure is unlocked.

At the bottom of each level is a pool of white liquid; if the player falls off the platforms into this liquid, then they restart the level. This resets the timer as well as all collectibles.

Players may replay an unlocked levels by heading to the level selection screen. Upon replay, any collectibles picked up on previous playthroughs no longer appear; only collectibles missed by the player can still be found. By picking up these remaining collectibles, players may unlock characters they had failed to unlock previously. Also, players may attempt to use a replay to obtain a better star rating for their performance on said level.

At any point in the game, one may return (or proceed to) level selection, enter/exit fullscreen mode, or mute/unmute the game.

Environmental Objects[edit | edit source]

Platforms[edit | edit source]

Platforms have colliders on their topmost edges only. This means it would technically be possible to jump through a brick from beneath it and then land on top, though the levels are designed where such a feat is never required to progress. Lack of colliders on the sides and edges do have an effect on gameplay, however, in that the lack of certain collisions allows certain jumps to be performed without hindrance from platforms the characters' heads would otherwise hit. When a player lands on a moving platform, the platform then carries them in whichever direction it is moving until they jump or fall off.

All platforms are two studs deep and a variable number of studs wide. They may be two, five, or eight studs wide. The five-stud wide platforms are represented visually as a 1x2 brick sitting next to a 4x2 brick.

The general platform variants are as follows:

  • Goldplatform.png Gold platforms are stationary.
  • Greenplatform.png Green platforms move from side to side.
  • Orangeplatform.png Orange platforms move up and down.
  • Blue platforms shoot the player upwards. This occurs whether the player lands on top of them or simply walks onto them from the side.
  • Purple platforms, when landed on, will flash for a few moments and then disappear. They then reappear after a few seconds.

Each level also has exactly one of each of the following:

  • Starting platforms: Green platforms with black-and-white checkered strips printed on the side, where the characters start each level and respawn upon falling. These appear in the bottom-left corner of the level.
  • Ending platforms: Red platforms with black-and-white checkered strips printed on the side, which characters must reach to complete the respective level. These appear at the top right of each level.

Other Objects[edit | edit source]

  • Portals exist on either end of 8-stud long yellow platforms, with exactly one portal per yellow platform. Portal platforms come in pairs, and the portals work in both directions. Upon exiting a portal, one cannot re-enter it unless they first move to the side. Simply jumping on a portal you just exited will not transport you back.
  • Fans push players in a certain direction when they are in range.

Levels[edit | edit source]

There are 17 levels, each characterized by the minifigure that its collectibles would unlock. In the order of unlocking, they are as follows:

The Final Level[edit | edit source]

After completing all previous 16 levels, a short cutscene plays where Mr. Gold's Top Hat changes from black to gold as the other 16 minifigures stand around it. At this point, the final level is unlocked. The final level, Mr. Gold's, is slightly different compared to previous levels. In this level, rather than collecting pieces making up Mr. Gold, you play as him and collect icons of the 16 other minifigures.

Characters[edit | edit source]

As you progress through the levels, you unlock each minifigure from 71001 Minifigures Series 10, gaining the ability to play as them. They appear in the gallery in the order they are unlocked.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the game, Mr. Gold is seen carrying a golden 10-dollar bill in addition to his staff.
  • This was the only online game at the Minifigures website in which all minifigures from a series are playable, and also the only game to feature any Series 10 characters.
  • As of current day, this was the last online game to be published on the Minifigures website. LEGO Minifigures Online became the main focus of Collectible Minifigures gaming for future series up until its closure.
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