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The Rogue is a Microfigure released in the 2011 subtheme Heroica . It is a character with the melee skill in game to defeat any adjacent monster and collect a gold piece as a reward. This special ability is mimicked by the dagger weapon available in game from the store.


Born in the busy streets of Drandora Port, the Rogue spent his youth homeless and had to steal to survive. He is now an expert thief able to steal gold from almost anyone. He sees the invasion of the monsters as an opportunity to finally utilize his skills for good, and maybe gain some riches on the side.


  • He is called the Thief in the Caverns of Nathuz rule book, but his official name on LEGO website is the Rogue.
  • His description in the hero quiz is: "1-3 points. You are somewhat of an accidental hero. You don’t always mean to act like a hero, and you don’t mind bending the rules if it helps you or your friends on your quest for treasures or battles with monsters. Your heart is in the right place, and well, it’s gotten you this far, right?"
  • He is in the online video at under Heroica videos. He loses all health during the video to demonstrate what happens when you are defeated by an enemy.
  • His weapon is the only old piece weapon, and also the only one that helps you buy more weapons.
  • Additionally he is also the only hero who's skill is not weakened in weapon form.