Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion

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Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion




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Spinjitzu Spinball Snake Invasion is a Ninjago online game released in 2012. It allows you to customize yourself, and fight the Serpentine.

Cheat Codes[edit | edit source]


  • Eyes - gives Hypnobrai suit
  • Pointyillusion - gives Fangpyre suit
  • Skidjumping - gives secret weapon.
  • Ninjagojazz- unlock treasure chest that gives 1000 coins—Powerups--
  • irongauntlets - attack boost
  • cheetahsmile - speed boost
  • cladtitanium - shield boost—Secret Levels--
  • oldminer - gives ninjago mountains secret level
  • peakyride - gives ninjago mountains secret level
  • tanningsprawl - gives sea of sand secret level
  • sesamesurprise - gives sea of sand secret level

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Kendo Kai's spinner.
  • Kendo Zane's spinner.
  • Cole ZX's spinner.
  • Fang-Suei's spinner.
  • Rattla's spinner.
  • Fangdam's spinner.
  • Rattla's crown.
  • Kendo Zane's crown.
  • Samurai X's crown.
  • Lasha's crown.
  • Kai ZX's crown.
  • 2 swords.
  • Corseque.
  • Silver Troll Scimitar.
  • Staff of control.
  • Double sai.
  • Shurikens of ice.
  • Golden double-bladed sword.
  • Scimitar.
  • "Rock force" chains.
  • "Fast as Lightning" blades.
  • "Rock force" shields.
  • "Whip attack" shields.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you click on Sensei Wu when he appears in an area, a timed bonus level is playable.
  • There are now ten areas, each one having a each containing various enemies.
  • The enemies so far are the Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Venomari, Constrictai and the and wrestlers.
  • Fangdam's spinner was availible in the clan facilities before it came out.