The Day of the Great Devourer

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The Day of the Great Devourer

The Day of the Great Devourer

Peter Hausner


Dan Hageman
Kevin Hageman

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"The Day of the Great Devourer" is the thirteenth episode of the first season in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It aired on April 11, 2012. The episode is directed by Peter Hausner, and written by Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman.


In the Lost City of Ouroboros, the Ninja look on in shock as the now-awakened Great Devourer consumes both Sensei Wu and Pythor alive. The Devourer looks around for new prey, finally settling its eyes on the Ninja, and they flee for the Destiny's Bounty. Nya and Lloyd start the engines using the Bounty's reserve fuel, and the chase begins. The Ninja begin unloading random ballast (including Wu's teapot) to reduce the vessel's weight and increase their speed, but they stop when they realize that everything the Great Devourer consumes makes it grow larger. The Ninja set a course for a maze-like geological formation where they hope to lose the Great Devourer, but when they reach it the Great Devourer strikes the Destiny's Bounty and knocks off the engines on one side. The Ninja abandon ship using their individual vehicles and take refuge under a rock pillar, from which they watch the Great Devourer destroy and finally consume the Destiny's Bounty before burrowing underground. The Ninja wonder what to do next, and Jay is prepared to give up the fight and help the residents of Ninjago go into hiding underground, since he feels the Great Devourer is too large and powerful to ever defeat. Kai reminds his teammates with an encouraging speech that Sensei Wu would not have wanted them to give up so easily. Jay still insists that without the Ancient Flute they have no weapons that can combat the Devourer, but this gives Kai an idea, and he and his teammates travel to Ed & Edna's Scrap 'n' Junk. Meanwhile, at the Fangpyre Tomb, the Serpentine are hurrying underground. Fangtom lambasts Skales for helping Pythor in his mad crusade to unleash the Great Devourer. The Serpentine barely make it into the tomb before the Great Devourer arrives aboveground. Jay's parents are not home when the Ninja arrive at the Junkyard. Kai makes sure Zane has a recording of the Ancient Flute's song. Eventually he reveals the blueprints for the Ultra Sonic Raider and reveals that his plan will require the Ninja's strongest Tornado of Creation yet, and that no civilians can be around when they do it. Suddenly, the Mailman arrives on his bicycle and says he has a letter for Jay's parents. When told that they weren't home, he suggested that they were probably at the Take Back Ninjago rally in Ninjago City. He then condemns the Ninja, pointing out that trouble seems to show up wherever they show up. At that moment, the Great Devourer appears behind him, scaring him into a trash can. Quickly, the Ninja use the Tornado of Creation to create the Ultra Sonic Raider, and Zane unleashes the Ancient Flute's song from its sonic cannons. While he does not get a direct hit, the Great Devourer is distracted. The Ninja continue to try and hit the Devourer, with Jay using the vehicle's grappling hooks to try and hold it still. During the fight, Kai realizes that the Great Devourer has a weak spot on the top of its head. However, as soon as they get a direct hit, the Devourer strikes Zane's compartment with its tail, stopping the assault and allowing it to flee. The Ninja check on Zane, whose face has been damaged but who is otherwise unharmed. The Ninja then realize that the Devourer is heading toward Ninjago City, and they hurry to protect the many citizens gathered there. The Devourer arrives in Ninjago City through the subway system, bursting from the subway terminal and causing chaos at the Take Back Ninjago rally, and causing cars to drive crazily through the streets. The Ninja arrive in the Ultra Sonic Raider, but they are still no match for the Great Devourer. Elsewhere, Lord Garmadon attempts to buy some Traveler's Tea, but is distracted by news coverage from NGTV coming from Ninjago City. The Ninja continue to struggle against the Devourer, trying to stop it from consuming any civilians. Nya puts up a strong fight in the Samurai Mech, but ends up hanging from a beam trapped in the Devourer's jaw, struggling not to fall in. She is rescued by the arrival of the Ultra Dragon, a four-headed dragon formed from the Ninja's four dragons combined. It puts up a strong fight but after several blows the Devourer remains largely unfazed, and it eventually knocks the Ultra Dragon from the sky with its tail. Lord Garmadon arrives and tells the Ninja to give him the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, as only he has the power to control all four. Jay is hesitant, since he and his teammates were tasked with keeping the weapons away from Lord Garmadon, but Zane admits that every other course of action he's considered leads to failure. Kai gives Lord Garmadon his Dragon Sword of Fire, telling him about the Devourer's weak spot, and his teammates follow suit. Lord Garmadon commands the Ninja to keep the Devourer in one place, and he walks off cackling wildly. One at a time, the Ninja call for the Devourer's attention and lead it on a confusing chase through Ninjago City. Finally, Jay and Zane lead it back to where it began, and the Devourer mistakenly bites its own tail. Storm clouds brew as Lord Garmadon appears with the Golden Weapons from on top of a skyscraper that towers above the Devourer's head. Taking the opportunity, Lord Garmadon curses the Great Devourer for being the cause of all his grief, activates the power of the Golden Weapons, and declares his revenge by jumping from the building and striking the Great Devourer on its weak spot. As a result of this chain reaction, the Devourer bursts into a wave of green slime that washes over Ninjago City. The Ninja emerge and declare their victory with the rest of the citizens (including the Skeletons) of Ninjago City. From underground, the Serpentine hear the cheering, realizing that the Great Devourer has been defeated, and Skales decided that they now need a new leader. When the Ninja go to find Lord Garmadon, they discover his footprints and conclude that he survived and fled with the Golden Weapons. Further down the street, they discover Sensei Wu, alive and unharmed. Sensei Wu proclaims that the Great Devourer left an awful taste in his mouth, and collects his teapot from nearby, pouring himself a still-hot cup of tea. Though the Ninja are somewhat discomforted that Garmadon has finally taken the Golden Weapons, they know that they all have reached their full potential that is enough to train Lloyd to help him reach his potential so that he can face Garmadon one day for the sake of Ninjago, something which Wu agrees, stating that one to better himself of his potential is more powerful than the Golden Weapons.


  • The working title for this episode was "The Final Hour - Part 2", with The Rise of the Great Devourer being Part 1.
  • When Zane gave Nya the probability of the ninja escaping the Great Devourer, telling that the chances of that are 8%, Nya tells Zane, "Never tell me odds", which is a reference to a Han Solo quote from Star Wars movie Empire Strikes Back.
  • When the ninja are attempting to halt the Great Devourer, Kai jumps onto a bus with an advertisement on the side for "Sitar Legend", a game that the ninja play in their spare time.
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