Treasure's Island

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Treasure's Island

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Treasure's Island is an online game that is part of the Minifigures theme. It features the Conquistador and Pirate fighting over treasure.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players first choose to play as either the Conquistador or Pirate. The minifigure that the player does not choose is the one that they face off against. In the game, each minifigure has a small boat and a cannon, which they use to try and sink the other minifigure's boat. The cannon is fired by holding down the spacebar for a certain amount of time to increase the shot's power and releasing the spacebar to fire the shot. The goal is to hit the other minifigure before he hits you. If the player hits the enemy, they progress to the next level, of which there are five in total. If they are hit, then they lose and have to restart the level. If the player completes the game by passing all five levels, then the screen shows the minifigure they played as and invites the player to "press the download button to claim [their] reward" or to "press the menu button to play again".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After one completes the game, the player is asked to "press the download button to claim [their] reward". However, there is no download button.
  • In the screen shown after completing the game, the word "press" should be capitalized, since it is at the beginning of a sentence. However, it is not.