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A Turaga is a type of BIONICLE character. Several sets containing or centering around the Turaga have been released from 2001 to 2004.

Background[edit | edit source]

Essentially, a Turaga is what a Toa warrior becomes when he/she gives away all his or her power. Two examples are the Turaga of Mata Nui island, who gave away their power to wake up the Matoran on the island of Metru Nui. Another example is when another Toa, Lhikan, gave all his power into 6 Toa Stones. Toa can give their power into six Toa Stones; however, they will only become a Turaga when that power is used up.

Turaga rule Matoran villages, and are looked upon as wise and venerable. They lead village celebrations and ceremonies, and are looked to for advice and help. In addition to helping Matoran, Turaga will also assist Toa on their journeys. According to the BIONICLE Encyclopedia, the Turaga might be able to form a Turaga Nui by merging their bodies and minds, though this is not definitively known.

Known Turaga[edit | edit source]

Vakama | Matau | Onewa | Nokama | Nuju | Whenua | Dume