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Sorry, no Vet Diploma this time… But you clearly love animals very much. Try watching the LEGO Friends webisode and maybe you can pick up a few tips. Keep trying - you'll get it right!
―My LEGO Friends vet quiz result

Sigh, you know it's bad when you have to watch LEGO Friends episodes to learn about animals...oh, sorry. How rude of me. I didn't see/hear/smell/touch/taste you come in. Hi, I'm Berrybrick and I am a beach babe just realized that the blank uninformative userpages aren't in anymore. It took me forever to get one, so it's a shame to see it go, but I must conform to the latest trend lest I become irrelevant....

As you can see in the infobox to the right, you can see that I am both male and an admin here. If you see either of these things and would find either of these things useful, let me know!

About me

Hi. Sorry to get all metaphysical conspiracy theorist on you, but everything you know about me is a lie. I am not a berry. I am not a brick. I am a man, sent here by a stray external link, and, truthfully I am one of the least interesting people you could possibly meet, especially around here, if you could believe that. Essentially, I am a tortured artist, but alas, I don't make art. Oh woe, is me! I do rant a lot though. Or at least I used to. I'm getting too old for that. I usually just get snarky now. It is a valid defense mechanism, Freud said so (well, I say Freud said so). I'm actually quite funny when I'm snarky. Or at least I think so. It's hard to tell since I actually don't have a sense of humor. If you catch me laughing, it is likely an automated response. I'm just trying to fit in because I want you to love me back. If I could only make art, maybe people wouldn't accept me even more and then I would be able to justify acting totally inapproachable and aloof, but whenever I try, it just comes out like this....

Hm, not sure what that was about. I can get carried away some times. If you would like to actually know something about me, well, I would like to tell you, but I operate on a need to know basis. Sorry, my personality kind of fluctuates.

I will tell you that I like LEGO though, particularly Adventurers, BIONICLE, Super Heroes, and Harry Potter. I know, I am quite cosmopolitan. As for other hobbies, I also read, write, and listen to music. I acted once, too. Well, once in a play. I act every day.... Wow, it is hard for me to take myself seriously, especially on a LEGO wiki. I can't even imagine what you are thinking. (Well, I can, but that's not a good idea....)

Favorite images

In case you have not heard, Friends is an awesome source for some of the best images LEGO has to offer.


"Hear my voice, mortals! I am the god of these low, low prices, and I will not tolerate all these decorative pillows." ―Cards Against Humanity (I'm still taking credit)