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Uni-Kitty.png The LEGO Movie award
MEOW. CJC95 (talk) 17:23, 17 January 2014 (UTC)
Tireless Contributor Barnstar Hires.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
Good job on all those Chima articles! -- ToaMeiko (talk) 22:09, 30 January 2014 (UTC)
100px Boys who like friends are amazeballs!
I don't know, anyway thanks and here's one for u Soupperson1 Friends are Forever! <3Friends girls.jpg
A small cup of coffee.JPG CJC95 (talk) 16:23, 15 February 2014 (UTC)
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Gold Brick
CheetahBricks has awarded you a Gold Brick! Gold Bricks are awards given by users to other users for all their hard work. Great job!

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Benny.jpg For all your reviews, that no one ever rewarded you for
Soupperson1 Friends are Forever! <3Friends girls.jpg
Brownie transparent.png Brownies are nice LK901 21:11, 2 October 2014 (UTC)
100px Ice to see you editing again
For all your recent edits! Thanks for helping! Soupperson1 Friends are Forever! <3Friends girls.jpg
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