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This page is a joke, and was restored for the purpose of viewing the styling and to be kept as part of history


Vote Lcawte for Administrator!

  • A User with Brickipedia's best intentions at heart,
  • A User who has been a Brickipedian for an entire year,
  • A User, who knows how to use admins tools,
  • A User, with knowledge of bots, and semi-automatic tools,
  • A User with proficient knowledge of HTML and CSS,
  • A User, learning JavaScript and Python,
  • A User, that is, and can be trusted.
  • A User, who is a candidate for adminiship, May 2010.

"Hi, I'm Lcawte, and I'm a candidate in the adminship election, May 2010. I would like to be an administrator on best LEGO Wiki around, Brickipedia. I hope as administrator, I can live up to the standards of all other administrators, and continue to make and keep Brickipedia the amazing place it is. Brickipedia is by far a great wiki, and the best in the toy hub. After being a member of Brickipedia for over a year now, I've seen how the wiki has developed, and the great users that have come and gone. I'm a man of the people, I will serve the community, as they wish. I, would like to keep the wiki clean of vandalism and spam, like I have done in the past of wikis such as Recipes. I believe I, and every other user on Brickipedia can make a difference." -Lcawte