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Lcawte, Brickipedian since 18th May 2009.
Favourite Quote - "We're developers, we don't care"


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Lewis Cawte


19th May 2009

Date of Birth:

6th September 1996


About Me

I'm Lewis Cawte (other wise known as Lcawte). I joined Brickipedia in May 2009, as a new editor, knowing little about wikis, or the internet. Over my time at Brickipedia, I've managed to learn many new things, from policies, to setting up bots. I'm now a member of the ShoutWiki Staff team, and I wish I had more space and money to spend on LEGO!

  • Know enough about the web to setup sites while making them not particularly ugly.
  • Native Level of spoken and written, British English.
  • Strong understanding of Wikitext, used with the MediaWiki software.
  • Understanding of setting up web sites on the internet, including working and configuring MediaWiki written in PHP.
  • Knowledge and a good level of skill in Digital Photography, in area's such as sport and nature.
  • Image editing skills using The GIMP and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Strong understanding of operating an Internet relay chat channel, including operating Brickipedia's IRC channel.
  • To officially become an Administrator on Brickipedia.
  • Collect all the Rock Raiders sets.
  • Further develop knowledge in JavaScript and Python.
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