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[] While all users on Brickipedia have the ability to edit, move and create most pages, some users have additional rights. These rights should only be used in the case of vandalism, preventing vandalism, or when applying decisions made by the entire Brickipedia community. To nominate a user for a user right, please see here.

Overview[edit source]

Hide page revisions
Check a user's IP for spam usage or sockpuppetry
Delete and protect pages and files
Block users and edit user interface
Grant user rights
Moderate chat
Patrol ability, suppress redirects, and rollback edits

Superordinate user classes contain all rights of the respective subordinate classes. Some administrators are also Functionaries; see below for descriptions on those groups.

Patrollers[edit source]

Users who create many articles or users who consistently make good-natured edits (eg. grammar/spelling fixes, article categorization, etc.) are assigned the auto-patroller right. All that this right does is automatically mark the user's edits as "patrolled", so the counter-vandalism unit knows that they are trusted to make good edits. Patrollers also have the ability to rollback edits, thus sometimes known as "rollbackers". Rollback is a tool that allows for a user to revert all recent changes to a page by a certain user in one click. Rollback is only meant to be used to revert vandalism and other disruptive editing. For reverting good faith edits, it is suggested to use the "undo" tool and provide a reason for the reversion. This right is assigned by Administrators to those who need it, and can also be requested at Brickipedia:User rights/Requests.

Administrators[edit source]

Administrators are able to delete and protect pages, along with being able to block vandals, grant rights, and moderate chat. More information on Administrator rights, and how to contact Brickipedia's Administrators can be found on Brickipedia:Administrators.

Functionaries[edit source]

Functionaries have the technical ability to see the IP of users, and which users use a certain IP. This is done in accordance with the policy. They can also hide revisions and log entries from administrators and other users, when those revisions are defamatory or reveal personal information. They also have the ability to view logs of private messages in chat for when abuse in private messages is reported.

Bots[edit source]

Bots' edits do not appear in the recent changes by default, and are used to perform automated functions such as categorizing or fixing spelling. Bots can also suppress redirects when moving pages, and edit semi-protected pages. Bots are selected and assigned the right by the Bot Approval Group. A list of bots can be found at Brickipedia:Bots.

Other[edit source]

Certain user groups, such as news reporters have special rights. See those pages for more information.