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Administrators, also known as sysops, are trusted users in Brickipedia. All administrators are voted into that position by the community, and help keep the wiki a safe, informative and fun place to be. Administrators are all just normal users, but with access to a few extra tools that allow them to keep the wiki a nice place.

Brickipedia's administrators can be likened to a janitor, and help keep the wiki a clean place.

Administrator's abilities[edit source]

Administrators have access to some different abilities than other users, including:

  • No rate limits on account creation, moving pages or uploading files.
  • The ability to delete or restore a page, and to view a deleted page.
  • The ability to delete, edit, or toggle an article comment.
  • The ability to protect a page so that only certain users can edit it, and permission to edit any protected page.
  • The ability to protect certain aspects of the wiki in the case of extreme vandalism.
  • Permission to edit the site interface, such as the sidebar and sitenotice, or the site skin.
  • The ability to block a user from editing Brickipedia.
  • The ability to move files.
  • The ability to assign Patroller, Rollbacker, News Reporter and Chat Moderator rights to users.

Administrators are not:

  • Better than other users.
  • Owners of the wiki.
  • Administrators do not have more of a say in wiki matters than a user without administrator rights.

Who are Brickipedia's administrators?[edit source]

Active administrators[edit source]

Name Talk Page Email Contributions
Edward Nigma Talk Email Contribs
Jack Phoenix Talk Email Contribs

Inactive administrators[edit source]

How do I become an administrator?[edit source]

Administrators must be very active and dedicated users, who would benefit from the extra tools. If you think that you are the right choice for the administrative position, you may request it a Brickipedia:User rights/Requests. As a rule of thumb, most administrators should already have access to the rollback feature and the patroller rights. If your RfA passes, then your account will have administrator rights added to it by an admin.

Other[edit source]

If you require administrative assistance, please contact one of the above active administrators, by either email or talk page. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you are having an issue with an administrator, please contact another admin, and inform them of the problem. If that doesn't fix it, then you can create a topic on the site forum to review them.