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Hi, I'm BFN. I'm an administrator here, an active contributor, and a stop-motion and 3D animator. I always enjoy assisting new users, so if you have a question, be sure to ask! I often patrol the recent changes, so I'll likely see it and respond to it very quickly.

Names I've Been Called[edit | edit source]

  • BFN
  • BrickfilmNut
  • BrickNut
  • Brickfilm
  • Brick
  • FilmNut
  • BricksterflopNugget
  • NutfilmBrick
  • BlackfireNick
  • BananaforkNun
  • Boofun
    • or BOOFUN
  • Nuttie
  • Beefn
Wikia.jpg This user is always willing to help any contributor on Brickipedia.
Cop-torso.jpg This user is a recent changes patroller.