8398 BBQ Stand

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BBQ Stand
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8398 BBQ Stand is a City set released in January 2009.

Description[edit | edit source]

Contained within the set is 22 pieces which can create a barbecue stand, condiments, an umbrella, and a Chef minifigure.

The BBQ Stands body starts with a white container piece with a transparent lid that sits on its back. Above the the container piece connects an umbrella stand represented by a reddish-brown bar piece with a white dish piece. At the bottom of the container piece sits a white piece with two orange transparent studs connected above used as fire sit on top and two 1x1 grey clip pieces with two 1x2 radiator plate piece connected just above representing a grill. Attached on the side of the BBQ Stand is two circular 1x1 pieces with two tap pieces above one is yellow, the other is red. This is meant to represent condiment sauce bottles. In addition, the set also comes with the a turkey drumstick as an accessory for minifigure food.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The set was available in January 2009, except for the United States and Canada, which it wasn't released there until August 2009.

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