30003 Steam Roller

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Steam Roller
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30003 Steam Roller is a City set released in 2009. The set includes a small, twin-drum steamroller with a warning light, steering wheel, rolling drums and one Construction Worker.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Steam Roller has two big drum 'wheel' pieces at the front, and two at the back, which are held together at the sides by two 1x8x1 yellow pieces with holes in them. In between the drum wheels is a dark stone grey 2x6x1/3 brick, on which connects a yellow piece that slopes outwards at the edges. At the back of this is a yellow Part:2432 for the back of the seat, and a yellow steering wheel is at the front. Here the minifigure sits. At the right 1x8x1 piece with holes in it, there is a pole with a transparent dark orange cone, for a warning light. The set includes one minifigure: a City Construction Worker.

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