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Construction Worker
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2005 - present

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The Construction Worker is a City minifigure introduced in 2005. The construction worker is one of the most common minifigures in City. They have been seen wearing different clothes, and at least ten different variations of this minifigure exist. Construction Workers are also often referred to as "Builders". In other sets, they have also been depicted as Maintenance workers (Bin-men, Street cleaners).

Description[edit | edit source]

Orange (Construction Worker)[edit | edit source]

A Light Blue Construction Worker/Mechanic
An Orange Construction Worker

All Orange[edit | edit source]

The Orange Construction Workers wear a red hard hat for safety. His face has many variations, most of which are happy expressions. They wear orange vests and orange pants. They also have grey hands, simulating gloves. They are often seen carrying shovels.

Blue Arms[edit | edit source]

The Construction Worker with Blue Arms and Pants is exactly similar to the All Orange Construction Worker, the only difference being that he has blue arms and blue pants.

Gray Tie[edit | edit source]

The Construction Worker with a gray tie wears a Safety Vest with the City Trains logo printed on it. He has blue arms and pants, but oddly, does not have gray hands, simulating gloves, like most Construction Workers.

Orange Overalls[edit | edit source]

The Construction Worker with orange overalls has a mostly orange body, with a blue colored shirt underneath the orange overalls he is wearing. He has blue arms and wears gray hands (gloves).

Black Cap[edit | edit source]

The Construction Worker with a black cap is exactly like the All Orange Construction Workers, the only difference being is that he wears a black cap.

Blue Tie[edit | edit source]

The Construction Worker with the blue tie is presumably the boss of all the Construction Workers, as he wears a tie. His body is orange with his jacket open, revealing his blue shirt underneath and his blue tie. His legs are completely orange, and he does not wear gray hands (gloves).

Light Blue (Mechanic)[edit | edit source]

A Blue Construction Worker/Driver

The Light Blue Construction Workers also wear a red hat for safety. His face again, has many variations, most of which are happy. They wear Blue Overalls with small wrenches and tools in the pockets. They are often seen carrying wrenches, and are more similar to mechanics.

Blue (Driver / Street Cleaner)[edit | edit source]

The Blue Construction Workers wear a Black cap. He has a grinning expression on his face. He wears a blue and orange jacket over a white shirt, and his legs are completely blue. He drives the Tipper Truck and is also seen cleaning up trash with a black Shovel.

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Gallery of Variants[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

File:LEGO City Construction
LEGO City Construction Commercial
File:LEGO City Construction Commercial 2
LEGO City Construction Commercial

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