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Tony "Knuckles" McGee
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I'll be out in no time.
―Tony "Knuckles" McGee [src]

Tony "Knuckles" McGee is one of the characters in the video game LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. He was the first criminal that Chase McCain encountered, and one of the five most wanted escapees from Albatross Prison.

Background[edit | edit source]

Knuckles was the first boss Chase McCain encountered as a rookie officer. Knuckles had a monopoly over Cherry Tree Hills, where his gang would steal cars from showrooms, rob banks, and even would hold police officers hostage. His gang had a well-known hideout and a basketball court. Notable members of Knuckles' gang include Booster Strange and Jimmy the Snitch.

After Jimmy the Snitch tells McCain where Knuckles' hideout is, McCain heads over to the basketball court, where Knuckles identifies McCain; this leads to McCain ordering Tony to give up, as he is under arrest. Tony laughs it off, and threatens to kill two police officers he is holding hostage, should McCain try to arrest him. Knuckles then orders his gang members to take out McCain, but McCain arrests all three. Knuckles makes a jeering comment towards McCain, noting his good fighting skills, bringing out three more gangsters to challenge him. McCain again arrests all three, leading Tony to become tired of his henchmen's failures, and directly challenges McCain to come and get him. McCain uses his new grappling gun to get to Tony, but he uses his own grappling gun to get away. This leads to a chase along the rooftops, similar to the chase with Jimmy the Snitch. Knuckles tells McCain that he is never going to return to prison, and asks McCain what he thinks about his maze that he created with the rooftops. McCain does not give up, instead continues, prompting Tony to become frustrated; Tony then jumps down to the basketball court to fight with McCain. McCain overpowers him twice and throws him to the side, which causes Tony to call in three more gangsters, which McCain quickly arrests; Tony, angered by continued failures, fights McCain again, which goes on for a while, interrupted by gangsters every few throws. Tony eventually becomes to weak to fight, which allows McCain to finally arrest him. Tony, shocked at how McCain singlehandedly took down him and his gang, asks McCain how he did it - to which McCain replies that Tony simply wasn't as tough as he thought he was. Chase hands Tony over to Ted Baxter and another officer to escort him to the station, where Knuckles tells McCain, "I'll be out in no time." McCain replies by telling him that after all the crimes he's committed, that one will be his last one in a long time. He then steals McCain's pants. Soon afterward, McGee is one of five Albatross Island prison escapees, the others being Smokey Fuentes, von Kruchman, and Carl Walnuts, broken out by the fifth escapee, Rex Fury - the main antagonist of the game.

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