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BAGSeal.pngThe Bot Approval Group is a group of Brickipedians with technical knowledge about bots.


What does the Bot Approval Group do?

Brickipedia's Bot Approval Group is in charge of approving bot's and their tasks. The BAG will approve all minor tasks for bots and technical tasks, then forwards the candidates to the appropriate places. Technical tasks will be forwarded to a community vote, minor tasks will be passed onto staff for a Bot flag.

How do I join the Bot Approval Group

The Bot approval group is invitation only. The Bot approval group will invite members to join them if they have demonstrated good bot knowledge, technical skill and some admin-like qualities.

Requests and problem reports[edit]

Current Members[edit]

The Bot Approval Group is made up of bot owners who are responsible to oversee the development, creation, and execution of bots on Brickipedia. While the BAG tends to take responsibility for approving bots, or removing bots once inactive or no longer needed, the community is always able to override a BAG action via forum and community vote. The BAG is an invite-only group, though potential members can submit themselves for membership on the talk page.

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