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I'm a Brickipedia wiki administrator, global system administrator for Brickimedia, and a member of the following Wikimedia Groups: the MediaWiki Stakeholder's Group, Wikimedia WikiWomen's User Group, Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group, and the Whose Knowledge? Group. I'm much more active on GitHub, Phabricator, and but still active on here too, so if you need to contact me, do so on my talk page here. :)

For prototyping stuff, I originally used JSFiddle; however, I switched to Codepen since I find that it has a collaborative community, and seems to be more actively developed. Not only that, it's much more flexible! After a good amount of changes, I usually move the pens to GitHub, where they're located under my profile. They're named with the following syntax: SamanthaNguyen/mediawiki-demo-{extensionname} (Note: not an ad). If you're interested in seeing prototypes I create, you can check them out there. :)

This is a list of all my patches. (Yes, it's using my outdated name, although that can't be changed)

Other wikis that I'm at[edit]