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Znap is a theme that was produced by LEGO from 1998-1999. It is similar to K'Nex (another construction toy brand), and can be used to build objects in a frame-like way. The plastic by which the parts are made of is somewhat flexible, yet strong. The back page of the instructions on the themes sets featured a small boy sitting inside a large Formula One racing car, made from Znap. It had nineteen sets over the course of its time.


Many fans believe this theme was a grand experiment by LEGO to try to compete against K'nex, which also features parts enabling the construction of large, lacy creations. They also believe that LEGO considered Znap a failure, as the range was withdrawn within a year or two. Some Znap sets were subsequently available on clearance for less than 10% off the original price. Some of them featured TECHNIC motors.

Occasionally, AFOLs build bridges and structures using Znap, integrating them into train layouts at shows. The one challenge of doing so is that different parts came in different colours, and certain key connector parts were available only in strange colours (such as purple), making uniform colour bridges difficult to construct.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
3501-1.jpg 3501  Jet-Car  27       1998 
3502-1.jpg 3502  Bi-Wing  25       1998 
No image 3503  Mini-Sonic          
3504-1.jpg 3504  Hook-Truck  30       1998 
Znap.jpg 3505  Aeroplane  23       1999 
3506-Motorbike.jpg 3506  Motorbike  26       1999 
3510-bag.jpg 3510  Polybag  25     $0.99  1998 
3520-Forklift.jpg 3520  Forklift  39       1999 
3521-Racer.jpg 3521  Racer  35       1999 
3531.jpg 3531  Tri-bike  29       1998 
3532 Jet-Ski.jpg 3532  Jet-Ski  25       1998 
3533.jpg 3533  Znap Set         Would have been 1999 
3551-1.jpg 3551  Dino-Jet  80     $10.00  1998 
3552 Hover-Sub with Motor.jpg 3552  Hover-Sub with Motor  126       1998 
3554-Helicopter.jpg 3554  Helicopter  79       1999 
3555-Jeep.jpg 3555  Jeep  262       1999 
3571-1.jpg 3571  Blackmobile  142     $20.00  1998 
3581-1.jpg 3581  Formula Z Car in Storage Box  171     $19.99  1998 
3582-Ant.jpg 3582  Ant  258       1999 
3591 Rota Beast.jpg 3591  Heli-Transport  265       1998 
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