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Here at Brickipedia, we care about your child's safety and therefore strive to do our best to ensure that your child's experience here is a safe environment for them to learn and contribute to.

General information[edit source]

Brickipedia is not owned, operated by, nor endorsed by the LEGO Group.

Brickipedia is maintained by its users, especially its administrators. Brickipedia Administrators are elected members of the community who have long demonstrated their responsibility, maturity and leadership among the Brickipedia community. Brickipedia Administrators do their best to remove all inappropriate information and images from pages on Brickipedia, and make sure that any troublesome individuals in the community are prevented from creating a negative environment in the site.

If you have an issue with any site content at Brickipedia, please contact us and we'll do what we can to improve it. Please also familiarise yourself with Brickipedia's policies and the ShoutWiki terms of use and privacy policy, as your child will be responsible for complying with these when they use their account.

Communication[edit source]

As this site is a wiki, or online encyclopedia, anyone can communicate through pages. Certain pages on Brickipedia are designated for discussions and communication. These pages, referred to as "talk pages", are monitored by Brickipedia editors, and are subject to complying with Brickipedia's policies like any other pages.

Brickipedia also offers other forms of communication between users. Such communication methods include our chat, user blogs, and forums. Each of these site features are subject to complying with Brickipedia's policies, and are kept clean of inappropriate material by the administrators.

Important policies[edit source]

Brickipedia has many policies, but some of the most important that you and your child should be aware of are listed below:

Enquiries[edit source]

If you have any enquiries then please leave a message on one of our administrators talk page or contact them via email. An administrator should respond to your enquiry within 48 hours. Contact details for our administrators can be found on our contact page.

Disclaimer[edit source]

The administrators of Brickipedia will not be held responsible for the viewing of any inappropriate information by yourself or your child, however it is in their duty to remove this content. If at any time in your browsing of Brickipedia you find inappropriate content, please click the "Discussion" link on the left sidebar and inform our editors of the issue, and it will be removed if deemed necessary.