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This month's featured review is on 9471 Uruk-hai Army, written by Jeyo.

For the King!
―Éomer before charging the Uruk-hai

For my first set in [how many] months, I'm very impressed. The set depicts the scene in The Two Towers where Éomer and the Riders of Rohan, also known as the Rohirrim, charge down a very steep mountainside on horseback at the Uruk-hai, who are attacking Helm's Deep. Mind you, the Rohirrim are more than a couple of men. more like a couple thousand. But if they included more than two men of Rohan in this set, they'd have to change the name to "Éomer's Army" or "The Rohirrim vs the Uruk-Hai" and raise the price, as it already has six minifigures. And believe me, the price is quite enough as it is. 30 USD is a bit much for a set of this...what's the opposite of magnitude? Minitude? Anyways, you get what I'm saying.

The back of the box

I now present what you actually came here for...a detailed review of the set.

The Box and Instructions

The box art depicts, inconceivably, the set. It has the defensive wall with one defender and a catapult, with the Uruks' giant ballista firing its bolts at it. (For those of you who don't know, a ballista is basically a giant crossbow and bolts are the giant "arrows" it shoots out.) Éomer is on his horse attacking the Uruk-hai. Now, the box is a bit misleading, as it makes the set look larger than it actually is. There are very few things about the instructions that are noteworthy. They were annoyingly folded in half, as they usually are, but the main thing about it is the colouring. The manuals are known for making black pieces look grey and such. Not this time, though. Here, nearly all the colours in the manual are correct, which I really like. The one exception being the small earth green slope pieces - they are bright green in the manual. But it's a relatively minor problem.


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