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2011 - present

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NINJAGO (subtitled "Masters of Spinjitzu" until 2019) is a theme introduced in January 2011. It was originally going to be replaced by Legends of Chima in 2014, but after the announcement of its continuation the two themes both existed simultaneously, until Legends of Chima retired in 2016.

The theme takes very little influence from the previous Ninja theme, instead introducing a variety of elements such as a more modern setting, different enemies such as the Serpentine, skeletons, robotic ninja and the Overlord and a battle game known as "Spinjitzu", which they released spinner sets for in 2011 and 2012. Spinjitzu was later replaced by "Speedorz" from the Legends of Chima theme. Ripcord-functionality sets eventually returned in 2015 with Airjitzu sets.


Pilot Season (2011)

Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, by using the four weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, The Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. The weapons were so powerful, that no one could handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest was consumed by darkness, and wanted to possess them. A battle between the brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them, and for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. As Garmadon, the older brother, cannot leave the Underworld, he struck a deal with Samukai and his skeleton army. In preparation, Sensei Wu, the younger brother, gathered four young ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, to learn the ways of Spinjitzu, and stop Lord Garmadon.[source?] After months of training, the four ninja began their quest to find the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu to stop Garmadon's evil plans, and travel to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the Scythe of Quakes. After narrowly escaping a dragon protecting the weapon, the Ninja found the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Shurikens of Ice next, while Samukai's skeletal legions followed them.[source?] Kai was lured into a trap at the Fire Temple by Lord Garmadon, and the skeletons stole the three weapons, but Sensei Wu detained his brother's plan to unite the weapons at the temple by traveling to the Underworld with the last weapon, the Sword of Fire.[source?] After allying themselves with the four dragons, they journeyed to the Underworld to help Sensei and stop Garmadon once and for all. Using the Tornado of Creation, they destroyed the skeletons and made their way to the throne room of Garmadon's fortress, where a battle between Wu and Samukai broke out for the possession of the four weapons. Sensei was defeated, and Samukai, having possession of all four weapons, betrayed Garmadon and demanded he obey him. However, he was destroyed by all the weapon's power, as Garmadon planned, and creates a portal through space and time. Shortly afterwards, Garmadon travels through to grow strong enough to possess the Golden Weapons.[source?] After returning to the surface world, Sensei Wu knew Garmadon will one day return, and that the battle for Ninjago had only begun. And the ninja swore an oath to protect their land from any evil that comes to threaten it...

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes (2012)

The four ninja have retired from training and enjoy peace in the world of Ninjago; but peace does not last. When Nya brings news of a new threat in the land, the son of the dark overlord Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, unleashes the Hybnobrai Tribe accidentally but uses them to his advantage to be wreak havoc in Ninjago, under his control. That was until they overthrown him, so he moves on to find the other tombs with the map of Dens that he found in the Hybnobrai tomb. Meanwhile the ninja found the 200 year-old pirate ship: Destiny's Bounty, as their new home, due to the Monastery being burnt to the ground by the Hybnobrai. Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay fight the Fangpyre, Constrictai, Venomari, and Pythor P. Chumsworth, an Anacondrai who betrays Lloyd and tries to unite the tribes as one. He rises the "Lost City of Oroborus" from the sands. Lloyd was dropped off at an arcade and overhears some Serpentine. So he buys a snake costume, follows them on the bus. When he gets there, he finds out what they are doing so when he was about to leave, he gets caught and now held prisoner. The ninja find Lloyd missing, search for him, find the Lost City, and then they are held prisoner and have to face Samurai X. But they all escape and have to save Lloyd another day. Kai finds out that Nya is the Samurai and keeps her secret. They get their golden weapons back and fight another day. It is discovered that Garmadon has a mysterious connection with the Serpentine. Wu tell the ninja that his brother was BITTEN by the snake which turned him evil. Wu leaves for Garmadon while Zane, Jay, Cole, and Kai unlock their true potential, learn the secrets of their Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu , and find out that Lloyd is the legendary Green Ninja. The ninja train to face the five Serpentine tribes and stop them from unleashing The Great Devourer, a monstrous serpent-like reptile that will consume the entire land into darkness, along with the threat of Lord Garmadon's return looming in the horizon. He asks for the Golden Weapons because its the only thing that can destroy the Devourer. So the ninja lure the giant snake into a trap where it stayed in one spot. Garmadon uses the weapons and kills the Serpent. He is nowhere to be seen and the ninja celebrate, but also mourn about their weapons being gone. They then spot Sensei Wu and come to him. For some reason he didn't get digested in the Devourer. Now the ninja tell Lloyd that he is more important than the Weapons of Spinjitzu and vow to train him for the Final Battle.

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja (2013)

Immediately after the demise of the Devourer and the fall of Pythor, the Ninja find themselves facing their most difficult challenge yet: training Lloyd. But without the Bounty, they have no place to properly train him. The threat of the Serpentine still exists, along with Lord Garmadon, who still possesses the ninja's weapons. He uses the weapons to transform the destroyed Destiny's Bounty into the Black Bounty, a home for the Serpentine. The snakes have abandoned Skales to follow Lord Garmadon. After arriving at the Golden Peaks, Lord Garmadon combines the four Spinjitzu weapons into one ultimate Mega-Weapon. His goal is to destroy the ninja before they could finish training Lloyd, leaving the Green Ninja's prophecy unfulfilled, allowing him to recreate Ninjago in his own image.

Later, with the Mega-Weapon destroyed, Lord Garmadon plots to find the Dark Island, mentioned in Captain Soto's log. He and his generals set off on an expedition to find it. Skales betrays Lord Garmadon, and leaves him stranded in the middle of the ocean, while he returns to Ouroboros as the new Snake King. When a museum exhibit goes crazy, the Ninja arrive to stop it. Apparently, the Great Devourer's venom can bring Stone Warriors to life. While at the museum, they run into Lloyd's mother, Misako, who tells the ninja the rest of the story on Ninjago's beginning.

Long ago, an evil spirit known as the Overlord plagued Ninjago with darkness, but was continually defeated by the First Spinjitzu Master. One day, the Overlord created his army of indestructible stone warriors, the Stone Army. The First Spinjitzu Master knew he would lose, so he divided Ninjago in half, leaving the Overlord on one side, and the peace and light on the other. The Over-Lord and his army were never seen again, until the Serpentine (lead by Skales) decided to burrow under Ninjago City in order to get revenge one the surface dwellers. Under the city, they found a tomb filled with Stone Warriors. The Stone Warriors are brought to life by the Devourer's venom, and they trap the Serpentine in the tomb, before invading Ninjago city.

The city's residents are forced to flee with the ninja to a hiding spot near the ocean. The heroes board the Destiny's Bounty and head for the Dark Island, in order to restore their elemental powers and defeat the Stone Army once and for all. Lord Garmadon, however, finds the Island of Darkness and the Overlord. The Overlord makes Garmadon the king of his army, and plots to help Garmadon recreate the world in his image. They then construct their ultimate weapon. The ninja arrive and, upon regaining their elemental powers through swords they find in the Temple of Light, attempt to thwart Garmadon and the Overlord, first by attempting to stop the final battle altogether and later by actually facing Garmadon. However, the Overlord takes over Garmadon's body, causes Lloyd to break his leg, and proceeds to use Dark Matter to turn all of Ninjago City's inhabitants evil while leaving the heroes stranded on the Dark Island. The Ninja manage to leave the island, though, and Lloyd faces the Overlord in his fortress in Ninjago City, unleashing the power of the golden dragon and defeating the Overlord once and for all. Through this, Garmadon is also reverted back to his pre-evil state, and the Ninja's work is done, though they vow that they will always be ninja, ready to fight evil when they are needed.

Season 3: Rebooted (2014)

It’s been a year since the Overlord was defeated by Lloyd the Golden Ninja. While Lloyd tours Ninjago celebrating his victory, the original four ninja became teachers in Sensei Wu’s Youth Academy. Besides being bored in class all day, Kai and the rest of the ninja dream of the days when they fought the forces of evil, but in the updated and technologically advanced world of Ninjago, there is no need for ninja any longer. The romantic bond between Jay and Nya is interrupted after she discovers, through New Ninjago City's technology, that Cole is her perfect match instead of Jay. After Jay finds this out, he is outraged and blames it on Cole. Here begins a small argument over Nya's heart, but she cannot decide who to choose. This war continues on through season 4. Meanwhile, Zane starts to lose his heart to P.I.X.A.L, another droid in which he encounters at Borg tower. Soon, however, in New Ninjago City, trouble begins to brew. Famed inventor Cyrus Borg, the creator of virtually all the new technology in New Ninjago City, begins acting very strange. Armies of Nindroids, led by the evil OverBorg, have begun to take over the city. The ninja's are given new suits and techno blades by Cyrus Borg before he is infected by the Overlord. Sensei Wu is captured by the nindroids and transformed into Evil Wu.

Zane shares half of his mysterious power source to P.I.X.A.L after an event in which she loses power. They become as one, and Zane cannot perform Spinjitzu without her. Meanwhile, the hardrive went missing and a stranger helps in finding the Golden Ninja. They trapped Lloyd and Garmadon in Hyroshi's Labyrinth and it is revealed that the stranger is Pythor! They leave Garmadon, but take Lloyd with them, and the process for taking the Golden Power has begun as the Ninja enter the Digiverse. They battle the Overlord in an attempt to reboot the activation port. They succeed, but the Overlord is back, but not in the form that he wanted to be. They intercepted a message, it was called "Codename: Arcturus." So far no one has found out what it means. Zane and P.I.X.A.L spotted two trucks run by Nindroids. The closest Ninja in Proximity was Kai, and he had the Prototype X-1. So Kai follows them, gets on, and finds out that they were carrying Jet Fuel, the worst part: Kai lit the match to the trucks. Just when they thought they lost Kai, he notifies that he is still alive, but the Overlord as well. The trucks stop, and Kai broke his cover and is now captured. Wu and Garmadon call all the Ninja to Borg tower. They search for answers and it is discovered that the Nindroids are going after the only thing that can turn the Overlord into the Golden Master: the Golden Weapons. Which were shot into space. The Nindroids are building a rocket to the comet Arcturus. They travel to the Lost City of Orobrus, find the rocket and they to stop the launch but fail. They rescue Kai, but they enter the rocket to stop them and so the Ninja enter space for the first time. Cryptor finds out that the Ninja stowed away and so he steers the spaceship into the comet's tail. The Ninja survive, and they take one of the rovers and follow the Nindroids. All they need is to get the launch key and fly the rocket ship out so that the Nindroids can't take the Weapons with them. They succeeded, but the ship was eaten by these insects that eat through metal. The Nindroids escape with the Golden Weapons leaving the Ninja stranded. Now the Ninja pick up some scrapes and they build their way off by making a smaller rocket ship. And they fly back to Ninjago. The Overlord is now the Golden Master and has powers that are equal to the First Spinjitzu Master. The Ninja meet with Wu, Garmadon, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. Borg escapes and sends the Ninja a message about the Temple of Fortitude, the fortress that the stone Warriors used during their battle with the First Spinjitzu Master. They arrive, use Stone Armour that can resist golden power, and take the two Masters to give a shrinking pill to the Overlord. But they failed when Pythor ate it and shrunk.

In the end, Zane sacrifices himself to defeat the Overlord and is dubbed The Titanium Ninja. But it is discovered by P.I.X.A.L that Zane is alive.

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements (2015)

It has been several months since Zane sacrificed himself to defeat the Overlord, and the remaining members of the ninja team have been scattered, with only Lloyd remaining a ninja. Cole has become a lumberjack, Jay a TV host, and Kai a fighter in the slither pit. Lloyd tries to convince the other ninja at Chen's noodlehouse to find a new member to replace Zane, but they are interrupted by Chen's thugs, whom they fight and then find an invitation to Chen's Tournament of Elements.

While at the tournament, the ninja realize that the whole tournament is just a set up for Chen to steal everyone's elemental powers. They decide to find Zane, and then get off the island, but Chen foils their plans by pitting Jay against Cole. He is eliminated, and his powers stolen. He is sent to work with the other defeated masters in the noodle factory, and eventually spots Zane in one of the cells. He and Zane manage to escape, but they return to help free there other companions. Meanwhile, Nya is acting as a spy for the ninja, dressed as one of Chen's Kabuki. Sneaking into Clouse's office, she discovers that Chen plans to use a spell to turn everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai into Anacondrai. She steals the spell so that the ninja can convince the other elemental fighters about Chen's plot. The ninja discover that Garmadon was once Chen's pupil, therefore possessing the mark of the Anacondrai.

After Chen managed to steal all Elemental Powers, Kai, with the help of Skylor, his love interest, who betrayed the ninja by revealing herself as Chen's daughter, breaks the Staff of Elements. However Clouse discovers that Skylor can complete the spell due to her ability to absorb all of the Elemental Powers. Chen and his thugs captures Skylor and run away on the island. After Garmadon banished Clouse to the Cursed Realm in a duel, and after ninja failed to stop the spell and everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai turned into Anacondrai, they travel to Ninjago to rule it.

Chen discovers only an essence of a true Anacondrai can make the spell permanent. Using Pythor he makes the spell permanent, and a fight start at the Corridor of Elders. Pythor realizes that there is another way to stop them by releasing the ancient Anacondrai Generals from the Cursed Realm to destroy Chen's new Anacondrai. By opening the Cursed Realm and saving everyone, Garmadon sacrifices himself and becomes imprisoned in the Cursed Realm.

Season 5: Possession (2015)

Lloyd becoming possessed by the ghost ninja Morro who escaped from the Cursed Realm at the end of season 4. The ninja fight Morro/Possessed Lloyd and fail. Morro only wanted Wu's staff that was owned by the First Spinjitzu Master. The staff falls out of Wu's hands and rolls on the floor seeing that there was a secret message engraved on the staff. Morro took it, but Nya knocked a shelf over on him and Wu took it back. Kai stays on the ground to fight Morro by himself. Kai reaches Lloyd until he got picked up by the Bounty's anchor. Morro tries to pull them down, but Nya hits one of the switches and the Bounty leaves Steep Wisdom and Morro. They try to escape but Morro was quicker than the Bounty. Wu manages to make an imprint and throws the staff out of the ship and Morro follows. The Bounty crash lands and they have to camp for the night. Wu tells them how he met Morro and how he was possibly going to be the Green Ninja. The next morning they are getting ready to leave for the Domu Library for the scroll of Airjitzu, but Zane recalls that Ronin stole the scroll and Jay say that's good news because Morro will be heading there, and if they arrive by Stixx at night, then they have a day's start. And night, they reach an abandoned train station and one of Morro's allies comes and tries to make them all ghosts. Cole, however, catches the ghost chain and takes it to the water tower, and pulls Wrayth off his bike. A train passes through and Wrayth pulls his weapon out of the tower, but water water comes on top of him and he goes "Poof!" The ninja arrive at Stixx in the morning. They walk into Ronin's pawnshop and find artifacts from everywhere. Even the Blade cup that Cole's father won he stole! Ronin walks in and the ninja gang up on him and he tries to sell the scroll for 200, but then raised it to 400 because "all of Ninjago depends on it". Kai negotiates wit Ronan and the price for the scroll is now 450. They try to make money, but Zane is in command, but they all failed. Zane's voice box is out of whack so his words are jumbled up. So Jay takes the lead and says that they steal it from Ronan and give it back to the Library AFTER they learn Airjitzu.

Morro arrives and captures Ronin and lets the Ninja find the scroll so he can take it himself. They found it, but Ronin takes the scroll and leaves in his airship R.E.X. But Morro blows him out of the ship so the chase goes on. Ronan loses the scroll to Morro, so the Ninja race after him. One by one, the ninja go down, except for Kai. He loses Morro and is stranded on a pole. That is, until Ronin comes back and helps him, but for a small fee, of course. Kai arrives back and tells the others that they still have a chance: the Temple on Haunted Hill. At the Temple on Haunted hill, they wait till nightfall to go in and they are trapped for the night without knowing. They face their fears and Sensei Yang gives them the scroll of Airjitzu. But they are turning into ghosts they head for the door and Cole unties himself to get the scroll, but also turns into a ghost. Back on the Bounty, they train for Airjitzu and with their Deepstone robes. Nya, now an elemental master of water, visits Cole and gives him a pep talk. Everyone is gathered for the next clue: the Sword of Sanctuary in the Cloud Kingdom. The ninja use their mechs to climb the tallest mountain in Ninjago: the Wailing Alps. Three of their mechs got destroyed, but Cole possesses Zane's mech and gets them up much faster. Morro is ahead of the ninja but worries. He abandons the Mechinstein and travels on his own. The Ninja catch up and Blind man's eye is just above the mountain. The Ninja Airjitzu their way up the mountain, and into the eye. Now they are in cloud Kingdom and they meet Fenwick, the Master writer (though they don't know that yet).

He traps them with Nimbus, a beast of some sorts. He left the "backdoor open" and Morro and his ghostly friends come in. They take the sword, and the ninja escape Nimbus and head for Morro. With the sword, Morro can see what's coming. The chase goes on through the eye and Back to Ninjago. The radio the Bounty and all of them discover that Morro's plan is to retrieve the Realm Crystal to free his master, the Preeminent from the Cursed Realm and curse the 16 realms (one of which is Chima). And the Realm Crystal can only be obtained in the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. Kai stays on the ground to catch up to Morro and hopefully get to Lloyd like he did before while the others get back onto the Bounty. Lloyd was able to fight Morro's Possession and was able to give the sword to Kai. So Kai then Airjitzu's off the boat and back on the Bounty. Back at the Tea shop, they modified their place while Wu and Misako decipher the third and final clue. Meanwhile, Ronin got a telepathic message from Bansha. She told him to bring the sword in return for his "cursed soul". Ronin takes the blade, defeats the ninja, and escapes. Later, Ronin, under the possession of Morro, tells them that the tomb is in the caves of despair. The Ninja head there to find out that its a trap. The cave they were in exploded with molten lava and lead them to a mine cart. they ride the twisted and broken track and take out Ghoultar. The track runs out and the heroes are about to die. That was until R.E.X came in to rescue them, but Ronan wasn't in it. He sent them to tomb's actual location. It was under the OCEAN near Stixx! So they head there, with Morro already through the second-half of the maze Destiny's Bounty arrives and with the ghost ship on sight. The Ninja get through the first two tests and enter a crystal maze. Looking at the crystal walls showed the future. Everyone, but Cole could see their future. Jay had an eye patch and Nya came in with him which showed that they do get married. Morro comes in and fights the ninja by surprise. Kai defeats Morro and traps him in a field of crystal spikes. They dig their way down and fall to where the remains of the First Spinjitzu Master along with the Realm Crystal. Morro came with Lloyd who's unconscious. With Morro out of Lloyd's body, the ninja gain their powers back so Kai lights up the Crystal and throws it to Morro which burned him. They rescue Lloyd, but Morro gets away with the Realm Crystal and heads back to the Cursed Realm along with Soul Archer and Bansha. The Ninja come out as the other cheer with joy that they made it and most importantly, saved Lloyd.

As the ninja head back to the Tea Farm, Morro comes back with an army of ghosts and raids the City of Stixx. At the Farm, Borg comes out and gives all the ninja, except for Kai and Lloyd, new vehicles. Jay gets the Jay Walker 1, Zane gets his mech back, but with ice shooters, and Cole gets the Blaster bike. Kai instead gets a headband. A 32-thread count to be precise! The ninja gear up and head to Stixx, following Nya's plan. Morro freaks out when he finds out that Nya was in the Green Ninja suit and when she blasted water at the squad of ghosts. With that being the signal, the ninja get their gear and take down some ghosts. Lloyd, in his casual clothes, faces off with Morro in the air since Morro raised Ronin's old pawnshop up into the sky. Ronin comes back and dumps all of his money onto the floating building. Lloyd was about to destroy it until Morro tells Lloyd that he has seen his father. This stopped him from destroying the Crystal and the gateway is strong enough for the Preeminent to cross-over. Lloyd found himself at the "belly of the beast". He found Garmadon and was told that he doesn't have to be the green ninja. So Lloyd comes back with his father's robes on and tells the ninja to take down the stilts to drop the Preeminent into the sea. The ghosts then took the people's homes and put them on the Preeminent. It became a mobile beast! Morro and Lloyd traveled from realm to realm fighting for the Realm Crystal. Morro finally loses Lloyd in one of the realms. The are just over "Hollow's Trench". Nya just stands looking at the beast, but also putting aside what was holding her back and unlocked her True Potential. After unlocking it, Nya manages to defeat the Preeminent, the ghost army and Morro. Wu flies on his elemental dragon to save Morro, but Morro finally turns good and gives Wu the Crystal and lets go. Morning comes, and Lloyd returns to Ninjago and finally is at peace again. He told his friends that he doesn't have to be the Green Ninja to save the day every time and also wants to follow in his father's footsteps to be come a Master like him. And he brings up that saw "beyond today" and said that there is a bright future for them AND for Ninjago...

Season 6: Skybound (2016)

Ninjago is at peace once again, from foes, yes. But for the ninja, they are now celebrates and have to stay on the bounty for peace and quiet so that all the fans don't go after them. The sensors pick up Clouse who somehow escaped the Cursed Realm and is on his way to Stixx for some reason. The ninja do so, but one stop at a hospital jeopardizes their mission. Clouse makes it to Stixx and finds the tea pot of Tyrahn and unleashes Nadakhan the Djinn. The djinn tricks Clouse by making him "wishing it all away". Now Nadakhan frames the ninja so that he may the Realm Crystal so hat he can rescue his lost crew. The ninja go into hiding and split up to find clues on Nadakhan and who framed them. In one day, all were caught by Ronin. Nadakhan retrieves the Realm Crystal and rescues his crew and visits Kingdom of Djinjago, only to find out that his home is crumbling, being destroyed, due to the cursed realm gone. His father, Khanjikhan, gives him the Sword of Souls and tell him to avenge them and Cursed Realm and Djinjago's destruction. Nadakhan vows to end the ninja and they escape. Meanwhile, the ninja are in prison, but escape with the help of Captain Soto. The ninja hide in plain sight, searching for Nadakhan and his crew. Jay, finds himself alone with him and makes two wishes. Luckily, he was able to make it without using his third. The ninja meet at a Tavern and then head to Ninjago city due to seeing on TV that Sky Pirates are attacking. Cole gets the Lantern with the map on it, while the others are busy. Kai gets abducted by Nadakhan and uses his three wishes and is now trapped in the blade. The pirates leave, and the ninja gather to a rooftop and find out that Kai is missing. The then head over to Jay's house, which was owned by his birth father, Cliff Gordon, who plays as Fritz Donagan, from Star-Farer. Cole finds out that Jay made two wishes and that he saw himself with Nya when they were in the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. They now then head out to the Docks to charter a ship. They head out to sea, only to face off with an electrical storm.

Nadakhan then manages to trap all of the Ninja and Elemental Masters in the Djinn Blade, except for Jay, who manages to escape, and Nya, who he plans to marry to become the Djinn King and grant himself unlimited wishes. However, with the Police Commissioner, Ronin, Skylor, Dareth, Captain Soto, and Echo Zane, Jay manages to release the Ninja, along with Sensei Wu and Misako. Unfortunately, the Tiger Widow venom used to weaken Nadakhan also hits Nya, killing her. Fortunately, Jay is able to use his final wish to wish that no one had ever found the Teapot, erasing most of the events of the season.

Season 7: The Hands of Time (2017)

At the Monastery, came an anomaly: a time vortex and came out Acronix, one of the Hands of Time. Wu has been waiting for decades to end this between the Elemental Masters and the Hands of Time. Wu and Acronix battle each other at the Monastery leaving damage wherever they go. The Ninja were at the Museum for cleaning up the mess that was from the massive battle on the Day of the Departed. They find a painting showing Wu, Garmadon, the elemental masters, and two strange enemies. They bring this to Dr. Saunders attention and he says this was a legend and not actual history. Wu and Acronix fought and Wu ended up being the victor, ending the 4-decade battle. That was until the fast forward time blade came out of no where and Acronix took the time blade and told Wu "The battle can begin again!" And they kept on fighting. At the Airjitzu temple, Misako, Ronin, and Dareth were unpacking and they felt time just across a minute. The Ninja got out of work and felt time jumped a minute too. The Ninja found the anomaly and headed over to the Monastery to help Wu. Meanwhile, Acronix strikes Wu with what he calls the "Time Punch" and he accelerated Wu's life span. The Ninja arrived and took on Acronix. They thought he disintegrated, but he actually escaped while using the Time Blade. They rescued Wu from falling from a broken branch he was hanging on. At midnight, Acronix met up with Dr. Saunders and he takes of his disguise and we find out that Dr. Saunders is Krux, the second Hand of Time. Meanwhile, The Ninja are at the temple of Airjitzu to see if Wu is alright. So Wu tells them the story of the Hands of Time and their battle with them which takes place 40 years ago right after the Serpentine War. Acronix and Krux unleash the Vermilion on a Borg store. Then the Ninja see it on the news and take action. These Samurai Snakes were different. After being sliced, they turn into a bunch of snakes and then reform into one. They're UNSTOPPABLE! Zane rescue Cyrus Borg but gets ambushed by the Time Twins leaving Zane down. The Ninja race to Zane and see that he is down.

As the days pass, the Vermilion take all the metal and the best workers. The Ninja try their best to take out the Snake Samurais but don't really succeed. Zane is back up and joins the Ninja once more, but P.I.X.A.L has yet to be found because Zane can't find her in his head. The next time blade falls from the sky in the Sea of Sand and the Ninja race the Vermilion for it. At first they lost, but then they succeeded. The Ninja head back to the temple. Later, the Vermilion come to their temple and attack them to gain the Time Blade but Ninja fight back! The Time Twins arrive onto the floating island and fight the ninja. The Ninja gain the other Time Blade and succeed. But then General Machia steals the Time Blades they take Wu with them to their swamp hideout. Kai searches for answers in his blacksmith shop and finds out that Krux was right about his parents working for the twins, Nya finds a mysterious person in her Samurai X suit, and the others search in the museum looking for clues to where the Vermilion hideout is. Meanwhile, the Twins tracked the next Time Blade anomaly and took the third Time Blade. Lloyd calls Nya and Kai over to the Vermilion Hideout. The Ninja search the swamp. Jay and Cole try to save the prisoners, Zane looks for Borg, Lloyd looks for his uncle, and Kai Nya search for Acronix and Krux, but Kai had the map so he was leading his sister and himself to their Parents. They find them, but Kai attacks them because he thought they were still traitors. Nya stopped Kai and let their parents explain everything. The Time Twins capture the Smith family and take them with them to the Boiling Sea. Lloyd, Zane, Jay and Cole were ready to retreat, but Zane said he wasn't going to leave Borg here. So the Ninja hid and went to the heart of the operation and found Borg, then they find out the plan that the Twins were planning. They were creating a shell for the snake-controlled Mech: the Iron Doom.

At the Boiling Sea, Nya and Kai traveled to the bottom of the sea and into a huge cave with lava monsters. By combining their elements, they defeated the rock-like monsters and opened the door to where the last Time Blade was hidden. After taking it from its perch, the place begins to crumble and the summon the Fusion Dragon again and escape back to the Mini Zeppelin and then they fought but lost to the Time Twins. One of them paused the ninja and took the last Time Blade. They had all four Time Blades so they are ready to commence to the Iron Doom. They left the Ninja in mid-air and they fell. Kai and Nya summoned the Fusion Dragon and followed the Hands of Time. At the Swamp, the other Ninja were caught and they fought. Samurai X came to the rescue and took Borg to the Mech's Chest to disable it and to end it. Acronix and Krux got there just in time before the Ninja could disable it. They succeeded and put the Time Blades into the chest and activated Iron Doom. The Ninja cleared the area and also watched as the Mech shoots a Time Vortex is being raised up and into it. Kai and Nya get back, but Maya jumps off with Ray so that their children can follow the Twins into the Time Vortex. Now its up to Kai and Nya and Sensei Wu to save the future. They arrive Forty Years earlier just after Acronix and Krux jumped into the Time Vortex to retrieve the Time Blades. And Kai and Nya battle with the original Elemental Masters against the Vermilion. Then the Vermilion retreated into the mech and became the Iron Doom. Kai and Nya summoned the Fusion Dragon and battle the Mechanical Beast. Nya jumped off to "find" something. It was all up to Kai to finish the battle. He wasn't able to hit them from leaving them stranded and failed. Nya came back with the Reversal Time Blade, and Sensei Wu, now back to the age he's supposed to be and he tells Kai and Nya that they still have a chance. The used the Time Blade and everything reversed to where Kai was going to knock the Iron Doom out of the sky. This time, he swoops down and Nya and Wu jump on. Wu throws the Time Blade to his younger self. And they enter the Time Vortex, knowing that Time is set back on track.

The three Ninja surprise Acronix and Krux and they have an all-out battle. Sensei Wu took the Reversal Time Blade out of the Mech and that Jeopardized everything. For the Time Twins, and sadly himself. He gave the blade to Kai and Nya and both the brother and sister arrived back to their timeline. They meet back with the others and save their Father. They find out that Wu sacrificed himself in the Time Vortex. They gathered around Lloyd, asked him to be their Master. He then accepted and gave out his First two orders: To get rid of the Reversal Time Blade for it being too powerful, and within all their energy, they will not rest until they know where is Wu...

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon (2018)

The season starts out with people celebrating across the city. Six mysterious figures dressed like the ninja, come together and look up to Borg Tower. The ninja make their way up the buildings and reach Borg Tower. They break in and look around, nothing was spotted, until the "Green Ninja" walks up to the painting of Cyrus Borg. He takes out his swords and cuts up the painting. Inside the painting is a mask, he reveals the censors guarding the mask and uses his swords to point the lasers somewhere else and grabs the mask. The "White Ninja" grabbed the swords without carefully taking them out and then the alarm is triggered. The whole building went on lock down and the impostors made out in time. All of a sudden, they hear someone from behind. They turn around to see Lloyd, challenging them. The "Green Ninja" and the "the Man in the White Mask" start to escape while the other impostors try to keep Lloyd distracted. Lloyd out matched the thieves and got onto the line, catching up to the final two. The "Green Ninja", cut the line while both Lloyd and the "White Ninja" fall. Lloyd saves the "White Ninja" only so that he can taken by the Ninjago Police. Lloyd goes after the "Green Ninja" and asks P.I.X.A.L for his car. Just before he could fall anymore, P.I.X.A.L saves him in his new car: the Ninja Nightcrawler! The "Green Ninja" has a vehicle of his own, he is revealed to be a shadowy figure. The chase is on! The chase stops when Lloyd passes him and comes to a stand off. Both Lloyd and the shadowy figure charge towards each other until the shadowy figure uses his bike as a catapult to escape. Lloyd stops his car and jumps out to see him parachuting down to a small boat. Lloyd sees that the symbol on the parachute turns out to look like his father in his evil form. Lloyd sends a distress signal to the other ninja to meet with him immediately.

Nya was in a village dealing with slave laborers, Jay and Cole were searching for Master Wu, and Kai and Zane were fighting the Mechanic, who escaped Kryptarium prison. All of them were called back to Ninjago city. The Ninja gather at Borg Tower in the room where the mask was stolen. Lloyd also contacted Hutchins, a Master at arms and counsel to the Royal Family. The Ninja learn about the Oni Masks and are asked to help watch during the Emperor's speech and they accept. The next day they head to the Royal Palace and hid in plain site. Lloyd had eyes for the Jade Princess and the others realized and started joking around. A prank was set and went off. turns out it was a test, and they were invited to the Palace. That night they were introduced to the Royal Family. The family explained about them having an Oni Mask in their possession and asked the Ninja to protect them and the mask. They agreed and Hutchins showed them around the palace and at the end of their tour, the Oni Mask was revealed. It was explained that the mask they had was the Mask of Deception. The one that was stolen was the Mask of Vengeance. The mask of Hatred was not found anywhere. Kai & Nya took watch outside on the rooftops, Jay, Cole, and Zane guard the buffet, and Lloyd walks around. He heard a crash in Harumi's room and goes to check it out only to see that it was ransacked. Lloyd went after her at his good will(he also has a love interest). Later in the season, they realise she is the quite one, and plans to ressurect lord garmadon, revealing she is very evil, and is trying to avenge her parents that were killed by the great devourer, which lord garmadon destroyed and the ninja could do nothing about.

Season 9: Hunted (2018)

Ninjago takes place a week after the Destiny's bounty is destroyed. Lloyd and Nya are hiding out in Ninjago City while Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, and young Wu are in the realm of the Oni and the Dragon. Garmadon sends out the Sons of Garmadon to find Lloyd and capture him. Lloyd, Nya, Misako, and Pixal end up being cornered but are saved by the Elemental Masters, who encourage Lloyd to start a resistance, and endure. Meanwhile, in the realm of the Oni and the Dragon, Kai, Jay, and Zane get captured by a tribe of people called the Dragon Hunters. Lead by Iron Baron, they exploit the dragons elemental powers, and force them to participate in cruel fights. Cole and Young Wu plan a rescue attempt by building a dragon, made to resemble Firstbourne,the mother of all dragons. They rescue the ninja and escape, but Iron Baron is hunting them now. Meanwhile, the Resistance encourages Lloyd to find his voice, and he broadcasts to all of Ninjago, giving them hope.(Unfinished)

Season 10: March of the Oni (2019)

Since Lord Garmadon's defeat, Ninjago City has been rebuilt. However, when Lloyd visits his father in Kryptarium Prison, Garmadon warns him that the "Bringers of Doom" are coming, but Lloyd refuses to listen. Meanwhile, the ninja are presented with a newly rebuilt Destiny's Bounty. Garmadon's warnings soon prove to be justified when the Oni invade Ninjago by entering through the Realm Crystal. A darkness spreads across Ninjago City and petrifies anyone who touches it. On board Destiny's Bounty, the ninja race to Ninjago City to rescue the citizens from the darkness. However, when the ninja use their elemental powers against the dark cloud, they discover that they have no impact. Lloyd visits his father in Kryptarium Prison for advice. With no other choice, the ninja release Garmadon from prison and form an uneasy alliance with him in an attempt to defeat the Oni and save Ninjago from the darkness.

Season 11: Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitizu (2019)

The Fire Chapter After defeating the Oni, the ninja have become lazy and out of shape. They decide to search for a new threat to face, but Ninjago is at peace. They find their next quest when Clutch Powers discovers an ancient pyramid. The tomb is a prison for a snake queen named Aspheera, who is unwittingly released by the ninja. She steals Kai's powers and uses them to revive her army of Pyro Vipers, with the aim of conquering Ninjago and exacting revenge on the "Treacherous Deceiver". The ninja are trapped in the pyramid, but rescued by P.I.X.A.L. They learn about the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which grant the user great powers, but can also corrupt them. Wu eventually admits that he is the "Treacherous Deceiver", and explains that he befriended Aspheera and taught her Spinjitzu, but she used it for evil by taking over the Serpentine. As a result, Wu and Garmadon were forced to defeat Aspheera using Forbidden Spinjitzu and imprisoned her inside the pyramid. After Aspheera steals one of the scrolls from the museum, the ninja go after the other at the Explorers Club, while Aspheera attacks the Monastery of Spinjitzu. The ninja defeat Aspheera, but Zane is hit with the scroll's power and is transported to the Never-Realm. Wu volunteers to rescue Zane, but the ninja overpower him and go instead, before Wu can warn them that there is no way to return.

The Ice Chapter The ninja reach the Never-Realm and arrive at a village, where they meet the elder, Sorla and help the locals fend off the Blizzard Samurai, led by the Ice Emperor and his advisor, Vex. The ninja believe that Zane was captured by the Ice Emperor and decide to stay at the village, where Kai attempts to regain his powers. Cole leaves to find the Traveller's Tree to collect some leaves for the Traveller's Tea so that they can return home. He befriends Krag, the last surviving yeti, and Lloyd leaves to find Zane's mech. Along the way, Lloyd befriends a Formling named Akita, who can transform into a wolf and wishes to exact revenge on the Ice Emperor for freezing her people. Meanwhile, the village is attacked by the Ice Emperor's dragon Boreal, forcing the remaining ninja to flee and continue their journey. Lloyd and Akita are later attacked by Boreal, who kidnaps Lloyd and carries him to the Ice Emperor, who is revealed to be Zane. After being transported to the Never-Realm decades into the past, he lost his memory and was manipulated by Vex, a Formling who wished to exact revenge on his people. Zane was led to believe he was the Ice Emperor and the two then dethroned the ruler of the realm, Grimfax. Zane used the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to corrupt Grimfax's warriors, turning them into the Blizzard Samurai. Lloyd is locked in a cell and meets Akita's brother, Kataru. They form an alliance with Grimfax to dethrone Zane and liberate the Never-Realm. Kai recovers his powers, destroying Boreal, and Zane recovers his memories after Vex attempts to kill Lloyd. Zane destroys his sceptre, which restores peace to the Never-Realm. Grimfax regains his throne, Vex is banished for his crimes, and the ninja return to Ninjago.

Season 12: Prime Empire (2020)

When the old, legendary video game Prime Empire resurfaces, players begin to disappear into the game, including Jay (who loves playing video games). The ninja discover that the game's creator, Milton Dyer, has also disappeared and nobody has seen him for years. With the suspicion that Dyer is a villain named Unagami, Lloyd, Cole, Kai and Nya enter the virtual world of Prime Empire to stop Dyer's avatar, while Zane and P.I.X.A.L. remain outside to find Dyer in the real world. They meet "The League of Jay", a group of Jay fans who lead them to a player named Scott. He explains that players only get four lives in the game and after losing their last life, they are turned into digital cubes and disappear. Once reunited with Jay, the ninja travel across three game zones to obtain three Key-Tanas, which unlock the final challenge at the Temple of Madness. On the journey, they are hunted by Unagami's digital troops, the Red Visors. In the first game zone, Terra Karana, the ninja meet a non-player character (NPC) called Okino, who helps them through many deadly challenges. In the boss battle, the ninja win the fight against the Red Dragon to obtain the purple Key-Tana. The yellow Key-Tana is obtained by winning the Speedway Five-Billion, a dangerous race in the second game zone, Terra Technica. Lloyd recruits Racer Seven, another NPC, but she is followed by the Red Visors. Scott sacrifices himself to help the ninja escape and is transformed into a digital cube. The ninja manage to win the Speedway Five-Billion, but Kai and Cole are both cubed during the race. Lloyd, Jay and Nya continue their journey to obtain the final Key-tana in the third game zone, Terra Domina. There Lloyd is forced to battle an avatar of Harumi. He defeats her and obtains the orange Key-Tana, but is cubed in the process.

In the real world, Zane discovers the location of Dyer, only to get captured by the Mechanic. When P.I.X.A.L. finds Dyer, he reveals that Scott was a test player who became trapped inside the game (which was named Unagami), when Dyer requested that Scott receive an intense gaming experience. Dyer shut the game down, but Unagami survived. Zane is forced to give the Prime Empire motherboard to the Mechanic, who uses it to create a portal from the game into the real world.

In Prime Empire, Jay and Nya reach a digital sushi restaurant in the Temple of Madness, but Nya is cubed after being defeated by an NPC called Sushimi. After reaching the final level, Jay confronts Unagami, who transforms himself into the Empire Dragon. Jay follows him through the portal into the real world by riding on his Cyber Dragon. Back in the real world, Jay lures Unagami to the top of Borg Tower. Dyer apologises to Unagami, who forgives him. He agrees to release all the players and NPCs who are trapped inside the game. Unagami, who is now a child, and Dyer are finally reunited.

Season 13: Master Of The Mountain (2020)

The ninja and Master Wu are invited to the Kingdom of Shintaro. They meet King Vangelis and his daughter Vania, who takes an interest in Cole. That night, a Geckle enters Cole's room, who discovers that the creature has his mother's necklace. Vania takes Cole to a secret entrance that leads into the Dungeons of Shintaro. They discover the Geckles and the Munce, two tribes forced to work in the mines by an evil Skull Sorcerer, but Cole is taken prisoner.

Vania leads the ninja to the dungeons, but they are captured by the Awakened Warriors, who can be revived by the sorcerer's Skull of Hazza D'ur. One of the Geckles tells Cole about the Blades of Deliverance, which were wielded by a warrior named "Gilly" who freed the tribes from a dragon called Grief-Bringer. The theft of the blades caused a rift between the two tribes. The ninja escape and free the tribes. They split up, with Kai and Zane taking a tunnel with the Geckles, and Lloyd, Jay and Nya taking another tunnel with the Munce. Cole is forced to take a different tunnel by the Skull Sorcerer.

Nya, Jay, and Lloyd meet the Queen of the Munce, Murtessa, who takes a liking to Jay. Murtessa challenges Nya to a duel, who wins and becomes Queen of the Munce. Meanwhile, Kai and Zane are accused by Geckle Chancellor Gulch of working for the Skull Sorcerer and are forced to undergo a "Trial by Mino". After winning the trial, Kai and Zane notice Gleck is wearing Cole's necklace. They realise that "Gilly" was Cole's mother Lilly. Gulch resigns as Chancellor and gives the position to Kai.

Vania decides to go after Cole and saves him from giant spiders. They return to the surface and inform Wu about the ninjas' predicament. They consult King Vangelis, but he reveals that he is the Skull Sorcerer. Vangelis presses a button that opens a trap door and Cole, Wu and Vania fall into the abyss. After a safe landing at Rock-Bottom, Wu, Cole, and Vania are met by Fungus, Korgran and Plundar who call themselves "The Lowly" They reveal that they were sent to retrieve the skull but Vangelis banished them to Rock-Bottom. Cole decides to change the team name to "The Upply". The Upply, Cole, Wu and Vania discover the Heart of the Mountain, a legendary temple of the Masters of Earth. Wu explains to Cole the teaching of the Spinjitzu Burst, who then finds and operates a mech to return the group to the surface.

Nya and Kai lead the tribes to a peace meeting, but are ambushed by the undead dragon, Grief-Bringer, who forces the tribes to flee into a Strong-Cave. The Skull Sorcerer tricks Lloyd into believing that the Munce and Geckles can go free, but he enslaves them and the ninja are captured. Cole and his crew venture underground to fight the Skull Sorcerer. Cole confronts him with the Blades of Deliverance, but discovers that they are powerless. He has a flashback of his mother Lilly, which unlocks the Spinjitzu Burst and destroys the Skull, awakened warriors and Grief-Bringer. Vania arrives with Wu and the Winged Guards of Shintaro, who arrest Vangelis and crown Vania as Queen of Shintaro.

Season 14: The Island (2021)

An expedition led by Misako, Master Wu, Clutch Powers and his assistants goes missing while exploring an uncharted island in the storm belt. The ninja must pick up their trail with the help of Timothy "Twitchy Tim" Batterson. Having journeyed to the island years ago, Tim is still scared to go back due to being struck by lightning twelve times at the island. Reluctantly, he agrees to help. After surviving their journey, the ninja venture to the island, where they discover the abandoned expedition camp.

While exploring the island, they unexpectedly befriend a friendly dragon and name it Zippy. They are later ambushed by living stone statues that can channel the ninjas' elemental powers. While trying to escape the stone guardians, Nya, Zane, Kai and Cole are captured by hostile islanders named the Keepers and encounter Misako, Master Wu and Clutch Powers in captivity. Luckily, Lloyd and Tim manage to escape. When the ninja are taken to meet the Keepers' leader, Chief Mammatus, he accuses them of trying to steal an artefact named the Storm Amulet. He tells them that the amulet was pried from the head of a great sea serpent dragon and leviathan named Wojira, which placed the beast into a deep sleep. For thousands of years, the Keepers have upheld a vow to the First Spinjitzu Master to protect the amulet from Wojira.

The ninja are imprisoned, while Jay is taken to an unknown location by the Keepers, who refer to him as "The Gift of Jay". Lloyd finds the Keepers' Village and frees the ninja with the help of Zippy. Meanwhile, Clutch Powers steals the amulet, but the ninja are recaptured. They have to watch Jay being sacrificed by the Keepers to appease the reawakened storm spirit Wojira.

However, when Lloyd finds a wooden tooth, he realises that Wojira is fake. When he informs Chief Mammatus, the leader tells him that since Wojira returned, the Keepers have been giving away their treasure to appease her. When Jay reaches a hidden cave along the coast, he discovers that it is a secret hideout for thugs who have escaped from Kryptarium Prison and that Ronin was behind the scheme in order to trick the Keepers into giving him their treasure. While the ninja are battling Ronin's henchmen, Ronin tries to escape but is stopped by Tim, who conquers his fear and crashes into his fake Wojira boat. During the aftermath of the battle, Clutch Powers tries to steal the Storm Amulet, but Nya stops him and the ninja become allies with the Keepers. In the final scene, the real Wojira is sleeping in a temple at the bottom of the ocean with another amulet on her forehead.

Season 15: Seabound (2021)

While trying to stop a criminal named Miss Demeanor from smuggling vengestone, Nya begins to lose control of her powers. Master Wu tells the ninja that the First Spinjitzu Master once controlled the elements but never wind and water because they belonged to Wojira, a storm spirit. Wojira fell into a deep slumber after a warrior pried one of the amulets off the serpent's forehead. Ray and Maya arrive to help Nya control her powers. While P.I.X.A.L. and Zane are out on a mission, they experience an energy pulse from deep in the ocean and conclude that it affected Nya's powers. The ninja decide to investigate on the Hydro Bounty, a submersible vessel.

Nya, Jay, Lloyd, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. journey to the depths of the ocean with Maya stowed away on board. Unfortunately, the Hydro Bounty crashes causing them to be stranded. Maya and Nya decide to use mechs to reach the energy source and discover an underwater temple. They find Kalmaar, the son of King Trimaar, trying to awaken the serpent Wojira. He takes them prisoner and overhears Nya revealing the location of the Storm Amulet. Meanwhile, Jay decides to risk charging the battery in the Hydro Bounty using his elemental powers. Nya and Maya are rescued by Jay and Lloyd but they are captured and taken to King Trimaar who accuses them of trespassing. Kalmaar performs a palace coup by striking his father with his weapon and declaring himself king of the Merlopians. His adopted brother Benthomaar learns the truth from Trimaar. Benthomaar helps the ninja to escape Merlopia. They decide to travel to the island to obtain the Storm Amulet before Kalmaar can claim it.

On the island the ninja warn Chief Mammatus to prepare to defend the Storm Amulet. However, Zane realises it is a fake and that the real amulet was taken by Clutch Powers to the Explorers Club. Wu, Cole, Misako, Kai and Ray arrive at the Explorers Club and are forced to battle Kalmaar. Meanwhile, Nya uses her powers to call whales to bring the stranded Hydro Bounty back to Ninjago City. As Kai is pursuing Kalmaar through the streets of Ninjago City, Antonia and Nelson obtain the amulet and are chased by Kalmaar, but he escapes with the amulet. Benthomaar tells the ninja the tale of Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, who defeated Wojira by becoming one with the ocean. When Kalmaar tries to leave the city, Nya steals the amulet and Cole takes it to Shintaro for protection without realising it is a fake, allowing Kalmaar to reawaken Wojira.

Rising sea levels mark the invasion of Ninjago City by Kalmaar riding on Wojira, which forces the citizens to evacuate. While the ninja are trying to save civilians, Nya challenges Kalmaar and Wojira. Jay becomes trapped in his submersible vehicle and is saved by Benthomaar, but inhales water in his lungs. To save Jay and Ninjago City, Nya becomes one with the ocean, an act that can never be undone, causing the water to be removed from Jay’s lungs. The battle takes place between the ninja and Kalmaar in which Benthomaar breaks Kalmaar's trident causing him to lose control of Wojira. This results in Kalmaar being swallowed whole by Wojira. Nya transforms into a water dragon and defeats Wojira by destroying the Water Amulet. Having merged with the endless sea, however, Nya can no longer remain on land and feels the ocean calling to her. After a tearful goodbye, she leaves the Ninja and returns to the ocean. Afterwards, the ninja hold a memorial ceremony to honor her and Nya is seen happily swimming with the whales in a final shot.

Season 16: Crystalized (2022)

One year after Nya's sacrifice, a group called the New Ninja appear in Ninjago City, fighting criminals who are smuggling vengestone. The ninja have broken up; Zane has switched off his emotion, Kai is teaching students to fight, Lloyd is working as a window cleaner, and Jay is living alone at the Lighthouse Island and has suffered a nervous breakdown. Nya roams the Endless Sea in her aqueous form as a water dragon and saves a sailor who has fallen overboard. She begins to recover her memories of her past life and meets another water elemental named Nyad, who helps her to find her way back home. Meanwhile, the ninja reunite and explore a subway tunnel, uncovering a secret shipment of vengestone. They are forced to fight against Miss Demeanor and her thugs, but are humiliated when the New Ninja defeat the villains. Nya manages to return to the monastery, but she cannot take human form, so Zane freezes her to maintain her shape.The team decide that the only way to save Nya and return her physical form is to break Aspheera out of Kryptarium prison and steal her staff so that Aspheera can drain Nya's elemental power and return her back to her human form. Skylor helps the ninja by using her elemental powers to keep Nya frozen while they retrieve Aspheera and the staff. While attempting to collect the staff from a convoy, the ninja are forced to fight the New Ninja. During the fight, Kai accidentally reveals their identities, and the ninja become fugitives. Aspheera agrees to help them in exchange for her freedom. As Aspheera successfully returns Nya to her human form, the New Ninja arrive at the monastery and arrest the entire ninja team except for Nya but Aspheera escapes. As a result of their crimes, the ninja are convicted and sentenced to five years in Kryptarium prison. Meanwhile, Aspheera is recruited by a mysterious villain known only as the Crystal King. While serving their time in prison, the ninja find themselves surrounded by their old enemies, including Pythor. Lloyd is visited by the Crystal King's messenger, who warns him that the Crystal King is gathering Lloyd's enemies against him. When Pythor is recruited by the messenger and broken out of prison, the ninja try to stop him, but fail. The ninja eventually escape with the help of Nya, disguised as Samurai X, and Dareth, but find themselves wandering through the desert while pursued by sheriff HoundDog McBrag. On the road they are picked up by a young singer who is making her way to Ninjago City. They help her to understand that she should return home to her parents, and in the process Zane learns about the benefits of emotions, switching his back on. The ninja reunite at Twitchy Tim's gas station, where Fugi-Dove, who also escaped from prison and accompanied them until now, allows himself to be re-captured to help the ninja escape from McBrag. Deducing that the Mechanic will be the next villain recruited by the Crystal King, the ninja confront him in his lair and subdue him, allowing Lloyd to impersonate him and take his place in the Council of the Crystal King.Lloyd, disguised as the Mechanic, infiltrates the Crystal King's Council after being invited to meet the other members, whom he discovers to be Aspheera, Pythor, King Vangelis, and Mr. F (a rebuilt version of Mr. E). However, his identity is quickly discovered and he is captured. The Crystal King's messenger then reveals herself to be Harumi, shocking Lloyd, who believed her to be dead.

Harumi reveals that, after her death, she was resurrected by the Crystal King and agreed to serve him, even after learning his true identity as the Overlord. Using Vengestone bought from Vangelis prior to his defeat by the ninja, Harumi was able to build an army that can negate the ninja's Elemental Powers. As Harumi reveals the next phase of her plan—stealing the Golden Weapons from the monastery, Lloyd confesses his feelings for her and vows to stop her. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole are attacked by explosive Crystal Spiders, trapping them underground. This enrages Lloyd, who believes his friends to be dead, and awakens his previously dormant Oni powers. The Crystal Council attack the monastery, destroying it and taking the Golden Weapons. Wu, Skylor, and P.I.X.A.L. are saved by MiniPix 7, one of P.I.X.A.L.'s miniature robot assistants, while Nya escapes in her Samurai X armour. As Nya rescues the trapped ninja, Aspheera performs a ritual that corrupts the Golden Weapons and allows the Overlord to take physical form once again. The Overlord uses his powers to grant the Crystal Council new abilities, bring the Crystal Army to life, and make the Oni Temple airborne. Lloyd refuses to join him and escapes, taking Harumi with him, and they both fall off the temple into the jungle. The ninja head to Primeval's Eye to rescue Lloyd, just as he and Harumi are found by the Crystal Council. Lloyd is forced to abandon Harumi and escape with his friends, informing them of the Overlord's return. The Crystal Army begins marching towards Ninjago City, corrupting everyone in their path. The ninja try to stop them, but find that their vehicles are being drained by the crystals. Wu and Lloyd track down Garmadon living in an apartment in Ninjago City. Garmadon reveals that since his departure, he has started a journey of self-improvement, by caring for a potted plant he named Christofern. He agrees to help the ninja after the Crystal Army destroys his apartment and damages Christofern. Wu theorizes that the powers of Creation and Destruction are the only things that can harm the Overlord, and reaches out to Misako for research on a powerful Dragon form. Meanwhile, Garmadon tries to teach Lloyd how to master his Oni powers, but he is reluctant to give into his negative emotions. After P.I.X.A.L. upgrades the ninja's vehicles to be powered by the crystals instead, they again fight the Crystal Army while Wu confronts the Overlord. The Overlord defeats Wu and unleashes a powerful weapon that crystalizes all of Ninjago City, destroying the ninja's vehicles. Wu takes shelter with a group of paperkids and he broadcasts a message to inspire others. Nya reawakens her elemental powers to save herself and Jay, and they set out to find help. HoundDog McBrag finds Garmadon and Lloyd and tries to arrest the latter, but is left speechless after Lloyd saves him from a crystalized Serpentine. P.I.X.A.L. finds a broken Zane and brings him to Borg Tower. Kai and Cole are rescued by Skylor and join Wu and other refugees at the newspaper warehouse, while Lloyd and Garmadon search for the missing Serpentine. Wu re-establishes a communication link with the ninja and they decide to reach out to all their allies for help. Cyrus Borg provides Ronin and his fugitives with mechs and fixes Zane before P.I.X.A.L. restores his memory with an emotional outreach. Nya uses her powers to contact the Merlopians, while Racer 7 escorts Cole across Ninjago City to broadcast a distress call to Shintaro. The ninja regroup at the warehouse and make their final stand against the Crystal Army, while Lloyd and Garmadon confront the Overlord. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole unlock their Dragon forms, defeat the Crystal Council, and restore the Golden Weapons to their original form. The Overlord reveals that he corrupted the Great Devourer in order to make Garmadon evil, causing Harumi to switch sides to help Lloyd and Garmadon. Garmadon is seemingly killed, triggering Lloyd's Oni form, but he resists using his rage to win. The ninja combine the Golden Weapons, releasing their elemental powers to form a four-headed dragon. Lloyd rides the dragon and defeats the Overlord before escaping the crumbling Oni Temple with Harumi and Garmadon, who faked his death. In the aftermath, the ninja's elemental powers return to their source of origin, Garmadon plants Christofern atop a mountain, and the ninja rebuild the monastery alongside their friends and allies, and Christofern is seen on the mountain once more.

Dragons Rising Season 1 (2023)

After Crystalized, a phenomenon known as The Merge places all sixteen realms of creation on the Ninjago planet, introducing new threats and causing chaotic aftershocks called Mergequakes. Lloyd befriends two civilians Arin and Sora, the former a fan of the Ninja and the latter a technopath from the totalitarian kingdom of Imperium. The three are tasked with finding the rest of the scattered Ninja and combating the Claws of Imperium, who covet Source Dragons in order to drain their elemental energy as a resource, The ninja successfully rescued the dragons trapped in Imperium, set out on a quest to find the three Dragon Cores, that can stop the Mergequakes. They split off into three teams: Lloyd and Arin, Nya and Sora & Kai and Wyldfyre. Together, they search the Merged realms looking for the cores, coming across new elemental masters, Cole, and even new creatures. But Empress Beatrix manages to steal the Dragon Cores in order to power her weapon, so she can destroy the realms for good.

Dragons Rising Season 2 (2024)

After saving the merged realms from the Mergequakes, the ninja are resting at the monastery. Until Lloyd starts having visions of a blood moon, which leads him and the ninja to Egalt and Rontu, two dragon masters who can help teach the ninja a special technique called "rising dragon", which can help defeat Shatterspin, an ancient technique now used by the new elemental master of smoke, Cinder. Meanwhile, Ras and Jordana have successfully acquired all the pieces needed to free the Forbidden Five from their captivity, they just need Bonzle, an ancient spell turned into a skeleton living in the Land of Lost Things with Cole.

Dragons Rising Season 3 (2025)

Dragons Rising Season 4 (2026)

Dragons Rising Season 5 (2027)

Dragons Rising Season 6 (2028)

Dragons Rising Season 7 (2029)


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The fighting style practiced by the characters of Ninjago is called Spinjitzu. This is also the name of the game associated with the theme. The fighters spin around and draw on their elemental strengths to become tornadoes of energy and steel. Several sets in the game include special spinner parts, customized for different characters. Players select their characters, the weapons the character will hold, and a small deck of ability cards to influence the duel. The characters are placed into the spinners and spun at each other like tops, with the goal being to knock the opponent's minifigure down.

The game was expanded in 2012 to include different suits for the ninjas, crowns for the spinners, and the inclusion of booster packs which consist of a minifigure, spinner accessories, and three weapons.

They have not released any Spinners since 2012.


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  • In the LEGO Club Magazine for November and December, a poster was shown on the last page, saying, "Beware of the Nindroids," and showing a picture of Zane in his new robes facing backwards, looking at four Nindroids standing on a temple.

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