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Doubloon is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2016.


Doubloon was a member of Nadakhan's crew. He was a practitioner of Spinjitzu.[1] Originally a talkative master thief and master of escape, Doubloon met Nadakhan when he was caught trying to steal his gold. Doubloon tried wishing his way out of his sentence, but instead, Nadakhan twisted the wording in his wish to make him silent and literally two-faced.[2]

After Nadakhan was freed from the Teapot of Tyhran and stole the Realm Crystal, Doubloon and the rest of Nadakhan's crew was returned to the realm of Ninjago. Nadakhan entrusted Doubloon with the task to get rid of the Tiger Widow's venom, which could be used to defeat him. Instead of destroying the venom, Doubloon hid it in a locker on the Misfortune's Keep. Clancee later learned of the venom's location, and betrayed Nadakhan by telling the Ninja of its location. As a result, Clancee, Monkey Wretch, and Doubloon were banished to other realms. Flintlocke and Dogshank later used the venom to cripple Nadakhan, allowing Jay to wish that Nadakhan had never been discovered. Because of that, Doubloon currently resides in the realm that Captain Soto imprisoned him in centuries before.


  • Doubloon is the only villain to utilise Spinjitzu since Lord Garmadon's reform.


Television appearances[edit]

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Once a “two-faced thief”, Doubloon’s facial expressions are now on a pair of masks, so he can only look happy or sad. Doubloon never talks, but he is an effective fighter and now a valued member of Nadakhan’s crew.



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