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Mezmo is a Serpentine minifigure from the Ninjago theme. He is a Hypnobrai soldier. Mezmo appears several times in Season 2 of the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series. Mezmo is also the foot-soldier of the Hypnobrai army. He is exclusive to the set 9555 Mezmo. Mezmo has the typical Hypnobrai hooded snake head similar to Skales except for the fact his head can turn because of a lack of overhang off the shoulders.


Mezmo has Earth Blue legs with a gray pattern printed on them. His torso is also Earth Blue and has the same pattern, with two small yellow triangles on top. The arms are Light Grey and the hands are Dark Grey. Mezmo's head, which is shaped a cobra's, is similar to that of Spitta, but in Earth Blue and with different patterning. Two large fangs protrude from the head, which also sports red, swirly "hypnotic" eyes. Mezmo's primary weapon is Hypno Fang made from a gold Lightsaber Blade, two gold modified Lightsaber handles, two gold axe blades, and two fang pieces in White.


  • Mezmo was wrongly labelled as appearing in 9444 Cole's Tread Assault in the January/February LEGO Club Magazine.
  • He is the judge of the Hypnobrai Slither Pit.
  • In the TV show, in the episode Rise of the Snakes, Mezmo is known as "Hypnobrai Guard" in the credits and is voiced by Michael Adamwalte, who also voices Jay and the Mailman. In Home, he is known as "Snake Arbiter" in the credits and voiced by Ian James Corlett, who also voices Skales.
  • The LEGO Club magazine January/February 2012 issue says that he is the Hypnobrai warrior, but he is really the soldier.
  • "Mezmo" is similar to the word "mezmorized" which means "to hold attention to," thus, his hypnotizing powers.
  • In various episodes, Mezmo appears to be "mezmorized" by food. Bio[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Mezmo is one of the more strategic-minded Hypnobrai soldiers who does not parade orders he disagrees with. Mezmo is not happy with their general being under Lloyd’s control and his complaints are loud and frequent. He comes from a long line of Hypnobrai warriors, so he feels he has a lot to live up to, and the right to more power, and he can’t advance fast enough.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4

Video Game Appearances[edit]



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