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The future is what we make it!
―Cyrus Borg

Cyrus Borg, briefly known as OverBorg, is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2014. He is exclusive to the set 70722 OverBorg Attack, and also appears from the third season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu onward.


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Following the Golden Ninja's defeat of the Overlord, Cyrus Borg spearheaded the rebuilding of Ninjago City and turned into a technology central. The city soon became New Ninjago City; a modern marvel containing hover-cars and guarded by security mechs, fighter jets, hover-copters, and super hybrid assault vehicles. As a sign of defiance against evildoers, Cyrus built Borg Tower, the headquarters of Borg Industries on the site of the Overlord's defeat. However, Borg soon learned the Overlord was in fact alive and now a virus within the network the city had come to depend on.

Realizing his mistake, Borg designed the Techno Blades, as well as uniforms that would scramble the face-recognition software for the Ninja.

Following Zane's memorial, Borg reprogrammed the remaining Nindroids to serve as his security droids. He also designed a security system for the Golden Armour which even Lloyd was unable to get through. ("The Invitation")


  • He has been disabled all his life. First moving around with a wheelchair, then with spider-like mechanical legs.
  • His villain name (OverBorg) is a play on the words "Overlord" and "Cyborg". His real name (Cyrus Borg) is a play on "Cyborg".
  • Cyrus Borg had made the ninja's Techno Robes and Techno Blades.
  • He has created Borg Tower, the Nindroids, and the Mech Dragon. He also created Pixal, who is his gynoid assistant that helped him copy Zane's blueprint to make Nindroids.
  • Jay has a Cyrus Borg poster on the wall of his room.
  • His minifigure has a double sided head, one side showing him as the OverBorg and the other as Cyrus Borg, with a smile and no mechanical eye.


Video game appearances[edit]

TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3: Rebooted
  • Season 4: Tournament of Elements
  • Season 5: Possession
  • Season 6: Skybound

Mini-movie appearances[edit] description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) CYRUS BORG

A skilled and imaginative inventor, Cyrus Borg saw the damage done to NINJAGO City by the battle with the Overlord as an opportunity. He rebuilt the place as New NINJAGO City, packed with high-technology upgrades, and built the Borg Industries complex right on the site of the Overlord’s defeat. Borg’s successes have been many, but his few failures have been spectacular as well (the electronic papercut carving set, the electric bath mat, the nuclear toothbrush, the turbo-jet powered, sub-orbital golf cart, etc.).
“When I make a mistake, I make a big one!” he has been known to say.

Cyrus Borg is a reclusive inventor and the founder of Borg Industries. Unable to use his legs, Borg invented both a hover chair and a chair fitted with mechanical spider legs to enable himself to move freely. One of Borg’s most ambitious projects was the Digiverse, a virtual reality designed for gaming. Players could be scanned into the Digiverse and then use their imaginations to create anything they might need. After NINJAGO City was heavily damaged in the final battle between Lloyd and the Overlord, Borg oversaw its rebuilding as the high-tech New NINJAGO City.

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TV series variants[edit]

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Cyrus Borg.png
Black handYellow handOverBorgCyborg


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