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Golden Mace, Silver Dark Blade, Bone, Mace, Scythe of Quakes


2011, 2016

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I am hazardous to your health, so why don't we play?
―LEGO Club Magazine November/December 2011

Frakjaw is a skeleton minifigure from the theme Ninjago. He is one of Lord Garmadon's, and formerly Samukai's, skeletons. His preferred weapon is a mace. Frakjaw made cameos in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, as well as normal appearances in the preview series.


Frakjaw was once a living person in the world of Ninjago. At some point, Frakjaw died and was unable to come to terms with his death, and as such was sent to the Underworld. There, he became a Skulkin, an undead inhabitant of the Underworld. In the Underworld, Frakjaw was brought under the dominion of Samukai, the Skulkin leader and King of the Underworld. Sometime later, Lord Garmadon was banished to the Underworld by his brother, and subsequently defeated Samukai in a duel, becoming the new King of the Underworld. Many years later, Frakjaw, along with the rest of the Skulkin, was sent to Ninjago in order to find the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. As time ran its course, Samukai, now a subordinate of Lord Garmadon, betrayed his master and took the Golden Weapons for himself. However, the weapons were too powerful for Samurai; the power of the weapons overwhelmed Samukai and killed him by transforming him into a portal. Knowing that Samukai would betray him, Lord Garmadon went through the portal and disappeared. This left the Skulkin without a leader, and remained that way for some time. Later, Frakjaw and the rest of the Skulkin were summoned by Garmadon once again to assist in defeating the Serpentine in order to save his son. Either during the battle or some time later, Frakjaw died, and was transported to the Departed Realm. When Cole accidentally released the spirits of Samukai and other villains during the Day of the Departed, Samukai was instructed by Master Yang to kill Jay. Samukai then brought Frakjaw and Krazi back from the Departed Realm, and used them to help him defeat Jay. However, Jay defeated Frakjaw and Krazi almost immediately, and then moved on to fighting Samukai. Frakjaw and Krazi watched the fight from the sidelines, along with Jay's parents. When Jay had the upper hand in the fight, Samukai ordered the Skulkin to abduct Jay's parents, distracting Jay long enough to gain the upper hand himself. However, Samukai missed the killing blow to Jay, allowing the latter to blast the three Skulkin with lightning, killing them. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Weapon of choice: Mace Ball
Elemental color: Red
Strength: Attack


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Pilot Episodes

Video Game Appearances[edit]

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Gallery of TV Variations[edit]

RegularWith helmet



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AccessoriesGolden Mace, Silver Dark Blade, Bone, Mace, Scythe of Quakes +
Appearances2257 Spinjitzu Starter Set
2521 Lightning Dragon Battle
2263 Turbo Shredder
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ShopDescriptionWeapon of choice: Mace Ball

Elemental color: Red

Strength: Attack
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Txt22263 Turbo Shredder + and With helmet +
Txt32521 Lightning Dragon Battle +
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