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Ninjago (World)

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The planet of Ninjago is the location and kingdom of the Ninjago theme. Originally, the planet had but one island when it was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, but during a battle against the forces of the darkness, he split the continent into two islands. Over time, several other smaller islands began to spring up, including one owned by the warlord Master Chen.


Ninjago was first created by the The First Spinjitzu Master using The Four Golden Weapons. In LEGO Ninjago: Official Guide, Sensei Wu describes Ninjago as a planet. In the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu episode "The Stone Army", Misako reveals to the ninjas that the Spinjitzu master created Ninjago for good purposes, but there had to be evil because it was the natural order. The Overlord, an evil entity, fought the First Spinjitzu Master with the outcome being no side winning or losing. When the Overlord created his indestructible Stone Warriors, the First Spinjitzu Master decided to split the landmass of Ninjago in two, with the Overlord on the side representing evil so he wouldn't risk losing the war. The evil side of Ninjago that was cut off has since been called "Island of Darkness", or the "Dark Island".




Ignacia is a town with a residency of at least 40 people, including Kai and his sister, Nya. It has many rice fields, several Chinese-style houses, and at least one dirt road. It has electrical service, apparently, as power lines run through the landscape. At least one blacksmith shop, 4 Weapons, is located here.

Four Weapons Blacksmith[edit]


Four Weapons is a blacksmith shop in Ninjago, in the small town of Ignacia. It was home to Nya and Kai before Sensei Wu recruited Kai and invited Nya to live with him and the Ninja. Long before Kai and Nya were born, Sensei Wu, for fear of his own demise, drew a map of where the Four Weapons are and gave it to an honest man, Kai and Nya's Father. While the fighting occurred, Nuckal and Kruncha knocked down the front sign and discovered the map. Items sold at the blacksmiths included swords, daggers, knives, hammers, shurikens, maces, axes, spears, scythes, double-scythes, armor, helmets, gloves, and samurai armor.

Caves of Despair[edit]

The Caves of Despair are named so because they often have wind blast through the a thousand miles of tunnels. The weather is 48 °F / 9 °C.

The caves are home to the large and poisonous snakes, which are known to grow up to 74 feet long and can paralyze an elephant in 2.9 seconds. It is also home to over 50,000 species of spiders, all venomous. The spiders are hunted by the bats. There are no plants in the caves, though mushrooms grow, as does an inedible popcorn, a cave coral. The cave also contains lots of stalactites and stalagmites.

The caves contain a mud slide, hidden treasure, cave art, snake scale walls, lost tunnels and a Maze of Doom.

Floating Ruins[edit]


The Floating Ruins is home to a never-ending storm, sharp-horned mountain goats, cougars, condors. The only flora that grows are small mosses, lichen and lightning buds. At the top of it is a seemingly ancient and abandoned city, and formerly the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Lightning Dragon. It resembles a pair of nunchucks with a very long chain and is surrounded by storm clouds that endlessly dispense Lightning.

Frozen Wasteland[edit]

The Frozen Wasteland is an area of Ninjago where temperatures regularly dip as low as -50 degrees centigrade (-58F). It is made almost entirely of ice. Animals that live here include Polar Ice Bears, the largest predators in the area; Frozen Owls, which only move when hungry and Iceberg Whales, which eat polar bears and freeze their prey with their breath first, before singing and playing with it. Vegetation includes Dwarf Shrubs, with leaves of gold; Very Wild Flowers, which can be heard laughing and Ice Berries. It also has the Hall of Mirrors Cave and the Cliffs of Hanging Icicles.

Forest of Tranquility[edit]

The Forest of Tranquility is a calm and relaxing place. It is home to Bongo Tigers, Boogie-Woogie Bears and Lazy Bugs; Groovy Vines, Sleepy Willows, Couch Potatoes and Charming Flowers. It is said to be uncrossable. The green ninja also finds out his true potential while in the heart of the forest.

Monastery of Spinjitzu[edit]


The Monastery is located high above Spinjitzu on top of the Mountains of Impossible Heights. It is where Sensei Wu trains his ninja. It is home to Ninja Squirrels, Ninja Bunnies, Ninja Tortoises, Ninja Bananas, Ninja Acorns and Ninja Carrots. It was destroyed by the Hypnobrai after they got their staff back.

Fire Temple[edit]

The Fire Temple is said in legend to be located at the base of Titanic Volcano. It contains lava rivers and waterfalls, as well as pools of magma. It is on the other-side of the Forest of Tranquillity. It is home to Burnt Fish, Molten Moles, Ash Bats, Fire Sticks, Lava Lillies and Volcanoss.

The Underworld[edit]

The Underworld is where Lord Garmadon was banished. It is home to various skeletal-creatures and decayed vegetation. Grave Island is located here, as is Garmadon's Dark Fortress, which is protected by his giant Bone Spider. Previous guests to his fortress include Samukai, King of the Underworld, Frakjaw, Bonezai, Chopov, and Krazi.

Ninjago Sky[edit]

The Sky of Ninjago is home to Hot Air Baboons, Light Condors, Cloud Corn, Sunny Flowers and Astro Plants.

Hypnobrai Tomb[edit]


The Hypnobrai Tomb is where the Hypnobrai were sealed away by the ancient people of Ninjago, in an attempt to prevent the five Serpentine tribes from uniting. It is located in the Glacier Barrens, hidden from view by the raging blizzards and piles of snow. The entrance bears a carving resembling the face of a Hypnobrai General, and the tomb itself is mostly made of ice. There appear to be multiple layers to the tomb, accessible through large crevices in the ice. At the center of the tomb was a Slither Pit arena, the serpentine's favorite pastime. The tomb was opened by Lloyd Garmadon who took control of the Hypnobrai after the then-general Slithraa hypnotized himself. It would remain the tribe's base of operation until the tribes were united by Pythor.

Jamanakai Village[edit]


Jamanakai is a village located near Ignacia, in the mountains. The village became Lloyd's primary target after running away from Darkley's as he made two failed candy raids there. While many of its inhabitants wear simplistic and old-fashion clothing, the children who live there wear modern t-shirts and sweaters.

Glacier Barrens[edit]

Glacier Barrens is a high snowy field located on the top of the same mountains where Jamanakai is located. Hypnobrai Tomb is located there, where everything is made out of ice. Hypnobrai Tomb was also the first tomb to be opened by Lloyd in his attempt to free all Serpentine tribes.

Lloyd's Treehouse Fortress[edit]

Lloyd's Treehouse was a temporary structure in the Wildwood Forest. It was intended to be Lloyd's headquarters from which to take over Ninjago, equipped with many booby traps and a strict "no girls and/or Ninja allowed" policy. Although physically imposing, its reliance on three ropes for support was a serious weakness, one that was exploited by the Ninja to destroy the fortress.

Wildwood Forest[edit]

Wildwood Forest is a forest near The Mountain of Impossible Heights. Deep inside, Fangpyre tomb is located in a graveyard. The tomb has a tree in the shape of a Fangpyre general. The graveyard has a big grave located in the center, which is the door to the tomb.

The Sea of Sand[edit]

The Sea of Sand is a huge desert located near the Ninjago City. The desert is almost empty and it only has bones of dead Serpentine and Dragons. There is a big canyon in it. Jay's home (junkyard) is located somewhere in it. Anacondrai Tomb is hidden in the middle of the desert and it is fang shaped. Anacondrai were prisoned inside the tomb after their defeat and only Pythor survived because he ate everyone else.


The Lost City of Ouroboros was a city where the Serpentine once lived. It has a statue of The Great Devourer. In The Snake King, Pythor P. Chumsworth found it by using an underground knob. Deep inside the city underground, The Great Devourer lived until it got released by Pythor with Fang-blades. In the age of technology, Pythor constructed a secret base in the city where he began creating his Arcturus rocket-ship.

Ninjago City/New Ninjago City[edit]

Kiddie Arcade[edit]

Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts[edit]

Concert Hall[edit]

Grand Sensei Darreth's Mojo Dojo[edit]

Wong's Costumes[edit]

Ninjago Museum of History[edit]

Ninjago Doomsday Comix[edit]

Borg Tower[edit]

Ninjago City Aquarium[edit]

Temple of Fortitude[edit]


A temple built by the Overlord during his battles against the First Spinjitzu Master. It has a shield that protected it from his golden power and lasted over the years. It was constructed at what would eventually become the heart of New Ninjago City and when the Overlord became the Golden Master, the ninja took refuge in the temple.

Island of Darkness[edit]

Island of Darkness is a huge island that got split from Ninjago after the first defeat of Overlord. Since then Overlord started living there. In the second season, Garmadon found the island. The Temple of Light and The Celestial Clock are located in the mountains.

Chen's Island[edit]


A secluded island far away from the mainland, Chen was exiled there after his defeat in the serpentine wars. From the island, Chen built his criminal empire. The Tournament of Elements was held of the island.

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