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2016, 2018

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King Khanjikhan (also referred to as Nadakhan's Father and formerly known as Prince Khanjikhan) is the Former Prince and King of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom or the Royal Former Prince and Royal King of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom Elemental Master Wizard Sorcerer Mage and Magician of Magic Member of the Royal House Family Dynasty and Line of Djinjago heir to the throne father of Nadakhan father-in-law of Dilara husband of Nadakhan's Mother son of his father and his mother son-in-law of Selmakhan's parents his mother grandson of Bamakhan and his grandmother grandson-in-law of Selmakhan's grandparents and a minor character in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Khanjikhan was the Former Prince and King of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom/The Former Royal Prince and Royal King of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom and Nadakhan's Mother his wife was the Queen of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom/Royal Queen of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom he was a prince/royal prince married her after her parents' death making her the Queen of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom/Royal Queen of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom and she was the princess/royal princess and after her death, but became estranged from his son due to Nadakhan's piratic pursuits in the realm of Ninjago Kingdom. The two were later reunited when Nadakhan returned to his home along with Sky Pirates in "Enkrypted" only to find it falling apart, with Khanjikhan as the only visible surviving inhabitant. Khanjikhan explained to his son that with the destruction of the Cursed Realm, Realm of Djinjago Kingdom's sister counterpart realm home and twin, and death of The Preeminent the Evil Queen of the Cursed Realm, Realm of Djinjago Kingdom had become unstable and would share the same fate. He then gave his son the Sword of Souls, encouraging him to avenge their crumbling home people and Cursed Realm. He declined the offer to depart, citing Nadakhan's own mannerisms by saying "A captain always goes down with the ship."


  • Given the reversal of most of the events of Skybound, it can be presumed that Khanjikhan perished in the destruction of Realm of Djinjago Kingdom, with the Sword of Souls being destroyed in the process Khanjikhan's soul now rests in the Departed Realm with their Ancestors nevertheless.


Television appearances[edit]

  • Season 6
  • Season 8
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