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Princess Harumi
The Quiet One



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Harumi, nicknamed Rumi and also known as The Quiet One and The Jade Princess, is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2018.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details for Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu follow.

Harumi used to live in Ninjago City with her parents when she was a young, avid fan of the ninja. However, after the Great Devourer’s attack on the city took her home and parents away, she felt as though she had died inside and grew to resent the ninja. Her worship switched to that of Lord Garmadon, as he was the one that ultimately destroyed the Devourer. She was later adopted by the Emperor and Empress and became Princess of Ninjago. While locked up in the palace, she trained to be smarter and stronger than before, started a crime group known as the Sons of Garmadon and adopted the alias ‘The Quiet One’. When the Oni Mask of Vengeance was stolen by the Sons of Garmadon, Harumi asked the ninja to the royal palace to guard the Oni Mask of Deception so that the masks could not be reunited to gain great power. However, Ultra Violet led an attack on the palace with the Sons of Garmadon and was successful in taking the Mask of Deception. Harumi was saved by Lloyd who escaped with her on Destiny's Bounty, but her adoptive parents and Hutchins didn’t make it out, leaving her feeling alone. Harumi is taken in by the ninja while they find out what the Sons of Garmadon are up to.

Harumi aids Nya while Zane is undercover as Snake Jaguar. She tries to help Nya with the construction of Zane's bike, but finds herself to be no help at all. When the ninja rescue Zane's near-lifeless body, Harumi shares the ninja's grief at the sight of their friend. She later helps the ninja with calming down the Mysterious baby, singing a lullaby. What the ninja didn't see was a robot spider emerging from Zane's body that was planted by Mr. E. The spider gave the Quiet One control of P.I.X.A.L, thus control over the Destiny's Bounty and Samurai X. Lloyd arms Harumi with a sword so she can protect herself from Samurai X, but she doesn't feel confident. Despite this, she saves Lloyd from Samurai X, however the possessed warrior's mech takes hold of Harumi and flies away. Lloyd jumps after them, but Samurai X ejects from the mech back to the Bounty to finish her objective, thus leaving the mech to fall from the sky. Lloyd forces Harumi into the mech to allow her to be safe from the fall. Lloyd uses the wrap from the Mysterious baby, which contains the map to the Mask of Hate, to parachute down safely, to no avail. Harumi bandages up Lloyd's arm, while he laments the fact they are now on their own.

Harumi assists Lloyd through the Primeval’s Eye, cutting through the jungle. When Lloyd is grabbed and dragged by a sentient tree’s roots, Harumi through his sword from a great distance to sever the root. Lloyd is amazed at the accuracy, but she protests that they move on. The pair find a boat with the Sons of Garmadon marking on it and they use it to get closer to the final mask. They are soon attacked by a beast that lies in the waters, which flees quickly after noticing a waterfall. Lloyd and Harumi are not so lucky as they plummet down. In a turn of events, the two find themselves at the entrance to the Oni Temple; house of the final mask. Harumi smiles to herself; her plan is almost complete.

Harumi and Lloyd traverse the traps inside the temple until they finally reach the Oni Mask. She tells him only someone with Oni blood can take the mask and motions for Lloyd to do so. Lloyd takes it but makes a realisation. Remembering that Harumi was never told that he was of Oni descent, he deduces that she is the Quiet One. With the secret out, she reveals her motives and attacks Lloyd, only able to defeat him by manipulating him with his feelings for her and the Oni Mask giving her invincible skin. She sets off a trap that floods the temple and makes her leave to meet the Sons of Garmadon outside. The other ninja intercept them and threaten Harumi for the knowledge of where Lloyd is; just as he is jettisoned from the waterfalls surrounding the temple. Before a battle between ninjas and bikers can commence, the beast that attacked Lloyd and Harumi earlier returned. The two opposing parties start to turn their weapons to fending off the beast. While the ninja are distracted, Harumi orders the Sons of Garmadon to retreat with the Masks aboard the stolen Destiny’s Bounty. Zane and Nya assist Lloyd in jumping aboard the Bounty but he is quickly captured by Killow. Harumi and the group leave the ninja to fight the beast while they go use the three masks to resurrect Lord Garmadon.

Back in the Palace of Secrets, Harumi, now in a full villain getup, personally escorts Lloyd to a section of the palace called the Temple of Resurrection. Here she made the preparations for the ceremony to bring Lord Garmadon back for the dead. She reveals that she had kidnaped Misako, after she had found Wu. Mother and son are placed in cages, set up in a contraption that only permits one of them to be released, lest the other plummet into the water below. Later in the evening, Harumi takes hair from Lloyd and Misako, having already taken hair from Wu, which are required for the process to be complete. Meanwhile the police arrive at the temple, as a distraction for the ninja to infiltrate the ceremony. Harumi hastily calls for the three Oni Masks to be prepared for the ceremony. Chanting a special spell, she opens a portal to the Departed Realm, calling Lord Garmadon back to Ninjago. The ninja interfere with the ceremony and manage to free Lloyd and Misako. All six ninja use Spinjitzu to throw Harumi off her pedestal and interrupt the spell. The portal closes, seemingly before Garmadon can return. Harumi is distraught at her defeat, while being arrested by Simon and Tommy. As she’s being escorted into the police van, she pleads to Lloyd that he was right, but, now devoid of all feelings for her, Lloyd doesn’t fall for her trick. He uses her own words against her as the door shuts and she is escorted away. However, although she did not know it, Harumi's plan was ultimately successful- Garmadon was resurrected some time after everyone had left the Temple.

Harumi is put under questioning by the police, but says nothing. Before long, the resurrected Garmadon breaks into the police station and frees her. The two then go to Kryptarium Prison. Instead of breaking the incarcerated Sons of Garmadon members, they take over the compound, kicking the guards out. Harumi commands members of the gang to spar with Garmadon. Noting that his strength has returned, she informs him that, with blood of Oni and Dragon, he has the power to destroy and the power to create. The only way he can unlock his true potential is to overcome the obstacle holding him back; his son Lloyd. Harumi assures him that Lloyd will come to them. Later in the night Lloyd does arrive, alone. Seeing his arrival, Harumi orders Killow to broadcast the security camera feed across Ninjago, so everyone can see Garmadon’s full strength. Father and Son engage in a battle which leaves Lloyd badly defeated. Harumi tells Garmadon to let him live, so he can see his father rule over Ninjago, now dubbing him ‘Emporer Garmadon’.

Leading the Sons of Garmadon towards the city, Harumi aids Garmadon in boasting his power. He creates a Collosus creature that rampages through the city. Harumi orders those around to kneel before their new emporer. Garmadon then goes looking for his brother, Wu, who is holed up with Misako. Nya and Lloyd intercept Garmadon and Lloyd takes Wu away from his evil brother. He escapes to the rooftop to find Harumi waiting for him. She demands the toddler Wu, while Lloyd pleads to her, saying she’s only creating more victims like herself. Harumi ignores him and applies the Mask of Hatred, turning her skin to stone. Lloyd, left without power after his battle with Garmadon, runs away with Wu, but Harumi chases on. Eventually cornered, she attempts recruiting Lloyd for the Sons of Garmadon, an offer Lloyd obviously refuses. He leaps off the building and lands on a monorail. Harumi continues to chase as the Bounty catches up with him. Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole yell at him to jump, as Harumi is catching up. Lloyd, recognising the jump is too far, throws the infant Wu for them to catch. Coles successfully grabs Wu, but the Bounty is forced to fly further away from the rail. Harumi jumps onto the carriage and holds Lloyd down. Garmadon’s Collusus grabs the Bounty and begins to crush it Harumi holds Lloyd down and forces him to watch his friends in danger. But the ninja were given some mysterious tea from Mistaké earlier, which turned out to be Traveller’s Tea. The four ninja and Wu are transported away as the Bounty is destroyed. Harumi and Lloyd aren’t aware they lived. Lloyd is devastated and Harumi gloats in her victory. She has finally got Lloyd to feel how she feels. But Lloyd isn’t weakened, rather strengthened. He promises her that ninja never quit and that he would keep fighting her and his father. Harumi pulls a knife on him, but he asks her one last question, ‘if the greatest villain is the one that got away, what am I?’ With a smile, Lloyd leaps form the carriage and parachutes down towards a boat sailing down the canal below.

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Television appearances[edit]

  • Season 9
  • Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu
  • Season 10

Gallery of variants[edit]

Princess HarumiThe Quiet One

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