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Kodokuna Yang

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Kodokuna Yang






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Kodokuna Yang, also known as Sensei Yang, Master Yang or simply Yang, is a Ninjago minifigure first released in 2016.


Kodokuna Yang was a marial artist that devoted his life to learning and teaching them all. His greatest achievement was creating Airjitzu, a martial art that allowed thuser to temporarily take flight. He still wanted to achieve more, however, and his research led him to find the Yin Blade, a weapon laced with dark magic. He found the weapon held the secret to eternal life and he wanted to try and use it on himself. But it went horribly wrong and a curse was put on his temple. Yang and his students became ghosts and were forever doomed to haunt the temple forever. Now, anyone who was in the temple at sun up would become a ghost and join Yang in the temple. The ninja infiltrated the temple many years later, in order to learn Airjitzu. Yang used his power over the temple to simulate their greatest fears. This was all a test to see how determined they were to learn Airjitzu. The four were successful but time was running out. As the ninja made a mad dash to get out before sun up, Cole wasn't quick enough and he was turned into a ghost.

In season 6, Yang was briefly seen protesting when Nadakhan lifted his temple up into the skies as part of his plan to forge a new homeland for his kind. His protest was cut short when Nadakhan ordered Dogshank to spray water at the temple to get rid of them. Yang and his students managed to escape before being dissolved.

In Day of the Departed, Yang tricks Cole into unleashing the spirits of their fallen villains, in an attempt to distract the other ninja. With the ninja distracted, Yang begins his plan of opening the Rift of Return, so he could become mortal and leave the temple. Cole, who was held captive in the temple, fought off Yang's students in order to stop Yang. After much fighting, Cole makes it to Yang and stops him from entering the rift just in time. A battle ensues and Yang easily overpowers Cole, by reminding him of how his friends abandoned him. Cole begins to disappear, when the Bounty turns up at the temple, with his friends on board. Even though great winds prevent the ninja from landing at the temple, knowing his friends came for him gives Cole the strength to keep fighting. He gains incredible RX power, which is enough to shatter the Yin Blade and free Yang's students from their trance. Cole encourages the students to go through the rift and become mortal again. Yang is devasted that his students abandoned him and admits to Cole that he wanted to live forever. He got arrogant and wanted to master all martial arts and, above all, he wanted to be remembered. Cole assures him that, no matter what, he would be remembered for creating Airjitzu. Cole grabs Yang and tries to get them both through the rift, but Yang tells Cole that the curse of the temple requires one ghost to stay behind. Yang release himself from Cole's grip and falls back towards the temple as Cole goes through the rift. Cole becomes mortal again and the temple is restored to its former glory. Cole proposes that the ninja team take residence in the temple. Jay is adamant, due to his fear that there are still ghosts in it. Cole assures him there are none, as he looks back to the temple and exchanges a wink with Master Yang, who still resides in the temple as a ghost, as a kinder, wiser master.


Yang has a grey straw hat, as well as a sand green hand and hands. For the first time too, he has a black beard piece first introduced with Gandalf the Grey. His torso is printed with a white robe with a black belt, and he also has a grey and transparent-moulded ghost legs piece first introduced with the Ghost Ninja.

As an accessory he is shown carrying The Yin Blade, similar to other villains in Season 7, as well as his signature lantern on his back.


Television appearances[edit]

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  • Yang is the second Ninjago villain that has been introduced a few seasons prior to him being the main antagonist, the other being Morro who was only glimpsed in Season 4's final closing moments.



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