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List of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Characters

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A list of all Ninjago characters in the TV show, and in actual minifigure form.


  • Lloyd Garmadon, Master of Energy Green Power Green Light and Power; formerly Master of Golden Power and Light
  • Kai, Master of Fire Flame and Heat
  • Zane, Master of Ice Frost and Snow
  • Cole, Master of Earth
  • Garmadon, Master of Destruction
  • Jay Walker, Master of Lightning Electric and Electricity
  • Nya, Master of Water Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids
  • Wu, Master of Creation

Supporting Characters[edit]

Elemental Masters[edit]



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Chen's thugs[edit]





  • Mailman – The local mailman whose route includes most, if not all, of the continent.
  • Rufus "Mother Doomsday" McCallister – The owner of a comic book shop in Ninjago City.
  • Mistaké[1] – A grumpy, elderly lady who owns a tea shop. Some of her tea has magical properties.
  • Patty Keys – A realty agent characterized by her exaggerations
  • Phil and Jeff – Two of Dareth's pupils
  • Gayle Gossip – A news reporter
  • Principal Noble – Noble became the principle of Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys after it was rebranded as Darkley's Boarding School for Great Students
  • Brad and Gene — Darkley's Boarding School's pupils