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Yellow acid blaster
Orange acid blaster


2014, 2015

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Toxikita, also known as Tox, is an Ultra Agents minifigure first introduced in 2014.


Toxikita's first variant has dark grey legs and hips, a lime green torso, yellow arms, yellow hands, and a yellow head. Her legs are printed to depict brown leather straps with grey spikes, and printing on her right leg depicts two vials of acid. Her hips are printed to depict a brown belt with similar spikes, and her torso is printed to depict a lime green crop top and a spiky necklace. The crop top features a bio-hazard symbol printed in black, and her exposed skin is printed to depict a belly button and green spots. Toxikita also has a smirk, black eyes with white pupils and green eye shadow, and black eyelids. She has a green, messy hairpiece, which uses the same mould as the Cavewoman's. She also wields an acid pistol, which is composed of a black submachine gun, a transparent 1x1 light green cylinder, and a black 1x1 stud. In 2015, she will get a mech with similar appearance and Infearno's armour in yellowish-orange.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Toxikita was a descendant of the Elemental Master of Poison[1] from the world of Ninjago, which gave her the ability to shoot poison from her hands.[2] She was an environmentalist, but later turned to evil and served AntiMatter.[3] Toxikita attempted to steal a toxic crystal from a lab in Astor City with help from her henchman Retox so that she could power up her super weapon, where she encounted Ultra Agent Curtis Bolt.[4] She later kidnapped Professor Brainstein, attempting to gain information for AntiMatter. However, Ultra Agents Jack Fury and Trey Swift made it to Toxikita's location while she had Brainstein, and engaged Toxikita in a fight.[5]

At one point, Toxikita, along with fellow member of AntiMatter's team, Invizable (who was a distant relative of the Elemental Master of Light), was invited to Chen's island for a Tournament of Elements. She accepted and met up with the other elemental masters at the pier in Ninjago City where Clouse greeted them.[6] When the first challenge began, where the Elemental Masters had to acquire a Jade Blade to reach the next round, Toxikita competed with other Masters to acquire a Jade Blade. Toxikita was successful, and passed through to the next round.[7] She was later seen watching the opening matches of the second round.[8]

Along with the other remaining competitors, Toxikita participated in the match between Lloyd, Master of Power and Camille, Master of Form.[2] The match involved doing laps around a course on rollerblades, where Lloyd and Camille could score points for each lap they did whilst holding a Jade Blade. The other Masters not directly competing could choose to assist a competitor of their choice. Like all of the other non-Ninja, Toxikita chose at first to assist Camille, believing that Lloyd was more of a threat in the tournament.[2] At one point during the match, Toxikita unleashed a cloud of poison at the ninja behind her which knocked Kai down. However, Jay managed to avoid the cloud, and later knocked Toxikita into a pole, and was again later knocked down by Neuro after he decided to assist Lloyd instead.[2] Toxikita was seen later about to attack Lloyd directly with her powers of poison, but was stopped by Griffin Turner, Master of Speed, who had also chosen to help Lloyd after he learned from the ninja about Chen's plans to steal everyone's elemental powers.[2] Toxikita was later eliminated during the second round in a match against the Master of Shadow.[1]

Spoilers end here.

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Master of PoisonPrisoner


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  • Season 4
  • Season 9



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