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Lloyd Garmadon
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2012 - present

[List of appearances]
I am the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master!
―Lloyd in Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is one of the main protagonists of the Ninjago series. He was first released in 2012, and has had many different variants including his Black Shirt and hood, ZX form, Elemental Robes, Gold Ninja, Techno Robes, Tournament Robes, Zukin and DX form. Lloyd also appeared in a The LEGO Movie set in his ZX suit- the Police Dropship.


Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd has short black legs, and a cape shorter than those that are used on taller minifigures. He has a torso, similar to that of Lord Garmadon's, with a small green 5 in the upper left corner of his torso. Lloyd has yellow hands and carries his father's golden thunder bolt from 2256 Lord Garmadon in 9443 Rattlecopter. He has a turn-around face and is one of the only Ninjago figures to have a turn-around face.

Lloyd ZX

Lloyd ZX has normal green legs with black and silver printings, a green torso with black and silver printings, dark green arms and black hands, black gloves, a green hood with silver visor, titanium metallic armour and some back printing portraying his golden dragon symbol. He has the same head as his earlier version and is one of the few Ninjago figures to have a turn-around head.

Elemental Robes

His Elemental Robes has normal black legs with gold and green printings, a black torso with gold and green printings, green arms and black hands, gold armour and a green hood with gold visor and the same head as his previous two versions.

Ultimate Spinjitzu Master (Golden Ninja)

Lloyd ZX (Ultimate Spinjitzu Master) has golden legs with black and green designs that show his pants and green belt. His torso has similar gold,green, and black printings and his face is different than his other faces. His hood and visor are gold as is his armour. His face is golden with black eyes, and black eyebrows. His arms, hands, and skin are golden.

Techno Robes

Lloyd has a tan hair piece, a Green bandanna that covers his mouth. He has a yellow face with a angry expression. His torso looks like a mix of all 4 of his ninja suits and plain green legs and gold armor. There is also a variation without the shoulder pads.

Techno Robes (Second Variation)

Lloyd's robes are similar to the first Techno Robes variation, but with different torso printing and titanium grey shoulder pads.

2015 robes

In 2015 Lloyd gets two new robes: Jungle, which uses the ZX headpiece with new printing, and the tournament outfit which is very similar to the techno robes, but with leg printing and new a new torso.

DX Suit

Although Dragon Extreme suits were originally released in 2011 with Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane, Lloyd gets his DX suit in 2014. He has golden shoulder pads and plain green zukin mask. His torso is printed with a golden dragon.


Early life[edit]

Lloyd is the biological son of Garmadon and Misako, the nephew of Sensei Wu and the grandson of The First Spinjitzu Master. As a young child, he was fond of his father and wanted to follow in his villainous footsteps, unaware that Garmadon hoped to the contrary. Once he was old enough, Misako sent him to the Darkley's School for Bad Boys where he spent nearly his whole life, while she set off to learn more about the impending battle between Lloyd and his now banished father knowing he would be the Green Ninja. On his first day at Darkley's, everyone made fun of Lloyd, and Brad Tudabone put fire ants in his bed. After everyone left, Brad took him under his wing and taught him the art of revenge. ("Double Trouble")

One day, he had received a package from his grandmummy when another student named Finn took it from him and turned it into worms. Lloyd was expelled from school that same day because he didn't have the morale to become one of Ninjago's greatest villains. Before he left, he stole a cape and hood from a closet, planning to become an evil overlord by himself.

Release of the Serpentine[edit]

For his first evil plan, Lloyd journeyed to Jamanakai Village where he threw toy snakes at the residents and demanded their candy. When the Ninja arrived, Lloyd threatened to unleash the Serpentine on them if they didn't surrender, but the unimpressed heroes hung him on a sign, where the irate villagers pelted him with fruit for his trickery.

Eventually, Lloyd escaped, swearing revenge on the Ninja. He ended up wandering into the icy Glacier Barrens, where he stumbled upon a strange tomb. Curious, Lloyd opened the tomb and fell inside, where he met the Hypnobrai, a tribe of real Serpentine. The Hypnobrai General, Slithraa, attempted to hypnotize Lloyd, but the would-be evil mastermind slipped on the icy floor, causing Slithraa to stare at his own reflection in the ice. Thus hypnotized by his own attack, Slithraa accepted Lloyd as his master, and Lloyd immediately ordered the Hypnobrai to Jamanakai Village to take his revenge.

With the Serpentine at his side, Lloyd quickly subjugated the village, stealing all of its candy for himself as the Hypnobrai mesmerized the villagers. When the Ninja returned, Lloyd watched the battle until the Ninja managed to steal Slithraa's staff, prompting him to call a retreat. ("Rise of the Snakes")

Soon after their defeat, Lloyd commanded the Hypnobrai to build him a Treehouse Fortress within Wildwood Forest, planning to use it as a base from where he can conquer the rest of Ninjago. However, the Ninja attacked and began cutting the support ropes, causing it to collapse. Lloyd ordered the Hypnobrai to fight back, but was betrayed by Skales and taken prisoner. The Hypnobrai then raided the Monastery of Spinjitzu and burnt it to the ground, reclaiming their staff in the process.

Back at the Hypnobrai Tomb, Lloyd tried to convince Slithraa to reclaim command of the tribe. However, Skales defied his General's command, challenging him to a Slither Pit for leadership. During the fight, Lloyd noticed the Map of Dens in an ice crevice, and surreptitiously pocketed it while cheering Slithraa on. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Skales' superior fighting skills allowed him to defeat Slithraa and become the new General. With his authority, Skales banished Lloyd from the tomb, forcing the would-be evil overlord to wander Ninjago once again.

He eventually stumbled upon the Ninja enjoying a meal aboard the Destiny's Bounty from a distant dune, where he glared at his enemies before continuing his own journey. ("Home")

Plotting revenge against the Hypnobrai, Lloyd decided to find another Serpentine tribe to ally with. He released the Fangpyre from the Fangpyre Tomb and requested their aid against the Hypnobrai. Although the General, Fangtom, was more than happy to agree, he admitted that they would need to bolster their forces to stand a chance against the Hypnobrai. To this end, the Fangpyre led Lloyd to Ed and Edna's junkyard, where they bit Ed, Edna, and several vehicles.

The next morning, Jay and the other Ninja arrived at the junkyard to visit Jay's parents, only to find the latter slowly transforming into snakes. Lloyd appeared with Fangtom atop a junk pile as the Fangpyre attacked the Ninja, laughing as the heroes were beset by the Fangpyre Wrecking Ball and the Fangpyre Robot. When Sensei Wu attempted to use the Sacred Flute against the Fangpyre, Lloyd used a Serpentine boom box to drown out the melody, brushing off his uncle's demands to turn down the music.

Despite this, the Ninja defeated the Fangpyre forces, prompting Lloyd to call yet another retreat. To his dismay, the Ninja created vehicles of their own from their Golden Weapons, allowing them to catch up to the Rattlecopter and retrieve the Fangpyre Staff to return Jay's parents to normal. When Lloyd led the rest of the Fangpyre against the Destiny's Bounty, the ship took flight and escaped, although not before accidentally dropping the Fangpyre Staff on Fang-Suei's head. ("Snakebit")

With the Fangpyre forces bolstered, Lloyd led the tribe against the Hypnobrai. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by Fangtom after the latter saw his old friend Skales in charge of the Hypnobrai, but he managed to sneak away while the Generals debated over what to do with him. Having overheard Skales' mention of the Anacondrai being the most powerful and fearsome tribe of all, Lloyd sought out the Anacondrai Tomb within the Sea of Sand.

Upon opening the tomb, Lloyd was greeted with a roomful of skeletons. The Anacondrai General, Pythor P. Chumsworth, appeared and explained that his tribemates had starved to death, and he was the last survivor. Although disappointed at the lack of minions, Lloyd asked Pythor to work for him against the other Serpentine, and the latter agreed, due to Lloyd releasing him from the tomb. The villainous duo proceeded to engage in several shenanigans around Ninjago (including stealing candy, trespassing on grass, and other mischief) before Pythor suggested attacking Darkley's as payback for Lloyd's expulsion.

Lloyd and Pythor proceeded to invade the former's former boarding school, holding his former classmates hostage and setting up booby traps for the Ninja. Despite this, the Ninja eventually cornered them on the roof, where Pythor showed his true colors and stole the Map of Dens. Lloyd protested this action, but Pythor mocked his attempt to control the Serpentine before vanishing from sight, leaving Lloyd to be apprehended by the Ninja.

With Lloyd in their captivity, the Ninja planned to give him a severe punishment, only for Sensei Wu to take a different approach: reading a book to Lloyd and welcoming him aboard the Destiny's Bounty. Although the Ninja questioned this course of action at first, they soon realized that Sensei Wu was trying to turn his nephew away from the dark path he had chosen to follow, and Lloyd soon agreed to work with his uncle against the forces of evil. ("Never Trust a Snake")

Ally of the Ninja[edit]

Several days later, after being dropped off at an arcade by Kai, Lloyd follows a group of Serpentine he saw running into an alley. He follows them all the way to Ouroborus, where Pythor subsequently fights all the other leaders of the Serpentine tribes, which have since been released, into submission to him, the new Snake King. Accidentally giving himself away, Lloyd is captured, and Samurai X makes an attempt to save him. However, she is captured as well. Soon, the Ninja arrive, and manage to save the Samurai, although an attempt to save Lloyd does not succeed. Lloyd is eventually freed in Episode 10, The Green Ninja and is revealed to be the Green Ninja in the same episode.

Several weeks later, the four Ninja are accidentally turned into children by an accidental effect of the Mega Weapon. To become adults again, they must be subjected to the time-changing effects of "Tomorrows's Tea". When Sensei Wu, who possesses the tea, finds the Ninja, they are fighting a resurrected Grundle at a comic book shop. Sensei Wu throws a vial of the tea over the Ninja and the Grundle, quickly aging the Grundle back into bones, and time-accelerating the four Ninja back into adults. Lloyd's age, as well, is accelerated, turning him into a full-grown adult.

Weeks later, at a museum, Sensei Wu runs into Lloyd's mother, Misako. Sensei Wu introduces her to the Ninja, telling Lloyd that finally, he has met his mother. Upon meeting, Misako tells her son that she had her reasons for leaving him alone with his father, but Lloyd refuses to listen, and leaves. Misako finds Lloyd sitting at the edge of the bottomless sinkhole exhibit, about which she states that it is where she unearthed a giant Stone Warrior statue. Misako explains that she abandoned him in order to learn everything about the Green Ninja prophecy, knowing that Lloyd would be the Green Ninja one day. This was in order so that she could figure out a way to stop the prophesied "Final Battle" from occurring between Lloyd and his father.

Suddenly, the Stone Warrior statue comes alive, and rampages through the Museum. The Ninja try to fight it off to, no avail, and they are forced to flee the room and run through the Museum as they try devising a plan to defeat it. They stop inside a large room and close the doors, and as the Stone Warrior begins to break it down Lloyd suddenly comes up with a plan. He tells the Ninja to distract it, as he leaves the room. Then, the Stone Warrior breaks in. Misako decides to help Lloyd by leading the Stone Warrior to Lloyd's location. After she meets up with him, Lloyd manages to trick the Stone Warrior into stepping over some fake floor paneling, revealing the giant sinkhole where it was unearthed. Once the warrior falls, Misako tells Lloyd that she is proud of her son.

Later, the Ninja journey to the Dark Island. Eventually, he joins the other four Ninja in Cole's Earth Driller to travel to a mountain on the island. The Stone Army catches up, so Kai tries out his Fire Mech, and uses it to take them to the Temple of Light. All four Ninja place themselves where their elemental symbols are, with Lloyd in the centre of them. They all receive elemental robes, and fight off the Stone Army.

In "The Last Hope" Garmadon uses a mech to disarm Cole's Earth Driller, and then Lloyd arrives to protect Nya, Misako and the Ninja. He destroys his father's mech, severely injuring him, too. Lloyd attempts to summon the Golden Dragon, to defeat Lord Garmadon, but fails. The Ninja leave the Temple, going to the Celestial Clock, and attempt to find the helmet's perch, to prevent the final battle, but General Kozu grabs it. Cole eventually retrieves it, and gives it to Misako. Unfortunately, they fail to place it on the discovered perch in time. Kozu laughs insanely, while a beam of Dark Matter hits Garmadon's camp. The Stone Army kidnap Nya, as the others fall in the ocean. Lloyd blames himself for this, because he didn't have the courage to summon the Golden Dragon. They walk back to the Bounty, while the Overlord presents his final gift to Lord Garmadon- the Garmatron.

In "Return of the Overlord" Lloyd and the others intend to start the Final Battle and attack the Stone Army base, only to find it empty. They see the Garmatron's tracks and follow them. The group is attacked by Nya, who has been turned evil by Lord Garmadon, and the Ninja buy time for Lloyd, Sensei Wu, and Misako to stop The Overlord and Garmadon. When they get there, they are too late to prevent Ninjago from being infected by darkness, by which the Overlord possess Garmadon and faces off against Lloyd. Although Lloyd puts up a stand, he is left with an injured leg and the Overlord escapes to Ninjago.

In "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" Lloyd encourages the other Ninja to continue the fight when the others give up. the Falcon guides the ninja back to the Temple of Light, where they discover the Golden Mech, and, as well, Hydro the Ultra Dragon returns to the Ninja. The Ninja return to Ninjago City, where they are attacked by the Stone Army. The Ninja try to draw the Stone Army's fire, but evil Nya destroys the mech. Dareth finds the Helmet of Shadows, and calls off the Stone Army. The Ninja help Lloyd, who was injured in the last fight against the Overlord, but are each turned evil by Dark Matter. In the end, Lloyd challenges the Overlord and finally unlocks his full potential—the essence of Light—and defeats him. This cures Ninjago from darkness, and also purifies Garmadon of his evil. Reunited with his father, Lloyd and the others state that they'll be ready if evil strikes again.

In REBOOTED season, Lloyd became central character again. It turns out that Overlord survived the battle and disguised in Cyrus Borg's new Borg Industries tower as a computer virus. Overlord plans to escape the hard-drive and take Lloyd's golden power to turn himself into The Golden Master, an ancient creature that had powers same as The First Spinjitzu Master. Lloyd, along with his father Garmadon leaves the ninja and goes to hide from Overlord. Together they defeat MechDragon and continue their journey in the mountains where Garmadon teaches his son how to balance his power and become The Second Spinjitzu Master. With his power, Lloyd learns how to move mountains and saves Garmadon when he falls of the mountain creating a giant rock arm. Overlord manages to find Lloyd together with Pythor, who survived after being eaten by The Great Devourer. They use Lloyd's golden power as a beacon.

Meanwhile Lloyd and Garmadon continue travelling through Hiroshi's Labyrinth - a deadly maze which nobody managed to escape from. They discover that deep inside the jungle, there is a waterfall. Nindroids led by Techno Wu (who got corrupted by Overlord's virus) attack them. Garmadon fights Wu while Lloyd uses his power of Creation to create a motorcycle and succesfully repels Nindroids' attack. Suddenly, MechDragon shows up with Wu trying to throw Garmadon into sea. Lloyd tries to stop him with his golden power but Pythor captures him and reveals himself. Overlord captures Lloyd in a power-draining capsule where he slowly starts draining his golden power, and on the other side creating Golden Master's body. He spreads his golden power all around New Ninjago City and powers up his machines once again. The four ninja enter the digiverse to destroy Overlord's virus, and when they do MechDragon loses control and explodes, but Lloyd escapes and survives before it falls into sea. When the ninja find Lloyd, they go to the Temple of Light where Lloyd tries to unlock his golden power again, but instead ninja get their elemental powers back. Pythor captures Kai, and Lloyd and others come to Ouroboros to stop him where they discover he is trying to launch Arcturus ship to the space and get the Golden Weapons back. Lloyd tries to stop Pythor from launching the ship, but Cyrus Borg stops him. He survives, but doesn't prevent the launch and enters the rocket ship along with other ninja.

Arcturus crashes on a comet. Lloyd finds a space truck hidden inside it, which they use to race with Nindroids to stop them from getting away with the Golden Weapons. Alien metal-eating bugs catch them and eat their vehicles leaving them stranded on a comet. Lloyd uses all of his remaining power to defeat the bugs, but unsucessfully. However, he realizes that together, they can use their powers to recreate the space ship and get back to the Earth. They do so, and get back to New Ninjago City which gets turned into a fortress by the Golden Master. Lloyd uses his motorcycle to fight Nindroids and gets his Stone Army armor suit in the Temple of Fortitude. While facing the Golden Master, he gets captured into his web along with everybody else, except Zane who sacrifices his life to save them.

The Tournament of Elements[edit]

Evading the security lazers

In Return of an Ancient Evil season, Lloyd is again the central character. With Zane gone, the team became fractured and only Lloyd answered Wu's summon to test Borg's security system for the Golden Armour. After he failed to obtain said object, Lloyd sought the other Ninja to rejoin the team but was turned down. However, the other three turned up to Mr. Chen's Noodle House at his request and the green ninja suggested they add a new ninja to replace Zane. His idea was received negatively by the other ninja, but before the topic could be discussed further, Eyezor, Krait and Chope storm in and attack the cashier. The ninja raced over to fight the thugs and pursued them into the back alley where the Ninja found a plate of fortune cookies and a picture of Zane waiting for them. Opening the cookies, the Ninja discovered invitations to Master Chen's tournament of elements. Though at first skeptical, the Ninja decided to accept and Lloyd returned to his father's monastery to pack. ("The Invitation") Lloyd and the other ninja board a mysterious ship with Garmadon. In episode 36, Lloyd and co. find out that they are in a "tournament of elements" made by Master Chen. Lloyd also finds out that there are others with powers, like the ninja. In the first round, everyone has to collect a "jade blade", but one person will not get one. Lloyd finds a jade blade, but Chen's assistant Clouse uses dark magic to stop him. Garmadon stops Clouse, and Lloyd is able to successfully return to the lobby with a jade blade, being met by Jay and some others. Cole and Kai are the last two to advance, and Karlof, the master of metal, is out. At midnight, the ninja meet in Kai's room to search the island for Zane, who apparently rebuilt himself during his memorial. They find out that the tournament isn't about winning, but about Chen stealing everybody's power. After Kai successfully moves on, and Cole lets Jay beat him, Lloyd has to fight Camille, the master of form, in thunderblade, a skating challenge. After barely moving on, Lloyd, Kai, and Jay continue their search. In round 2, the ninja discover that Kai's crush, Skylor is Chen's daughter. Lloyd and Garmadon meet up with Nya, Lloyd becoming the final elemental master in the tournament. Lloyd plans a sneak attack, Nya and Garmadon get captured, and Lloyd meets up with Kai who apparently "escaped". Kai leads Lloyd to Chen, for a final showdown. Lloyd loses, and loses his power. Chen's staff holds every element, but Kai and Skylor betray Chen, take the staff, and smash it. Everybody regains their power. Chen still finds a way to make his army into Anacondrai warriors. The elemental masters, now all on the same side, are stranded on Chen's island. Zane , now titanium, finds an elemental dragon and gets back, along with a formerly captured Kai. Lloyd and co. fly on elemental dragons back to ninjago, and get tricked by the Anacondrai, who have invaded the eastern seaboard. The only way to stop them is for Lloyd to banish Garmadon to the cursed realm. Lloyd jumps off of destiny's bounty, lands an a glider, jumps off, bounces from Anacondrai head to Anacondrai head. After, he uses spinjitzu to kill more Anacondrai, and banishes his father. A new enemy shows up, and mutters the word "Morro".


  • In 9450 Epic Dragon Battle, he is depicted with normal minifigure legs, though during the corresponding events in the TV series, he still has short legs.
  • Lloyd ZX is the only ninja to have his armour in the titanium metallic color, not including Nya, who is a Samurai.
  • He is also the only ninja not to be released in any 2011 sets.
  • According to his Character Card, Lloyd's dominant element was lightning before he became the Green Ninja.
  • While in the physical sets his Ultimate Spinjitzu Master variation headpiece is gold, in the show, it remains yellow.
  • In The LEGO Movie, he is a Master Builder.
  • In The LEGO Movie, he is shown in his green outfit instead of his exclusive elemental robe, gold robe, or his techno robe.
  • Lloyd is the only ninja to appear in more than one 2013 set.
  • He and Zane appear the most in the 2014 sets.
  • He talks in 'Enter The Ninjago' but not in the actual movie.
  • His shoulder armor in his first Techno-Robe variant is gold, but in the second variant his armor is silver. This is due to being nearly drained of his golden power by the Overlord and giving up the rest to the Instrument of Peace.
  • He is the ninja with the highest known number of relatives (Wu, Garmadon, Misako, The First Spinjitzu Master)
  • Ever since the finale of the Rebooted season, Lloyd has generally taken the role of the leader among the ninja; previously it was Cole who was the leader.
  • Lloyd also has the Sword of Sanctuary, a weapon he got from season five.

Blog on[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Today was almost the best day of my life. I was eating breakfast when a package came from my grand-mommy and it was filled with bright, sticky candy! At my boarding school for bad boys it’s REALLY, REALLY hard to get any candy or fun toys because they’re always busy teaching us how to pull tricks and take over the world and stuff. I was about to smush my face full of candy when that bully Finn saw me and his face had a big smirk on it. He got up from his seat at the next table over and grabbed the candy away, using his powers to turn it into crawly bugs and worms. Disgusting! I yelled, “HEYYY, MY CANDY!” He laughed, looking around at his friends, and then he pointed to his t-shirt that read “Evil Geniuses Don’t Cry.” Everyone was laughing. I had to get out of there before he decided to stick me in the trash bin again.

I hid in an empty classroom and thought of a plan. What was the word for that called? I have to try and remember all the words from my Villain Vocabulary List. Plotted, that’s right. So I sat there and I plotted. I was going to leave Darkley’s Boarding School for Bad Boys and never come back, AND I was going to get more candy. Everyone knows the first rule of any mission is to dress really scary, so I picked the lock on the teacher’s closet and found an extra cape and a black helmet to wear. There were also some stuff the teachers took away from us, like a rubber band, rubber snakes, and a soccer ball. Rubber snakes! That was it! They looked just like Serpentine. HISS!

The best candy store is in Jamanakai Village, so of course I snagged a wheelbarrow and loaded it up. I got lollipops, gooey taffy, sugar straws, EVERYTHING! I threw the snakes at the villagers watching me. People hid and were scared. This is great, I thought, I’m going to have all the candy in Jamanakai and get a SUGARRRR HIGH! What would Finn think now, huh? Then those stupid Ninja had to show up, saying the snakes were fakes. They yelled at me for stealing. Before I knew it, people were throwing rotten vegetables at me, and those Ninja tied me up to a sign. This was just like Finn all over again. I felt a single tear fall on my cheek, but then I thought that Finn might be right about one thing – evil geniuses don’t cry! I am Lloyd Garmadon, son of Lord Garmadon and future ruler of the world!

I wandered through the Glacier Barrens to hide/plot. I was going to let those Ninjas see who they were dealing with. My luck turned around when I found this hatch that said Hypnobrai Serpentine on it with pictures of a snake using mind control. I was shocked…this looked like the real thing. I thought it was only a myth! I opened the door, and BOOM, fell down the hole. It looked like a snowy trap, and I could see millions of myself reflected in the ice. Just as I was thinking that I looked pretty scary, I saw a stranger – except he was just a frozen warrior dude, all bones. I started to shake. I wondered what happened down here... I’d rather be tied up by the Ninjas than end up frozen like him. All of a sudden I heard a rattling, and a bunch of TALKING SNAKES came out of nowhere! The leader tried to do a swirly thing with his eyes to control my mind, but I used my genius skills to move out of the way and deflect his stare, which bounced back at him. He was under mind control! I could make him and his army do anything I wanted! MUHAHAHA!

Description from[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Sugar-high, sinister, spirited.

As the only son of Lord Garmadon and future dark ruler, Lloyd has some big shoes to fill. It's not easy being bad, and he works tirelessly to become the super villain he is destined to be.

Lloyd ran away from the Boarding School for Bad Boys (Or maybe he was, in fact, kicked out because lacked the morale and ambition to become the next great villain master mind of tomorrow?), and he searches high and especially low for henchmen who will help him live up to his reputation and his dad's expectations. But sometimes even the toughest bad guy's only option is to retreeeeaaaat!

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