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My Enemy, My Friend

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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My Enemy, My Friend

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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October 14, 2019
November 1, 2019



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My Enemy, My Friend is the twenty-fifth episode of eleventh season, and 125th overall of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu it paried up with The Last of the Formlings.


The Ice Emperor's terrible Ice Dragon strikes again and lays waste to the Ice Fisher's village, forcing the ninja to go after Lloyd.

Extended: Returning from the mountains with the Traveler's Tea, and a new friend (the creature, Krag), the ninja are feeling optimistic. Unfortunately, their newfound hopes are crushed when they see Boreal fly past in the direction of the village. They return too late to stop a devastating attack. The entire village of Ice Fishers is frozen solid, including Sorla, Uthaug and Boma. Devastated that they were not there to defend the village, the ninja decide to try and locate the wreckage of the Land Bounty and go after Lloyd. Elsewhere, Lloyd and Akita continue their trek across the ice and arrive finally at the Emperor's Ice Castle. As they are about to approach, they are spotted by Boreal, returning from his attack on the village. The dragon seizes hold of Lloyd's Mech and a desperate aerial battle ensues. The mech is destroyed, Akita is injured, and Lloyd is carried off to the Ice Castle where he finally comes face-to-face with the Ice Emperor and learns the truth about the Ice Emperor's identity...


Cole, Jay, and Nya snowboard down the mountain using flat rocks. Krag joins them sliding. Cole does cool tricks jumping over skeletons before making it to the bottom. Krag falls over them, flat on his face. The Ninja celebrate their accomplishment on finding the Traveler's Tree and befriending Krag. Nya wonders how they turn the leaves into tea. Jay says that Sorla might know. Krag sniffs the air and everyone looks up to see Boreal. They hide and see him flying towards the village.

Uthaug and Boma work to crack the frozen ice on the lake. Uthaug boasts that he can crack the ice quicker and better than Boma. The children then go to Kai, asking him to light up their fish. He does so happily. Kai hears Boreal roar and tries to save the villagers using his Fire powers. But since they haven't fully been restored since it has been stolen by Aspheera, he can only save himself from being frozen. Cole, Nya, Jay, and Krag arrive too late and see Kai lament over his failure. Nya tries to get the others to help them, but Jay and Cole tell her the only way they can do so would be to defeat the Ice Emperor. Kai agrees, saying that they should join Lloyd and take the fight to him.

Back on the pass, Lloyd and Akita exchange their plans for after they defeat the Ice Emperor and save Zane. Lloyd tells her about Ninjago and convinces Akita to join them. She detects Boreal's presence and changes to wolf form. Lloyd hides in his Titan Mech. Recognizing Boreal as the dragon that froze her village, barks at him and draws his attention.

Lloyd goes to protect Akita, Boreal circles back to freeze him. He succeeds but Lloyd manages to remain unfrozen. He tries to get his mech operational and out of the ice just in time to save Akita. Lloyd grabs Boreal's tail but he freezes its hand. Boreal then slams it into the ground. Lloyd manages to break free but Boreal has him crash into the wall. He falls out of the Titan Mech. Vex and the Ice Emperor watches this through his crystal. The Emperor bangs his staff and has Boreal take Lloyd to Castle of Ice despite Akita's attempts to stop him.

Boreal drops him in front of Vex and the Blizzard Samurai. They send Lloyd in front of their master. When he regains consciousness, he examines the Ice Emperor and finds him to be none other than Zane.


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