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A Fragile Hope

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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A Fragile Hope

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Adam Wood


Matt "Chato" Hill

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October 21, 2019 (Australia)



A Fragile Hope is the twenty-eighth episode of eleventh season, and 128th overall of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu it paried up with Corruption.


Having discovered the terrible truth of Zane's fate, Lloyd finds himself imprisoned and alone in the clutches of the Ice Emperor.


Lloyd looks up to Zane in disbelief, seeing that he is the Ice Emperor. Zane is confused who Lloyd is and why he calls him Zane. Lloyd tries to get Zane to remember who he is by telling him of Ninjago, their friends, and moments from their shared past, like how Lloyd made his ninja gi pink. However, Zane doesn’t recall any of those moments and Vex calls the stories lies.

Lloyd sees Zane's Scepter, which reminds him of the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and Zane's banishment by Aspheera. Lloyd eventually reaches the conclusion that it has corrupted him and asks Zane how long he has been the Ice Emperor. Zane answers that he has held the scroll for decades. Initially shocked, Lloyd realizes that time works differently in Never-Realm than it does in Ninjago. He tries to get Zane to drop his staff but Vex says that Lloyd has come for the Scroll and take it for himself. He fights against the Blizzard Samurai, jumping over Vex to get to Zane only for him to knock him back with his elemental power. Vex announces his desire to kill Lloyd but intrigued by Lloyd's words, Zane orders that he'd be thrown into the dungeon instead. Vex reluctantly complies and Grimfax reflects on Lloyd's words.

Meanwhile, Cole, Jay, Kai, Nya, and Krag search for the Land Bounty and find themselves surrounded by wolves. Jay comes up with a plan which, much to everyone's chagrin, is to flee. The Ninja run off until Cole sees the Land Bounty and he and the others hide inside. Nya throws a fire hydrant for Jay to zap and the wolves flee.

Lloyd finds himself in a cell in shackles made of corrupted Ice. He then hears a voice from a nearby cell and introduces himself to the prisoner, which turns out to be Kataru, who believes his sister is dead. Lloyd tells him that Akita survived, while stating she believed he was dead. Kataru explains that he wasn't killed by Boreal, but was taken prisoner as a prize for so long, he doesn't know how long he has been in the dungeons and has given up hope of escaping. Lloyd believes there to be a way and tries to break free from his shackles. Vex tauntingly claps for Lloyd telling him that his shackles block out powers. Lloyd retorts, warning Vex that Zane will see through his lies. Vex believes otherwise, promising to deal with him, and leaves. Kataru believes that things are hopeless, but Lloyd tells him that Akita and his friends are coming and they will never give up.

Unfortunately, Cole contemplates giving up, seeing how Nya cannot get the Land Bounty to work. She removes parts of the Land Bounty, much to Jay and her brother's concern. Krag smells the wolves returning and he, Jay, and Cole fight them though badly outnumbered. Nya angrily slams at the console with her wrench and the Land Bounty reactivates, allowing the team to escape.

As Vex leaves the dungeon, he hears a noise but doesn’t see anything and leaves. It turns out Grimfax was hiding and heads to the dungeon. Grimfax reveals that unlike the rest of the Blizzard Warriors, he still has his free will and releases Lloyd and Kataru. He asks him if Zane truly was a good person, which Lloyd confirms and tells Grimfax that if he can get his scepter away from Zane, he will return to normal. The three join forces and Lloyd starts up a resistance against the Ice Emperor and Vex.


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