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Ancient History

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Wade Cross


Bragi Schut

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July 20, 2019



Ancient History is the tenth episode of eleventh season, and 108th overall of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu it paried up with Powerless.


While Aspheera pursues revenge on the "Treacherous Deceiver" who betrayed her, the ninja make a startling discovery.


The Pyro Vipers continued to wreak havoc on Ninjago City which pleased Aspheera, but she seeks revenge on the "Treacherous Deceiver". After the Fire Fang found the Treacherous Deceiver's scent using the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Aspheera went off to find him.

The Ninja, still at the Ninjago Museum of History, head off to stop Aspheera, but before they exit, Zane believes they should gather more information on Aspheera and the "Treacherous Deceiver". The Ninja decides to split up with Cole, Jay, and Kai finding Skales, believing he has information on the Pyro Vipers while Lloyd, Zane, and Nya try to stop Aspheera and repossess the scroll.

Cole, Jay, and Kai headed down the sewer and spotted three paths that had words they couldn't understand. As they discussed which path they should take, three Hypnobrai members approach the group, taking them captive.

Meanwhile, Lloyd, Zane, and Nya head off to stop Aspheera by taking a short cut using Zane's GPS system. After arriving close to Aspheera, Zane headed off somewhere and promised to return while Nya planned to distract Aspheera long enough so Lloyd could steal the scroll back.

Nya is the first to get into the scene as she gets the attention of Aspheera and her army. With Nya distracting Aspheera, Lloyd hops onto the Aspheera's Fire Fang and kicks her staff out of her hand. Lloyd and Aspheera snatched the staff at the same time, but Aspheera uses Spinjitzu to defeat Lloyd. As soon as Lloyd is on the ground, he is spotted by Char and begins to chase Lloyd. Nya, still fighting Aspheera, is overwhelmed by the incoming Pyro Vipers and is forced to flee. Eventually, Lloyd and Nya meet up, but are surrounded by Pyro Vipers; however, Zane in his ShuriCopter, shoots ice at the Pyro Vipers and shields the Ninja from any harm by creating an ice barrier. This gives enough time for Lloyd and Nya to escape using the ShuriCopter.

Back underground, Cole, Jay, and Kai meet up with Skales, who was at first unhappy to see them but agrees to help the trio upon hearing about Aspheera. He introduces them to Acidicus, who is a book nerd, and tells them about the history of Aspheera and the "Treacherous Deceiver". In the end, Jay thinks the "Treacherous Deceiver" is Garmadon and both Kai and Cole agree, so they head back to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to tell Wu.

Inside the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Cole, Jay, and Kai tell Wu that Aspheera has been freed from her tomb and is out for Garmadon, but Wu tells the Ninja she is after him, not his brother.


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