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Background and suit descriptions for LEGO Batman 3:Beyond Gotham, 2015 variants onwards

This article is about the minifigure. For other uses of the word "Batman", see Batman (disambiguation).
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  • Classic Comic
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Dark Knight Rises (Comic-Con)
  • Blue comic suit
  • Black comic suit
  • Blue comic suit with jetpack
  • Electro suit
  • Arctic suit
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2013)
  • Black comic suit with wings
  • Beware the Batman
  • Scuba suit
  • Batman Begins
  • The LEGO Movie
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2005 - 2008, 2011 - 2017

[List of appearances]

We're winging it. It's a bat pun.
―Batman in The LEGO Movie

'Batman (Bruce Wayne) is a Batman and Super Heroes minifigure based on the super hero from the DC Comics Universe. He originally appeared with two variations in 2006, one in 2007, and one in 2008; being the comic suit, 1989 film suit, classic suit, and 2008 film suit, respectively. The Super Heroes theme also features two new Batman comic suits, his blue 1960's suit and his 1990's black suit, and an Ultrabuild action-figure. 2013 expanded further upon Batman's depictions with suits based on The Dark Knight Rises in addition to his Arctic camouflage and his black 2012 suit with the moulded black wings. 2014's suits include a suit based on the Beware the Batman TV series, a brighter version of the blue super heroes suit for the Juniors line, a Scuba suit, and a new suit based on his The Dark Knight Trilogy appearance, this one based of his suit in Batman Begins. In 2015, one version will be his space suit from LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, another will be his LEGO Movie appearance, and the last is his New 52 suit.


Behind Batman's Mask

Batman's minifigure comes in several different colour variations to reflect his appearances in different continuities. His Comic Suit resembles his outfit in most of his modern appearances, his Classic Blue Suit is based on his appearances in Silver Age comics, and his Armoured Suit is made to resemble his costume in The Dark Knight Trilogy. All Batman suits released before 2011 use the same face; a Light Nougat head with a frown and a White headband. All variations at least use the same Cowl and Cape pieces, but the colour may differ between variations. In 2013, a new cowl was introduced, being a more rounded version and resembling The Dark Knight version. In 2015 another version of the cowl will be released, a shorter one with shorter ears and no chin strap and is based on his New 52 cowl.

The comic suit was first released in 2006 within three sets, and later in KC7782 The Batwing with Joker Key Chain in 2007. This variation resembles Batman's appearance in his current appearances. This variation is made from five pieces; headgear, head, cape, torso, and legs. Batman's headgear is a Black, bat-shaped cowl with two holes for eyes, a rectangular section cut out for his mouth, a nose which juts out, and two "bat ears". Batman's head is Light Nougat with two eyes, a frown, and a White headband above his eyes. His cape is also black like the cowl and has five triangular points at the end. The torso is Medium Stone Grey (with Black hands) and has a printed pattern of a black Bat Logo, toned core muscles, and a Warm Gold utility belt with ovular packets and a square buckle. His legs are black and left unprinted.

The 1989 Film Suit was first released in 2005 within a Comic-Con Exclusive, but was made widely available in 2006 with three sets. This variation resembles Batman's appearance in the 1989 movie Batman and its sequel Batman Returns. This variation is also made from five pieces; headgear, head, cape, torso, and legs. Batman's headgear is a Black, bat-shaped cowl with two holes for eyes, a rectangular section cut out for his mouth, a nose which juts out, and two "bat ears". Batman's head is Light Nougat with two eyes, a frown, and a White headband above his eyes. His cape is also black like the cowl and has five triangular points at the end. The torso is Black and has a printed pattern of a curved Bat Logo against a Warm Gold oval, toned core muscles, and a Warm Gold utility belt with ovular packets and a square buckle. His legs are black and left unprinted.

The Classic Comic Suit

The classic suit, released in 2007 and made to resemble Batman's appearance in comic books from the Silver Age of Comic Books, has appeared in two sets and is once again made from five pieces. Batman's headgear is an Earth Blue bat-shaped cowl with two holes for eyes, a rectangular section cut out for his mouth, a nose which juts out, and two "bat ears". Batman's head is Light Nougat with two eyes, a frown, and a White headband above his eyes. His cape is also Earth Blue like the cowl and has five triangular points at the end. The torso is Medium Stone Grey (with Earth Blue hands) and has a printed pattern of a black Bat Logo, which is larger and more angular than that of the modern comic suit, toned core muscles, and a Warm Gold utility belt with two whole large square packets that have triangular flaps. His legs are unprinted, medium stone grey, and have earth blue hips.

The 2008 Film Suit

The 2008 film suit has appeared in three sets and made to resemble Batman's appearance in the recent movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. This variation is once again made from five pieces; headgear, head, cape, torso, and legs. Batman's headgear is the same Black, bat-shaped cowl with two holes for eyes, a rectangular section cut out for his mouth, a nose which juts out, and two "bat ears". Batman's head is Light Nougat with two eyes, a frown, and a White headband above his eyes. His cape is also black like the cowl and has five triangular points at the end. The torso is Dark Stone Grey (with Black hands) and has a pattern of a black Bat Logo, which is more square than that of the Comic Suit, have a grey armour printing rather than muscles, and a Warm Gold utility belt. His legs are unprinted, dark stone grey, and have black hips.

Batman uses the same Black Bat-like Cowl and Five Pointed Cape as all of his previous variations for his 2011 comic-con exclusive suit, with the exception of the Classic Variation which included those parts in Earth Blue. Batman's new head is slightly different, with more of a scowling mouth. The eyes and headband are virtually the same as previous variations. Batman's torso, arms, hands, and legs are all black with printing on both the front and back of the torso, which is an updated print of the 2008 Film Suit Torso. His utility belt is still Warm Gold, but is now much more detailed than the previous variation. The armored printing on the torso is also much more rounded than that of the previous variation.

On the blue Super Heroes suit, Batman's hips, hands, cowl, and cape are earth blue like the Classic Comic suit which most of his printing resembles, but with the logo from the 1989 Film Suit, but against Bright Yellow rather than Warm Gold. His utility belt also resembles that of the Comic Suit, but without the triangular flaps. He has back printing depicting the back of the belt and the suit's cut on his back.

A slight variation of the blue Super Heroes suit is available in 6858 Catwoman's Catcycle City Chase. In place of the cape, he has a dark blue bat-winged jetpack.

The other variation released in 2012 is similar to his 1990's comic black suit suit. It has the same logo and shape as the Blue Super Heroes variation, but against a Black torso. In suit, Batman's hips, hands, cowl, and cape are also black. His utility belt is now much larger and clearly has a large, yellow buckle, similar to the Classic Comic suit, but not in gold and reversed. There are four rectangular packets on the belt. He has backprinting depicting the back of the belt and the suit's cut on his back. Batman's face is the same one used on the Blue Super Heroes Suit.

Batman's Electro Suit is one of his super suits from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which was physically released in LEGO Batman: The Visual Dictionary.

Batman has the redesigned cowl which has been appearing in 30160 Bat Jetski and other Super Heroes sets from more recent production runs and has a printed blue line in between the ears to represent the electric current in the game. His face is the same as all other Super Hero variations. Batman's torso is black with the bat-logo used with his first comic book variation, but in light blue. It also has a blue belt, again similar to the comic suit's, but without the flaps. There are two blue circles on either side of his chest about halfway up which are connected by a silver line that runs across. A similar pattern runs down his legs. There is backprinting that continues both the belt and lines (with two lines instead of one) from the front, He also has arm printing on both arms detailing a line with a circle at each end in light blue. He has silver boot "toes" on the bottom of his feet.

Arctic Batman

One of Batman's 2013 variations depicts him with a white cape, gloves, cowl (the newer variety), tights, utility belt, and batsignal oval. He has back printing depicting the back of the belt and the suit's cut on his back. His face is the same.

Another 2013 variation based on The Dark Knight Rises features in 76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase. Batman uses the new remoulded cowl, Five Pointed Cape, head, gloves and hips. Batman's torso, arms and legs are now grey instead of black with printing on both the front and back of the torso, which features the torso design which is identical to the 2012 version, but now in a more greyer tone and the utility belt is bronze.

Another 2013 variation features his black Super Heroes suit from the previous year, but the cape is replaced with wings and the new remoulded cowl is used.

The last 2013 variation is a microfigure to be included in the LEGO Games set 50003 Batman. The head print is similar to Batgirl's. The torso is a smaller version of the black Super Heroes variant.

In 2014, a version was released based on his appearance in the TV series Beware the Batman. He has his new cowl, his standard face and cape. His torso, arms, hands and legs are medium stone grey, while his hips are black. His torso is printed with the series' bat symbol, the suit's cut on his body, and he has a yellow belt. The back features the back of the belt and the back muscles on his suit.

For the Juniors line, a new version of the blue Super Heroes was released, the only differences are a brighter blue and the newer cowl.

Also released is a scuba suit, which includes the newer cowl and a breathing apparatus with air tanks on the back. The black head has blue goggles and a breathing mask, while the back of the head features printing depicting his normal serious face. The rest of the body is dark blue except the hands are black. The torso has the bat symbol and some type of machinery, a belt and the suit's cut on his body. The back is printed with the continuation of the belt, machinery, and the suit's cut on his back This version also comes with black flippers and a harpoon gun.

In 2014 Batman also received his first DUPLO variation. He is a DUPLO figure, and a more childish version of the Juniors variant. Batman's cowl is bright blue, and more rounder. It is much shorter and goes just a bit longer then his cheeks. He has bright blue eyes. Batman has a button nose and a smiling mouth showing his white teeth. He has a straight bright blue cape. His torso is light grey and does not display his physical accomplishments. Instead the torso simply features the bat symbol in the middle. The utility belt and it's buckle are rectangular and yellow, it has two blue slim rectangle buttons. His arms light grey and his hands bright blue. The top of his legs display bright blue shorts with the rest of the legs being light grey.

The last 2014 variant is the fourth version of Batman's appearance in The Dark Knight trilogy, this one depicts his suit in Batman Begins for the first time. He reuses the 2013 cowl and the eyes are still white, but the scowl is slightly turned up on the right side and a second with the normal scowl. The cape also remains the same, and the body is all black. The torso features a large bat symbol on the breastplate, lines resembling the various plates making up the armour. The belt is still warm bronze but smaller with pouches on it. The Barck printing continues the white lines making up the armour plates and the utility belt.

The space suit featured in the game will be released in 2015, in the set 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. The new cowl is metallic silver, and is shaped much differently than previous cowls. The eyes are lower down, located where a minifigure's eyes would normally be as opposed to slightly above them like in the past. The ears are also shorter, and the cowl does not feature any plastic by the chin. The eyeholes reveal yellow eye coverings, and a breathing apparatus over his mouth on his white head. He has a new white extended wing, printed with the wing's mechanical parts, and some brick built thrusters. The wing element can be switched out for a smaller one, also printed, depicting the wings folded up. The torso and legs are white, while the hands and hips are light grey. The torso is printed with a large armour plate with the bat Super Heroes bat symbol, tubes connecting to other parts of the outfit, and a utility belt.

His second 2015 appearance will be based on his appearance in The LEGO Movie. It is the same as his standard black suit variant, but with new face printing. On one side of his face, the printing behind the eyeholes is now almost black with a sliver of white to show him squinting, and he has a large aggressive expression with clenched teeth. The printing on the other side of his face reveals more of his eyes and features a large confident grin with Batman's teeth showing.

Batman also will be given a New 52 appearance. The New 52 variant uses the space suit cowl in black, and his normal black cape. His torso, arms, hips and legs are medium stone grey, while his hands are black. His torso is printed with a black and background-less bat symbol, bulges in his suit created by his abdominal muscles, and a yellow utility belt. His head is black with printed-on skin and facial features at the location of his face. This provides the look of a back chinstrap, while also still allowing Batman to have facial features. The black he features white printing where the cowl's eyeholes cover, to give him white eyes, and an aggressive expression showing Batman's clenched teeth. The alternate side of his head features a serious expression.

Batman's fourth appearance is the same as his New 52 appearance" besides the legs. Half of his medium stone grey legs are now black, portraying his boots.

Batman appears in the starter pack for the game LEGO Dimensions. In this appearance, he comes with the same torso and legs as his 2015 New 52 variant, but features his old hood.

Batman's 2016 variant is based off his appearance from Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice. Batman has the same cowl, head, arms, hands and legs from his New 52 variant with boots. Batman's abdominal muscles and bat signal are now much larger. His belt is still bright yellow but is made up of square shapes.

Key Chains[edit]

A Batman key chain as it appears in 851686 Batman Key Chain

The 852314 Batman Key Chain is Batman's 2008 Film Suit variation but his parts may not be removed as a normal minifigure's can. He also has a silver chain attached to the top of his head, which in turn attaches to a silver ring, which has another shorter chain attached to that which holds a plate that reads LEGO.

The 851686 Batman Key Chain has his 1989 film suit variation, but with the same side effects as the 852314 Batman key chain.

In 2012, 853429 Batman Key Chain was released which features Batman as a key chain in his blue Super Heroes suit.


In 852089 Mr. Freeze Minifigure Magnet Set, Batman appears as a magnet alongside Mr. Freeze and The Riddler. Batman is identical to his comic suit appearance, but there are magnets in his legs and his torso is permanently attached to his hips.

Batman's appearance in 853431 Batman, Robin, The Joker Magnet Set is of his Black Super Heroes suit, but with a normal cape instead of a pointed one. His legs are attached to the magnet base and his torso to his hips.

His 1989 Film Suit is used in the M780 Batman Minifigure Magnet Set and 4493780 Batman Magnet Set, but have the same side effects as in the Mr. Freeze Minifigure Magnet Set.

McDonald's Toy[edit]

In McDBat3 Batman Figure, Batman appears as a McDonald's toy. He has his comic suit, but is one piece of plastic in a more solid pose with his appendages bent in ways minifigures can't. He holds an enlarged batarang. This figure is based off his video game variant.

Ultrabuild Figure[edit]

Main article: 4526 Batman

Batman appears as a buildable action figure, or Ultrabuild figure in 4526 Batman. He uses the Hero Factory system of building. He has blue boots and is dark silver from his legs to his waist. His chest is blue with a bat symbol on it. Batman's hands, arms, and cowl are also blue. On either side of his back is a black rod, each with two curved, blue spikes coming off. He carries a silver and blue double-bladed sword.

Video Game Appearances[edit]

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame[edit]

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Batman's basic suit is identical to his comic book suit. He is armed with a yellow and black batarang, and able to use grapple. Batman is able to change abilities depending on the suit he is wearing. Each suit has a different look which sets its appearance apart from the others.

The heat protection suit is very similar to the Comic Suit, but Batman's torso and legs are now Red. His Gloves, Cowl, and Cape are all Dark Red, and he has a pair of goggles fixed in place over his eyes.

The glide suit is almost identical to the Comic Suit, but Batman's cape is replaced with a pair of mechanical wings which spread out whenever he double jumps.
Batman in a preliminary Demolition Suit and Robin in his Water Suit

The Demolition Suit is different from all of Batman's video game suits, rather than resembling a variation of the Comic Suit, it resembles the 1989 Film Suit, but Batman's cape is replaced with a detonator.

The preliminary version of the Demolition Suit closer resembled the Comic Suit, but with red gloves. The detonator from the final version was also used instead of a cape.

The Sonic Suit also resembles the Comic Suit, but Batman's Torso and Legs are Light Blue. His Cape, Cowl, and Gloves are all Bright Blue. He also carries a small "sonic gun" that shatters glass.

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes[edit]

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Batman's standard suit based on his appearances in 6863 and 6864 and is still able to use a batarang and grapple.

Batman's super suits return, but have different abilities. They include the electricity suit, the power suit, the sensor suit, and the bat suit.

The electricity suit is capable of going through electric barriers when other characters, such as Superman, can't go through. It also allows Batman to absorb an electric charge and deploy it to machinery. It is black with a black bat-logo, outlined in blue, similar to the comic suit. It has a blue/silver belt, again similar to the comic suit's, but without the flaps. There are two silver circles on either side of his chest about halfway up which are connected by a silver line that runs across. A similar pattern runs down his legs. He has silver boot "toes" on the bottom of his feet. Rather than a cape, he has two black cylinders on the back which are capped with blue pieces.

The power suit is able to launch rockets to destroy silver objects and gives Batman super strength. It has a bulkier cowl with shorter ears, black shoulder-pads, a torso similar to the black Super Heroes suit, but with three horizontal yellow lines in place of the belt, and has yellow boxing gloves. Batman's cape has been replaced with silver canisters on the back.

Batman's sensor suit allows him to turn invisible which can not be seen by enemies and bypass cameras, X-ray vision, and remotely activate switches. It gives Batman green goggles with red lenses,a green bat logo, green hands and green knees and belt.

His bat suit resembles his standard black suit, but has wings that are purple and black in place of a cape and allows Batman to glide. He also has a purple bat symbol, purple hands and hips, and a sonic gun that is black and has a blue disk at the end that can mimic Black Canary and Man-Bat's glass breaking abilities. The bat suit only makes an appearance on console versions.

On the portable versions, Batman (Classic Suit), the suit he uses in 6857 and 6860, is also an unlockable character. The minikit needed to unlock this can be found in the level The Batcave.

In The LEGO Movie Videogame[edit]

Batman appears in The LEGO Movie Videogame. All of his pieces are black, with the exception of his head, though it is covered with a black cowl. He wears a standard black cape, and uses the same printing on his torso as his black suit variant in the 2012 sets. The printing depicts a yellow utility belt near his wast and, higher up, a black bat symbol over a yellow batsignal background. Grey lines also depict his abdominal muscles showing through his suit. His head is coloured and printed in a similar way as it is in the Super Heroes theme's sets, but features changing facial expressions. He wields batarangs.

In LEGO Dimensions[edit]

In the game LEGO Dimensions, Batman appears in the game's starter pack, 71174 Starter Pack. He appears with his New 52 torso and legs and old hood, and wields Batarangs.



When a young Bruce Wayne witnessed his socialite parents shot dead by the mugger Joe Chill, he vowed to bring justice to the criminals infesting Gotham City. He then trained himself in detective skills, sciences, engineering, escape artistry, martial arts, and criminal psychology. But Bruce realized that those skills would not be enough to stop the large, cowardly lot plaguing the streets. While he was in his study reflecting on his parents' deaths, a bat flew into the window, both startling and inspiring him at the same time. He would become the Bat to strike fear in those who preyed upon the innocent. And so, Bruce then took his mantle as a crime fighter and became known as Batman.

Batman's arch-enemy, The Joker

At first, Batman fought "plain-clothes" villains without any super powers or gimmicks until about six months into his career when he encountered Mr. Freeze, a scientist specializing in cryogenics-turned villain trying to rescue his dying wife. Batman's rogues gallery expanded to include other villains, many of which are insane, such as Bruce Wayne's former best friend, the hideously scarred Two-Face, The Riddler who challenges Batman's intellect rather than his strength, Gotham's gentleman of crime with an obsession for birds and umbrellas, The Penguin, and his arch-enemy, The Joker, among others.

While Batman's rogues gallery grew, his allies did too, including his butler, Alfred , who tends to Bruce Wayne's needs behind the scenes and serves as his confident, Tim Drake, better known as Robin III, Dick Grayson as Nightwing, or formerly the first Robin, Police Commissioner James Gordon, and his daughter, Barbara Gordon who became Batgirl, Ace Wayne as Bathound, Jean-Paul Valley as Azrael, a college student who had been brainwashed by a religious organisation, and The Spoiler, or Stephanie Brown who is the daughter of a minor villain, as well as occasional allies such as Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle, who are both allied with and against Batman and his other allies at times. Batman also leads the Outsiders, a rag tag group of Super Heroes operating in Gotham City, which includes heroes who are not directly allied with Batman otherwise, such as Katana. Batman is friends with Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley, and the five have helped him and Robin catch The Joker and The Penguin on several occasions.

Batman is also a founding member of the Justice League, an organisation of Super Heroes untied to handle threats too big for one hero. Other Justice League members include Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, The Martian Manhunter, and occasionally, Batgirl, Nightwing, Huntress, Zatanna, Hawkman, and Shazam.

The Dark Knight Trilogy[edit]

Batman was a vigilante motivated by the deaths of his parents at the hands of a mugger. He began operating in Gotham City shortly before he helped to counteract a conspiracy involving the kingpin Carmine Falcone, corrupt psychologist Jonathan Crane, and Ra's Al Ghul, the head of a terrorist organization known as the League of Shadows who was responsible for much of Batman's training. Batman and his ally in the police department, Jim Gordon, were essential in saving Gotham City from their plot to use Crane's fear inducing toxin to cause the city to destroy itself.

Batman's heroism caused a surge in his popularity and he operated successfully for about a year, when Gotham was threatened by a madman calling himself The Joker began attacking innocents. He seemingly murdered Gordon, which caused Batman to decide to reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne and sacrifice himself to stop the Joker from hurting anyone else. However, a promising district attorney candidate, Harvey Dent, falsely claimed that he was the vigilante. Gordon, who had faked his death, was promoted to police commissioner and helped Batman to protect Dent, but Joker was able to kidnap both Dent and his fiance, Rachel Dawes, and placed them in two different buildings rigged to explode. This killed Rachel and left Dent alive, but horribly scarred. Joker continued his terrorism, but was eventually defeated when Lucius Fox helped Batman to use technology to locate him through footage from cellular phones. Batman and Gordon then confronted Dent, whose mind had been broken by the trauma the Joker had caused and had kidnapped Gordon's family. Dent was going to decide the fates of Batman, Gordon's son, and himself by flipping a coin three times. When the coin opted that Gordon's son would not live, Batman knocked Dent off of the ruined building they were situated at, which killed him. Batman instructed Gordon to accuse the vigilante of being responsible for Dent's murders so that Dent's memory could be preserved as an ideal and symbol for Gotham to cleanse itself.

An original scene depicted in 76001 inspired by The Dark Knight Rises pits the Bat against one of Bane's hijacked Tumblers

For seven years, Batman remained retired until a cat burglar named Selina Kyle stole Wayne's mother Martha's pearls and he began investigating her before discovering that she was involved with a mercenary called Bane who had recently arrived in the city and sabotaged Wayne Enterprises earnings, rendering Bruce bankrupt and forcing him to put his company in the hands of Miranda Tate. Batman tracked down Selina and urged her to take him to Bane, which she did, but then betrayed Batman and allowed Bane to brutally defeat him.

Bane took Bruce to a prison in Africa called the Pit where Bane had grown-up which had a reputation for being brutal and inescapable. However, as its inhabitants told Bruce, the child of Ra's Al Ghul, but Bruce presumed to be Bane, had been able to climb out from the hole and escape. For months, Bruce healed and attempted to escape from the Pit while Bane revealed the truth about Harvey Dent's last days and put the city in anarchy but cutting off its connection to the rest of the United States and releasing every prisoner in the city from their cells (except for Joker). Bruce eventually escaped from the Pit and returned to Gotham where he recruited Gordon, Selina, Fox, Tate, and Detective John Blake to assist him in taking back the city from Bane and to disable a nuclear bomb he had created from a former transnuclear generator. Batman confronted Bane once again to rescue Tate, who Bane had captured, and managed to gain the upper hand, but Tate intervened and stabbed him. Tate revealed that her name was actually Talia Al Ghul, that she was Ra's' child, Bane was her protector, and now that her father was dead, Talia was determined to fulfill his mission to save Gotham from itself. Shortly after Talia left, Selina arrived and killed Bane. Batman chased after Talia and the bomb with an aircraft called the Bat. However, Talia had destroyed the generator's reactor, the only way it could have been stabilized, forcing Batman to fly the bomb away from the city in the Bat, leaving everyone to believe that he had died a hero and Wayne had gone missing in the anarchy. However, Fox and Gordon received hints suggesting that he had survived, the Bat being returned to Wayne Enterprises and the Bat-signal's broken glass being fixed. Alfred saw Bruce and Selina together at a cafe in Italy, fulfilling his wish that Bruce would find a life outside of Batman. Blake also retired from the police department and then discovered the Batcave underneath Wayne Manor.

In the Video Games[edit]

Batman is a playable character on every hero level in LEGO Batman: The Videogame and also appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

In LEGO Batman[edit]


When Commissioner Gordon lit up the Bat-Signal, Batman and Robin were seen in the Batmobile and on the Batcycle (respectively). They made a sharp turn, supposedly in the direction of the bank Clayface and The Riddler are robbing.

The Riddler's Revenge

Once some of Batman's most fearsome enemies escaped Arkham Asylum and teamed up, Batman and Robin headed towards a bank which had been robbed by The Riddler and Clayface. The Dynamic Duo made their way through the streets defeating the Riddler Goons and Henchmen who tried to stop them. At the bank, a fight ensued against Clayface, who was eventually knocked back into a cage in the vault when the security system pumped poisonous fumes into the air. Two-Face arrived in his Armoured Truck to rescue The Riddler and a giant key he'd stolen. Batman was unable to stop his escape, but did manage to plant a tracking device on the truck.

Batman changing his suit above the Monarch Theatre

Using the tracking device, Batman and Robin followed the truck to Mr. Freeze's old Ice Cream Factory. The duo was immediately attacked by more Riddler Goons and Henchmen, but once they entered the factory, they encountered a new enemy, the Freeze Girls. By reaching the end of the factory, the duo encountered Mr. Freeze and managed to defeat him. The Riddler escaped once again in Two-Face's armoured truck, this time with a Freeze Ray.

Batman gave chase to Two-Face's armoured car in the Batmobile, successfully destroying it. Two-Face and Riddler went in different directions to try and escape. Riddler was cornered against Police Headquarters. Riddler tried to fend of by making desperate attempts at the duo with his "?" cane, but he was rescued by Poison Ivy.

In the Batcave, Batman used the Batcomputer to analyse a leaf from the vine Ivy used to save the Riddler. He discovered it was from the Botanical Gardens. Batman and Robin reached the gardens to discover the Janitors and Scientists under siege from not only The Riddler's goons and henchmen, but from humanoid plant creatures, presumably created by Poison Ivy. In a closed off area behind the garden's laboratory, Batman and Robin discovered and defeated Poison Ivy, but The Riddler escaped yet again (this time with mutant vine seeds) when he pointed out to Batman that Ivy caused Robin to fall in love with her. Batman forced Robin back to the Batcave, while Ivy was arrested.

Back in the Batcave, with help from Alfred, Batman and Robin solved the clues The Riddler had left at each of his escapes and discovered his plot was to stage a siege on the Gotham Gold Reserves. And sure enough, inside the Gold Reserves, they found Riddler and Two-Face. Two-Face created a diversion by shooting a nearby barrel of toxic waste onto the floor while The Riddler continued on. Using the Attract Suit, Robin created a swamp boat which he and Batman used to reach Two-Face. A fight ensured in which Two-Face was nearly defeated, but he got away at the last moment, calling more henchmen and goons to cover him in his flight.

Batman and Robin followed Two-Face through the vault. Riddler ordered Two-Face to attack. This time, Two-Face was almost defeated, but ran to the side of The Riddler at the last moment. The Riddler then used the vault's defence laser to try and defeat the Dynamic Duo. Batman and Robin used the chromed gold in the vault to deflect the laser beams back at The Riddler until his laser was destroyed. The Riddler then changed his tactics to using the mind control technology in his "?" cane to take control of a whimpering Two-Face, and attack the Duo himself. Eventually, both Riddler and Two-Face were knocked back into a pile of gold bars, subduing them both.

Power-Crazed Penguin

When the Gotham Diamond was stolen from a museum, Batman and Robin found Catwoman fleeing from the scene and gave chase to her on the rooftops of Gotham. They caught up with her, once and a short fight ensued, after which Catwoman escaped. The duo continued to follow her above the city until she was finally cornered. She drew Batman in for a kiss, during which she threw the diamond to the streets below. Catwoman was then arrested and placed in a police van.

Batman and Catwoman

While in the Batboat, Batman was ambushed by Penguin Goons in submarines. Batman worked his way through the harbour, to find The Penguin's submarine. The submarine was destroyed, Penguin and Killer Croc, (who had helped Penguin escape the museum after the diamond heist) headed for the sewers. Batman and Robin caught up with the criminals, but Killer Croc threw the door which gave access to the sewer in Robin's direction to cause a diversion.

Batman and Robin followed the criminals into the sewer where they were attacked by Penguin's Henchmen and Goons. The Duo eventually reached the Police Headquarters, by way of the sewage system, to find that Catwoman had been freed and that she had fled the scene with Penguin. Killer Croc was waiting for Batman, and began throwing nearby debris in his direction. When Croc would change his tactics and charge at Batman or Robin, the duo used this time to strike and defeat him. When Croc fell, he dropped a flyer for the Gotham City Zoo.

When Batman and Robin reached the zoo, they discovered the Man-Bat in the hull of a boat Penguin had been using as a lookout. Man-Bat was wrapped in his own wings and defeated.

Batman and Robin continued on to the "Arctic World" portion of the zoo to discover Police Officers had been defeated by a large group of Robotic Penguins. Batman and Robin made their way past the Penguin Minions and Freeze Girls to a cave in the exhibit. In the cave, Batman discovered a satellite dish (which had been stolen by Bane previously), powered by the Gotham Diamond, which controlled the Penguin Minions that were assaulting the city. Batman redirected Penguin's bombers into treadmills which gave power to the satellite. Penguin, Catwoman and the Freeze Girls attacked the duo, only to be defeated and returned to Arkham Asylum.

Batman in an action shot
Joker's Return

While shopping for a new cape on the Batcomputer, Batman received a transmission of The Joker laughing into his camera. Alfred helped to prepare the Batwing and Bat-copter for the journey to the factory which transformed the Red Hood into the Joker to investigate. In the factory, Batman and Robin were attacked by Joker Goons and Henchmen. In the back of the factory, Batman discovered The Mad Hatter extracting the factory's chemicals. He made attempts to subdue Batman and Robin with his mind-control technology, but failed as he could only control one person as a time.

While the Dynamic Duo were fighting the Mad Hatter, Joker and Harley Quinn captured Commissioner Gordon and threatened to kill him if Batman did not act. Batman reached the carnival where Gordon was being held, and a fight ensued with Harley Quinn, while The Joker escaped on his helicopter. Gordon was freed and Harley was contained in a Police Van for the time being. Batman meant to give chase to Joker in his helicopter, but ended up pursuing Scarecrow in his bi-plane, which he shot down, crashing into Joker's helicopter in its fall. Both aircrafts were destroyed, and Batman left both villains for dead, not to notice that they survived by clinging onto balloons and fell through to the Gotham Art Gallery, where Scarecrow was captured by the Police.

Batman and Robin shimmying

Joker, however, escaped the gallery and met with Killer Moth, who was to help him reach his destination. While on their way, they encountered Gordon, freed Harley Quinn, and caused havoc on the nearby Police Forces. Batman received a transmission of the trouble on the Batcomputer. He and Robin reached the scene of the crime to find Killer Moth still there. They gave chase to him through the city streets. They eventually cornered and threatened him to tell Batman where Harley and The Joker were, or be sprayed with bug poison. Killer Moth pointed through a hole in the wall he was pinned up against, and Joker's truck was seen pulling up the Gotham City Cathedral.

Batman fighting a Penguin Henchman

Batman, Robin, and the remaining Police Forces rushed to the Cathedral. To gain entry, Robin opened up a window from which Harley Quinn jumped out. Batman used the water turrets mounted on the back of police vans to defeat her. Batman and Robin chased Harley to the top of the Cathedral where she and The Joker hid in giant bells. Once they were discovered by Batman, The Joker summoned his helicopter for protection, but once the helicopter was destroyed, it collapsed the platform which The Joker and Harley were on, knocking Harley unconscious. The Joker then attacked the Dynamic Duo, successfully defeating them with his Joy-Buzzer, knocking them unconscious. Harley was revived by the time Batman was. Batman threw a Batarang at the giant bells which disturbed the bats in the tower, who attacked Harley and The Joker who were then arrested by Commissioner Gordon and sent back to Arkham Asylum.


Batman and Robin scaled the side of Arkham Asylum with their Grapple-Guns. The Joker looked up out of the window in his cell and began to swing his fist in anger. At the top of the asylum, the Bat-Signal shined. Batman and Robin aimed their guns in the direction of the signal and the game ends with a close up of the bat symbol on Batman's chest.

In LEGO Batman 2[edit]

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Batman is a main character.

Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor were the nominees for The-Man-of-the-Year award, and at the ceremony, Bruce wins. However, the theatre was raided by The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, The Riddler, and Two-Face. Bruce exits to change into Batman while the villains rampage and Joker steals the award. Just as he is giving his "acceptance speech" Batman and Robin burst through the stage on the Bat-boat. Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Two-Face escaped through the stage's trapdoor, while Harley fought the Dynamic Duo. She was defeated, and Batman and Robin began to search for and defeat the other villains.

Joker was able to escape the theatre, however, and made it to his boat. He was chased by Batman and Robin in the latter's helicopter with Batman hanging from a rope ladder. Joker threw chattering teeth to cut the ropes, but Batman summoned and landed in the Batwing. Batman and Robin chased him through to the Amusement Mile, where Batman disrupted the water with the Batwing's wing and caused Joker's boat to go ashore. After several failed attempts to destroy the Batwing, Joker was caught in a bat shaped net and sent to Arkham Asylum.

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne is contacted by Martian Manhunter from the Justice League Watchtower and informs him of an emergency. Alfred shows Bruce and Tim Drake where it is on a map, and they change into Batman and Robin and leave for Arkham Asylum where they find the villains Joker freed attempting a prison break. They then attempt to stop them, starting with Catwoman. The villains are stopped, and the police arrive. Commissioner Gordon informs the Dynamic Duo that all of the villains have been accounted for, except Joker. Batman notices an electrified brick outside of Joker's cell. He and Robin go to investigate. They run-in to Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze, who create obstacles, and stop The Scarecrow from escaping. They bring a black piece back to the Batmobile and discover it was destroyed with LexCorp technology and conclude that Luthor broke Joker out. Batman, Robin, and Gordon are alerted by a Police Officer that there has been a break-in at Ace Chemicals, and they leave. When Gordon and the Officer look back, they realize that the villains have escaped.

At Ace Chemicals, Batman and Robin find that The Joker had already been there and stolen chemicals. They try to escape when a fire begins and just before they fall into the inferno, they are rescued by Superman. With help from Superman, they are able to escape. Batman tries to find out what Joker is making, and realizes it is Kryptonite. He uses the Batcomputer to find nearby locations of Kryptonite, and heads downtown. They follow a large vehicle, the Juggernaut. On the inside, Lex and Joker are creating Kryptonite. Batman and Robin begin firing at it. When the defenses are weakened enough, the Dynamic Duo infiltrate it. Batman takes the Kryptonite, and Lex is subdued. Joker however uses his joybuzzer on Batman and Robin to the point where they fall out of the Juggernaut, into their vehicles. Joker aims the Deconstructor at the Batmobile, which falls apart, and the Juggernaut gets away.

Back in the Batcave, Batman analyzes the Kryptonite and finds that it is only similar to true Kryptonite and that is harmless to Kryptonians. However, if there wasn't actual Kryptonite in the Juggernaut, the Batmobile's computer shouldn't have shown it. He and Robin decide that it was just a trick of Joker's, and put it away with the other Kryptonite they store in-case Superman goes bad.

Lex and Joker enter the Batcave, since the "Kryptonite" had a homing signal. A fight ensues, and the Bat-bike, Batwing, and Batboat are destroyed. Batman and Robin flee through the elevator, and hang on to the shaft to escape when it falls. Joker and Lex find the Kryptonite vault and leave with it after Joker's pies explode and a fire begins. At the top of the elevator shaft, Superman arrives to rescue Batman and Robin. Together they escape the Batcave. Batman and Superman head after a LexCorp aircraft while Robin stays and tries to fix the vehicles.

Batman and Superman infiltrate the LexCorp aircraft, but when the reach the control section, Batman is dropped through a trapdoor. Superman rescues him and carries him to LexCorp in Metropolis.

From LexCorp, a large Joker-esque robot emerges and heads back to Gotham. Batman in a LexCorp aircraft and Superman fire at it, and then land on it. Lex emerges with Kryptonite and weakens Superman who falls. Batman saves him by gliding back to Gotham. Though most of his powers return, he is unable to fly and hunches over.

The robot hits at them, and they fall through the ground. It continues to make holes in the ground above the metro, but Superman uses his heat vision to destroy the left hand completely.

At the City Hall, Lex begins to give a speech and infects the crowd with a mind-altering gas so that they will vote for him. Superman destroys the gas emitting flower from the robot.

Robin arrives in a multi-coloured Batmobile. The robot chases Batman and Robin through Gotham City, but they drive in such a way that the Kryptonite it leaves looks similar to Joker's face.

Martian Manhunter sees it from space, and calls the Justice League to Gotham. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and The Flash respond.

The robot attacks Wayne Tower, since Lex despises Bruce, and destroys the foundation. Superman and Wonder Woman keep it in place while Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, and Cyborg enter through the bottom of the building together. They knock the Robot off of the top and Green Lantern creates constructs to keep the tower from falling.

Superman is too weak to continue, but Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and The Flash finish it off. Joker is defeated, and Lex emerges in power armour. Batman contacts Martian Manhunter who readies the Watchtower laser. Robin helps aim it, and Lex is defeated.

His dog, Ace the Bathound is mentioned during Vicki Vale's news reports. He, Krypto the Superdog, and Stretch-O-Mutt are nominees for the "Dog of the Year" award.

In LEGO Dimensions[edit]

In the game LEGO Dimensions, Batman must team up with Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and other characters to stop the evil Vortech. To do so, they must travel between different LEGO realms encompassing a variety of themes.

The LEGO Movie[edit]

Batman appears in The LEGO Movie, voiced by Will Arnett. He is a protagonist and assists the main heroes. Originally Wyldstyle's boyfriend and a Master Builder, Batman saves the other protagonists from a deadly fall during a fight with Bad Cop. Batman rebuilds Bad Cop's car into a baby carriage, delaying his pursuit of the heroes. Together, Batman joins the rest of the protagonists in journeying to Cloud Cuckoo Land, where they are once again attacked by Bad Cop. They escape in a submarine (Batman taking the credit for this idea, despite the fact that Emmet came up with it), but the submarine eventually breaks apart on its own, the Master Builders' conflicting styles causing it to be unstable. They are picked up by Metalbeard in his Sea Cow, and on the ship, the group plans how to infiltrate Lord Business's office tower. Forced by Emmet to follow instructions along with the other Master Builders, Batman joins the group in succeeding. As part of the plan, Batman dons his Bruce Wayne persona to convince Lord Business to add speakers to his doomsday Kragle device, which allows Emmet and Wyldstyle to infiltrate the room with the Kragle. Batman then joins Emmet with his grappling gun, allowing Emmet to swing onto the Kragle and put the Piece of Resistance on the tube.

Unfortunately, the group is detected, and Lord Business imprisons the Master Builders in his Think Tank, which is set to detonate as he unleashes Kragle on the universe. They are all saved when Emmet sacrifices himself to remove the power source for this detonation, and the remaining protagonists go to Bricksburg to help fight off Lord Business's forces. They are almost overwhelmed, but Emmet arrives back from the real world and confronts Lord Business, convincing him to let people take his creations and do new creative things with them, rather than trying to freeze them in place forever. Lord Business's headquarters explode as he puts the cap on the Kragle, rendering Lord Business's forces immobile and saving Batman and the others. During the following celebration, Batman ends his relationship with Wyldstyle on mutual terms, believing she deserves to be with Emmet.

Co-director Chris Miller said that Batman "is a little bit more egotistical and self-involved than other stuff we've seen him in. But in the end, he's still a hero and does the right thing and is a badass."[2]

In LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham[edit]

In LEGO Batman 3 Batman must team up with the Justice League, the Green Lantern Corps, AND Legion of Doom to save the galaxy from Brainiac and his shrinking ray.

Description from LEGO Magazine[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Batman Standing between the innocent civilians Gotham City and the infamous villains of the Rogues Gallery is the Dark Knight himself: Batman! After witnessing his parents death in Crime alley. He promised that he would rid Gotham's streets of crime he worked hard training both his body and mind and has returned to Gotham City as the Batman determined to protect the innocent known as the world's greatest detective if Batman is on the case the bad guys better watch out!

City: Gotham City Powers: Highly trained martial artist, Master detective and scientist
Base: The BatCave
Arch-Enemy: The Joker
Cool Fact: Batman's utility belt not only has every weapon, antidote and look( )able, it is also rigged to explode if anyone other than the Caped Crusader tries to open it! Descriptions[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Batman

Blue Super Heroes Suit

POW! WHAM! Batman is on the scene in Gotham City as The Caped Crusader from the comics! Criminals and thugs don’t stand a chance against this lean, mean minifigure with his fabric cape and bright yellow utility belt. Even though Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, his amazing detective skills, martial arts training and high-tech gadgets are more than enough to strike fear into villains everywhere!

Black Super Heroes Suit and TDKR Super Heroes Suit

Batman is back in black! The Dark Knight minifigure is more mysterious than ever in shiny black costume as he banishes crime from the streets of Gotham City, one infamous villain at a time. As the handsome billionaire Bruce Wayne by day and a vigilant super hero by night, Batman watches the night sky for Commissioner Gordon to light the Bat-Signal. After a quick costume change, he’ll swoop down from the Gotham City skyscrapers to soar into action and save the day with high-tech accessories

Arctic Suit

Batman believes in being prepared for any emergency. When cold-weather crooks like Mr. Freeze threaten Gotham City, Batman suits up in his thermo-regulated, ice-proof arctic suit to save the day!

The LEGO Movie

He makes it no secret he prefers to work alone, since he could probably get the job done better and faster than anyone else. He is presently Wyldstyle’s boyfriend, and lacks very little in the looks, ability or confidence department.


Villains at Gotham Harbor beware; going out to sea won't keep SCUBA Batman from chasing you down and dishing out justice. Exploding with aqua power, he zips through water as silent and deadly as a Great White Shark, his super-reinforced scuba suit protecting him from creatures of the deep as he heads to his target. Even radio-controlled penguins loaded with dynamite can't stop SCUBA Batman from tearing into battle. With one perfectly aimed shot of his harpoon, villains are sunk. Gotham City is safe once more.

Gallery of variants[edit]


Black and greyBlackBlue and greyThe Dark Knight

DC Comics Super Heroes[edit]

TheBat Prod.jpg
New Batman.png
Space Bats.jpg
Black suit
(Cowl version #1)
Black suit
(Cowl version #2)
Black suit
The New 52The New 52
(Scuba mask)
The New 52
The New 52
Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight Rises
(San Diego Comic-Con, 2012)
The Dark Knight Rises
Batman v SupermanBatman v Superman
(Power Armour)
1966 TV Series1966
Beware the BatmanArctic suitDesert suitScuba SuitGas MaskElectro SuitSpace SuitPirateMighty Micros

The LEGO Movie[edit]

Note: The DC Comics Super Heroes variant designated "Black suit (Cowl version #2)" appears in 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship.

70817 Batman.jpg
CapeNo capeSquinted eyes

The LEGO Batman Movie[edit]

30522 Batman.png
70908 Batman.png
70900 Batman.png
70910 Batman.png
Batman - Caveman.jpg
Batman - Glam Metal.jpg
Batman - Fairy Princess.jpg
Batman - Lobster Lovin.jpg
Batman - Vacation.jpg
ScowlGrit teeth/closed eyesScaredConcentrated7090970910Bat Pack suitExcalibat suitRaging Bat suitScu-Bat suitClan of the CaveGlam MetalFairyLobster Lovin'Vacation

Other figures[edit]

Pickable Batman.png
McDonald's ToyConstraction
(Set 4526)
Pickable ModelMicrofigureDUPLO

Video games[edit]

LEGO Batman: The Videogame[edit]

Basic batman suit LB.png
Standard SuitHeat Protection SuitGlide SuitDemolition SuitSonic Suit

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes[edit]

Batman lb2.jpg
Batman (Classic Suit).png
Standard SuitPower SuitSensor SuitElectricity SuitBat SuitClassic Suit
(Portable versions)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham[edit]

Not included are Azrael Batman from the 75th Anniversary DLC, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, Batzarro from the Bizarro DLC, or Retired Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis Batman from the Batman Beyond DLC.

Joker Disguise Batman.png
Darkest Knight Batman.png
The Brave and the Bold Batman.png
Dark Knight Returns Batman.png
Detective Comics 27 Batman.jpg
Gotham by Gaslight Batman.png
Sinestro Corps Batman.png
Vampire Batman.png
Zebra Batman.png
The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman.jpg
Rainbow Batman.jpg
StandardArctic SuitElectro SuitPower SuitScuba SuitSensor SuitSonar SuitSpace SuitJoker Disguise1966Darkest KnightThe Brave and the Bold
(75th Anniversary DLC)
The Dark Knight Returns
(75th Anniversary DLC)
Detective Comics 27
(75th Anniversary DLC)
Gotham by Gaslight
(75th Anniversary DLC)
Sinestro Corps
(75th Anniversary DLC)
Vampire Batman
(75th Anniversary DLC)
Zebra Batman
(75th Anniversary DLC)
The Dark Knight Trilogy
(Dark Knight DLC)
Rainbow Batman
(Rainbow DLC)


TLM VG Batman.jpg
Dimensions Batman.jpg
The LEGO MovieLEGO Dimensions


DC Comics Super Heroes
The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Batman Movie
LEGO Games

Magnet set appearances[edit]

DC Comics Super Heroes

Key chain appearances[edit]

DC Comics Super Heroes

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The LEGO Movie[edit]


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