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Composite Superman

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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.
Composite Superman

Super Heroes
    DC Universe



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Composite Superman is a DC Universe minifigure who resembles Batman on one side and Superman on the other. Some versions also speak with Wonder Woman's voice. He appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.


His mini figure is half Superman, and half Batman.


Joe Meach was a taxi driver who had fallen on hard times. So, in order to get attention, he set up a water tank on the ground and dove off of a building, hoping to land in the tank. Unknown to him, the tank had a leak and only housed an inch of water. Superman intervened however, and saved his life. In the end of the beginning, Meach got the attention he wanted. He got a job at the Superman Museum, where he worked as a custodian. While doing whatever custodians do late at night, one time, a lighting bolt struck through the window and hit a statue of the Legion of Super-Heroes, blasting Meach with energy. (Somehow) this gave Meach the combined powers of the Legion, so he decided to use them to destroy Superman and Batman. He used his powers to turn his skin green, and gave himself a half-Superman, half-Batman costume. He also made the Bat-mask headlined so that Superman couldn't use his X-ray vision to see through it. Calling himself the Composite Superman, he then used telepathy to figure out the heroes' identities and said that if he couldn't join the World's Finest team (That is what a Superman/Batman team up is referred to as sometimes), he would reveal their identities to the world. He then created situations for Batman and Superman to handle, which he fixed in his favor so that they would be humiliated every time. He forced Batman and Superman to retire from crime fighting, or else he will go public with their identities. Even though they couldn't fight him, they learned of his scene to rule the Earth. However, they learned they wouldn't have to risk their identities to save the world when Meach changes back to human form with no knowledge of ever being the Composite Superman, his powers having only been temporary.

His next appearance was a few years later when the alien known as Xan decided to get revenge on Superman and Batman for imprisoning his now deceased father. he chose to recreate the accident that turned Joe Meach into Composite Superman so as to use Composite Superman to strike back at the heroes. He then had Composite Superman capture the heroes for him. But before Meach could do anything to them, he lost his powers and knowledge of Composite Superman again. Can reveals himself and his motive to the heroes, and then pulls a death ray on them. he fires, but Meach, who now feels guilty and responsible, throws himself in the way of the death ray, killing him instantly.

Can became the new Composite Superman.


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