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This article is about the minifigure. For the set he appears in, see Arsenal (set).

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Arsenal, alias Roy Harper, is Green Arrow's sidekick. He was playable in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham with the Arrow DLC installed. Physical minifigures will later be given away at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con as part of a raffle. In both appearances, Arsenal is based on the version of his character from the Arrow TV series.


Roy Harper was a citizen who lived in the Glades, a ghetto of Starling City. Though around the Glades he often looked to defend others in need of assistance, due to his situation he often stole to make a living. On one occasion, he stole Thea Queen's purse, who he later became romantically involved with. He began to idolise the Starling City vigilante after being rescued by him, stepped up his crime-fighting activities. This attracted the vigilante's attention, who recruited Roy to gather intel for him. However, due to a disagreement with the Arrow, he left Starling City, but was captured by Slade Wilson.

Slade injected Roy with the Mirakuru drug, a serum which grants the power of super strength, but gives the recipient serious control issues. The Arrow managed to free Roy, and attempted to teach him to keep his stay in control and use the Mirakuru's powers for crime fighting. However, this proved difficult, and the Arrow was forced to reveal himself to Roy as Oliver Queen, Thea's brother to keep him focused. But as time went on, Roy's mind slipped further, and had to be put back under sedation. Felicity sent some of the Mirakuru serum to her friends at Star Labs who she met whilst visiting a comatose Barry Allen, asking them to try and synthesise a cure. The cure arrived in Starling City just as Slade and his Mirakuru-enhanced army launched an attack on the city. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle managed to eventually obtain the cure, though it was untested. As time was an issue, Oliver was forced to test the cure on Roy. Fortunately for Roy, the cure worked, and although he no longer had super strength, he was of sound mind. Oliver gave Roy a red version of his green Arrow suit and equipment, and filled him in on the situation.

He went Thea, telling her that he wanted leave Starling City for good with her but had to do one last thing and would be back. Then Roy, along with Oliver, Sara Lance, and a team from the League of Assassins, managed to defeat Slade's army with injection arrows filled with the Mirakuru cure, and Oliver went on to defeat Slade with Felicity's help. Once the battle was over, Roy discovered a note at his place from Thea, who had discovered Roy's red arrow at his place, and realised that he hadn't given up crime-fighting like he had told her long ago and was in league with her brother. Sick of the lies that everyone she knew kept telling her, she told him that she was leaving Starling City for good, but didn't tell him that she had left with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, who had come for her when Slade's army began their attack.

After the attack on Starling City, Roy became a regular part of the team, working closely with Oliver, and taking on the name of Arsenal. During an incident where Ra's Al Ghul framed the Arrow for murdering several citizens of Starling City, including the mayor, Oliver was arrested. However, Roy took Oliver's suit, posing as the Arrow so that he was arrested in Oliver's place. When in prison, Roy's death was faked with the help of one of Diggle's contacts, so that the world believed that the Arrow was dead and Roy could escape. Roy left Starling City, but was tracked down by Thea, who gave him back his red suit. Roy left Thea behind and fled to another location, leaving his suit behind for Thea to use.


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