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Malcolm Merlyn

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Malcolm Merlyn

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Malcolm Merlyn is a playable character in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham when the Arrow Pack DLC is installed.


Malcolm Merlyn was a wealthy businessman and owner of the Merlyn Global Group. His family were friends with the Queens, the owners of Queen Consolidated, another wealthy company based in Starling City. When his wife was killed in the Glades, an unsafe area in the Starling City, Merlyn left the city for two years to train with the Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins, taking the name of "The Magician." Merlyn eventually left the League, on the condition that he would still follow the League's code.

When he returned to Starling City, he put together a plan known as the Undertaking with several wealthy members of Starling City, a plan to destroy the Glades and to rebuild a better society in its place. This plan would use a device to create an earthquake to destroy the area. When Robert Queen began to have doubts about the plan, Merlyn tested a prototype of the device whilst Robert was on his yacht, the Queen's Gambit, which led to Robert's death. However, his son, Oliver, and Sara Lance who were also aboard, both survived, but they were unable to return to Starling City for some time.

Several years later, a vigilante known as "The Hood" surfaced in Starling City. While most people believed that The Hood was targeting corrupt businessmen and killers, Merlyn realised that he was actually after those who involved in the Undertaking. Merlyn began to take measures to take down The Hood, and began to be known around Starling City as a second vigilante known as the Dark Archer. Eventually, the two vigilantes learned of each other's identities, and Merlyn was shocked to learn that The Hood was Oliver Queen. When Merlyn put the Undertaking into action by activating his earthquake machine in the Glades, Oliver and Malcolm battle it out, with Oliver eventually stabbing Merlyn with an arrow. Believing Malcolm to be dead, Oliver went off to deactivate the earthquake device, but soon learns of a second device, which activates, destroying part of the Glades and killing 503 people, including Malcolm's son and Oliver's best friend, Tommy.

Several months later, Malcolm, who the world believed to be dead, learned that he is the father of Thea, Oliver's sister. When Slade Wilson's army of super soldiers attacked Starling City, Merlyn returned as well, protecting Thea from the soldiers, however Thea wants nothing to do with him at first. However, after discovering that her boyfriend Roy Harper is working with The Arrow (formerly known as The Hood), Thea, sick of everyone in her life lying to her, asks Merlyn to train her so that no-one can ever hurt her again. Merlyn then spent the next months training Thea in Corto Maltese. However Oliver and Roy, after learning where Thea was, successfully convince her to return to Starling City, but she does not reveal to either of them that Merlyn is alive or that she had been training with him.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details for Arrow Season 3 follow.

Merlyn also returns to Starling City in secret, so that he can remain with Thea, but Oliver soon learns that Malcolm is alive and believes him to be Sara Lance's killer, who had recently been shot with three black arrows. However, Merlyn tells Oliver that he did not kill Sara, and Oliver believes him. He tells Oliver that he believes that it was actually Ra's Al Ghul who killed Sara, as Sara, who had also been a member of the League known as The Canary, had left the League on several occasions. Merlyn asks Oliver for protection from the League, which Oliver agrees to. However, after analysing one of the arrows that killed Sara, it is revealed that Thea killed Sara. Merlyn shows Oliver a video he took of Thea firing the arrows, and blackmails Oliver into continuing to protect him or he will show the video to Ra's. Eventually, after training with Merlyn and working on a plan with him in secret, Oliver managed to kill Ra's. As part of their agreement, Oliver, who rightfully gained the title of Ra's Al Ghul for killing the former Ra's, gives the title over to Merlyn.

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