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Hawkgirl is a Justice League member who appears in The LEGO Batman Movie and video games based on the DC Comics Super Heroes theme. She will be released in a set based on The LEGO Batman Movie in 2018.


In The LEGO Batman Movie, Hawkgirl wears the same winged helmet as Hawkman. She wears a colorful costume of a green and yellow belly-shirt which leaves her stomach and arms exposed, yellow trunks, green pants, and red boots. Hawkgirl has a pair of golden wings on her back in the same vein as the plastic ones used on Hawkman. This version of the character most closely resembles the Post-Crisis Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl.

In the video games[edit]

The version of Hawkgirl appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is also based on Kendra Saunders and thus has a similar design. Major differences include a lack of wristbands, solid wings like the ones used on the Flying Mummy, and a unique helmet which accurately reflects the width and sleekness of Hawkgirl's design in the comics. Hawkgirl carries a mace, has super-strength, and is able to fly.

In LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Hawkgirl is updated with a similar but less revealing costume which trades the yellow for gold, loses the trunks and red boots, adds a belt, and elongates her shirt to cover her entire torso. Hawkgirl retains the same helmet, mace, and wings as well as the ability to fly. She is now able to throw her mace like a boomerang and it can also destroy cracked panels. Notably, this figure uses the same printed legs as the official Hawkman figure. This is a look unique to the game.


Hawkgirl is a superheroine with the ability to fly and enhanced durability thanks to her wings and weapons being made from the alien Nth metal. There have been three major incarnations of the character, both partners of Hawkman. The first Hawkgirl is archeologist Shiera Saunders, an Egyptian princess unduly murdered with an Nth metal dagger alongside her lover Prince Khufu and forced to be reborn to have their tragedy repeated throughout the centuries as a result of the metal's mysterious properties. Shiera has since died and been reincarnated as her grandniece Kendra Saunders, who carries the Hawkgirl legacy but is determined not to have the curse dictate her destiny. The third Hawkgirl is Shayera Hol, a policewoman from the planet Thanagar, homeworld of the Nth metal, who has come to earth. Both Shiera and Kendra have been associated with the Justice Society, while Shayera has traditionally been a member of the Justice League.

In the video games[edit]

Hawkgirl and Hawkman are members of the Justice League. Both are unable to respond when The Joker and Lex Luthor team-up and the Legion of Doom invades the Watchtower.


  • The Hawkgirl in The LEGO Batman Movie closest resembles the Post-Crisis Kendra Saunders version of the character. This is in contrast with the official Hawkman figure being based on the New 52 Katar Hol, as confirmed on and in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Non-physical variants[edit]

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