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The LEGO Batman Movie


Metallic silver claws (x2)
Utility belt



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Catman is a The LEGO Batman Movie minifigure released in 2017.


Thomas Blake is a big game hunter who turns to super villainy out of boredom. After initially being defeated by Batman and Catwoman, Catman proves to be ineffective. He joins a group of other C-List villains called the Misfits led by Killer Moth, but when they too are defeated, Catman falls out of shape. Following an embarrassing incident involving Monsieur Mallah, Catman heads to Africa where he lives among lions. After the lions are killed by the Secret Society of Super Villains, Catman becomes a member of the Secret Six with other villains, such as Deadshot and Cheshire (whom Catman fathers a child with), which are also unhappy with the Secret Society. description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Thomas Blake was a world-famous big-cat trapper who grew bored of hunting and decided to become a super-villain. Inspired by Batman™, he made himself a cat-themed costume, complete with a utility belt containing cat-lines, cat-arangs and other gadgets. Although many of his fellow villains consider him a laughingstock, Catman™ is a fierce fighter with his own unique sense of honor!


  • Catman is the first minifigure that is not Batman to use a Batman cowl.


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