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Katana (minifigure)

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DC Comics Super Heroes


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Katana is a DC Comics Super Heroes minifigure who first appeared in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. She was physically released in 76055 Killer Croc's Sewer Smash in 2016.


Katana's hair piece is long and black. She wears a mask with an ovular section with a taller curve at each end and ovular white eyes. She has red lips. Katana wears grey armour over her torso which continues onto her legs. Her right arm is red and her legs are also decorated with red colouring. Her other arm, gloves, hips, and legs are grey.

Katana is able to use her namesake sword.


Katana is a superhero from Japan who uses a special blade called "Soultaker" which she believes to contain the soul of her dead husband, murdered by his jealous brother, though some question her sanity because of this. Katana is a founding member of the Outsiders, a team of vigilantes operated by Batman. She has also worked with the Suicide Squad. Following the timeline's reset, Katana is a member of the Birds of Prey. After that team disbands, she joins the Justice League of America, selected by Amanda Waller as a counter to Wonder Woman. Katana is also a member of the new Outsiders, a secret society made up of clans represented by various weaponry which Green Arrow encounters. Katana's Soultaker sword is the totem of the sword clan.

In the video games[edit]

Katana is a member of the Suicide Squad. When Belle Reve is infiltrated by Killer Moth, she and the other Squad members are unleashed to stop him.


  • Katana can be found in the level "Juggernaut Chase" on portable versions of LEGO Batman 2.


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