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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

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Vixen is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. She is only available in handheld versions of the game, though some of her parts are available for use in the character creator on console versions. She is also playable in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham through downloadble content.


Vixen has Lord Vampyre's hair piece and Wonder Woman's head, but in brown detailed with red lipstick. She has a yellow torso detailed with a vest, her Tantu Totem necklace and a belt, along with yellow hips and legs. She also has brown arms and wears yellow gloves. Vixen shares her leg design with Hawkgirl.

In the video games[edit]

In portable versions of LEGO Batman 2, she is unlocked for purchase after finding her minikit in Assault the VTOL and costs 80,000 studs. Some of her parts also appear on consoles in the character creator.

Vixen will be playable in LEGO Batman 3 via DLC.


Centuries ago, a totem which would give its wearer all the powers of the animal kingdom so long as he or she used them for good was created by the legendary spider Anansi and gifted to a man named Tantu. Generation after generation, Tantu's totem was passed down through his family line to Mari Jiwe McCabe's mother. The McCabes live in the African nation of Zambesi until Mari's mother is killed by poachers and then her father, a reverend, is murdered by his brother who is looking to steal the Tantu Totem.

The orphaned Mari travels to America where she finds work as a supermodel and becomes extremely successful. She travels the world, eventually returning to Zambesi where she steals back the totem from her uncle. Inspired by having Tantu's totem to do good, Mari becomes the superheroine Vixen. She continues to travel the world to protect animals from poachers and the odd supervillain. After most of the classic Justice League members become too busy for the League to remain effective, Aquaman reorganizes it with mostly younger heroes who are not as bogged down, including Vixen. Based out of Detroit, this incarnation also includes Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Elongated Man, Vibe, Commander Steel, and Gypsy. Her uncle returns to reclaim the Tantu Totem, but dies in the conflict. Vixen remains with the Justice League until Vibe and Steel are killed by Despero and the Martian disbands the team.

Without the League, Vixen works solo for a while. After being chased by assailants, she goes to Animal Man for help. Later, she returns to her modelling career but becomes Vixen again when her set is attacked by Caribbean drug smugglers. Vixen teams up with the Suicide Squad to bring the smugglers to justice, but kills them herself in a fit of rage. Disgusted by her behavior, she joins the Squad hoping that they can help to soften her. After serving with them briefly, Mari again becomes a model, but returns to the Squad when she senses that her love interest, Bronze Tiger, needs her. However, she leaves him and the team for a final time when he fails to admit their importance to him.

Afterwards, Vixen performs a solitary mission for Checkmate and then briefly works with the Birds of Prey when she helps Huntress to investigate a cult. When Gorilla Grodd increases the intelligence of all animals in Central City, The Flash is assisted by Vixen, The Pied Piper, and Rex the Wonder Dog in defeating Grodd. Grodd later mind controlls Vixen, then a member of the Ultramarine Corps, and orders her and her teammates to attack the Justice Leauge, though they are freed of his control. After Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny, is killed, Vixen rejoins the Justice League with a new costume.

Solomon Grundy, whose latest incarnation is more intelligent than former versions, plans to steal Vixen's totem to use it to transfer his soul into the Amazo android. Vixen and the rest of the League battle Amazo to retrieve her totem. However, she finds that it no longer allows her to mimic animal abilities, but it would drain the powers of those near her. Black Canary requests that Vixen leave the League because of these new powers, but suggests that Zatanna may be able to help. After tampering with the totem, Zatanna instead receives a vision of Vixen and Animal Man, who has also been suffering from changes to his powers, acting as puppets. Vixen visits Animal Man, and both of them magically enter the Tantu Totem where Anansi is reveals himself as the one behind their fluctuations. Vixen escapes and recruits other heroes to challenge Anansi. She threatens to destroy her totem, which would kill both her and the spider, forcing Anansi to restore things to the way they were. He admits that the entire situation was a test, and one day he will ask for Vixen's help.

Vixen remains a member of the League until her leg is broken and she leaves to recuperate.

In the new timeline, Vixen is a member of the Justice League International, but her time with them is short as she falls into a coma. By the time she wakes up, the team has disbanded. Later, Cyborg recruits Vixen as a reserve member of the regular Justice League when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are captured by Aquaman's brother Ocean Master, who is attacking the surface with an army of Atlanteans. Once the crisis is resolved, Vixen is considered for full membership, but is not selected.


  • Vixen was going to appear on console versions of LEGO Batman 2, but was cut from the final game for unknown reasons.[1]


Gallery of variants[edit]

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