70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

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MetalBeard's Sea Cow
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Queasy Kitty
MetalBeard (miniature)

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February 16, 2014 (VIP members)
March 1, 2014 (Standard release)


The LEGO Movie

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70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow is a The LEGO Movie set released in 2014. It features the large ship piloted by MetalBeard in the film, a double-decker couch, and two Micro Managers.


The Sea Cow[edit]

The main feature of the set is MetalBeard's ship, called the Sea Cow. It is mainly brown, with black and gold highlights and white sails made out of TECHNIC elements. The ship is abnormally tall, features steampunk elements, and features six cannons, all features that distinguish it from past LEGO pirate ships, along with the TECHNIC sails.

The bottom of the ship is largely composed of an ordinary, brown LEGO hull element. At this level are the cannons, with three on each side of the ship. TECHNIC elements also decorate the side of the clip, giving the illusion of many additional smaller cannons. This technique continues up the side of the ship on the above level. Also in the lower level is the contraption for raising the two black anchors, which are each situated on a different side of the ship, near the front. As it turns, the chains connected to the anchors are wrapped around it. This contraption can be operated from the above level with a tall knob, consisting of several round 2x2 bricks and plates, with a dark grey 2x2 dome piece on top. At the back of the hull is a small grey propeller made with two 2x2 grey round bricks, two light grey angled plates, a 2x2 dark grey dome, and a gold 1x1 cone. Behind this propeller is a grey rudder, which can be manipulated by hand.

Starting from the bottom hull element, the hull is continued upward using bricks in a lighter shade of brown. At each side of this portion of the hull is a large grey turbine, and at the top of this portion of the hull is the main deck. The deck largely consists of the base for the various masts and towers, though it also contains some small crates for various LEGO tools. The main mast consists of two levels, with the black rigging leading up to the first one. The first level contains a small base to stand on, and the top level has a crow's nest. The white TECHNIC sails occupy the space between the levels. In front of the main sail is a large, round, grey tower, representing the chimney. The foremast also features two levels, though it is noticeably smaller. Black rigging once again goes to the first level, which features a mounted turret with two barrels. Each side contains one barrel, which can be raised with a sideways-facing knob, consisting of a light grey grated 2x2 brick and a dark grey 2x2 round tile. At the top of this mast is also a crow's nest, though noticeably smaller. Sails only occupy one space on this mast, between the turret and crow's nest. At the front of the ship is a horizontal mast, with some small sails and the "Sea Cow", a brown cow with black wings and gold horns.

At the back of the ship, on the main level, is a small room ornately decorated with multiple warm gold elements. Stored inside this room are buckets containing the cutlasses and pistols, and the room functions as the boiler room. Behind this room is a small propeller similar to the one at the back of the bottom of the hull, except with one less 2x2 grey round brick, and slightly above and behind this one is the ship's main, tri-bladed propeller, made using a three-ended TECHNIC piece and three tilted angular plates, whose studs are covered with grey tiles and 1x2 gold vent tiles. The room features windows with gold shutters, and there is a column of lanterns on each side of the exterior, at the back. The entire exterior of the back of the ship is ornately decorated with windows using gold shutters, chains, and brown whips, along with a variety of other brown, grey, and gold elements.

Above this room is the ship's cabin. At the front of the cabin is a brown wooden door. Inside are a variety of maps and designs, a portrait of a pirate (supposedly MetalBeard with a normal body), a brown treasure chest, and a desk. The desk has red legs, and on the desk is a brown globe, a sextant, a quill, and a map. On the exterior of the cabin, at the back of the ship, is a gold minifigure head wearing a pirate hat. On the sides of the head is the name of the ship, the "Sea Cow", and above the head is an angled wrench and an angled hammer, which, combined with the head, form a sort of crest. Above this crest and a bit to the back is the ship's smallest propeller, made using a single propeller element.

On top of the cabin is the deck from which MetalBeard steers. The wheel is raised up to his height using TECHNIC elements, and the whole area at the front of the deck features a large amount of space in which MetalBeard can stand. At each side of this area are curved 1x4 dark red bricks, and this area is separated from the back portion of the deck with a wall, which is similarly ornate as the rest of the ship's exterior. The back portion of the deck features a small mast and sail, a curved black railing, and a grey telescope.


The version of MetalBeard is not to scale with that in the movie, and is significantly smaller than his variant in 70807 MetalBeard's Duel. However, most of the main figure's features are represented in the smaller figure so he can fit onto The Sea Cow.

The figure uses the mini ball joints introduced in a variety of themes starting 2014. His left peg-leg uses a brown TECHNIC connector and a grey TECHNIC pin at the bottom, attached to a slightly bulkier, brick-built upper leg. The upper leg is connected to the main body with a ball joint. His right leg, on the other hand, features two points of articulation, is all brick-built, and features a bit more detail. The body features the brown chest for MetalBeard's organs. MetalBeard's beard, head, and pirate hat (all of which are minifigure elements) are situated above the chest. The beard is dark grey and made to look like it is made of metal, and the head features stubble, a gold bottom tooth, a metal eyepatch over the right eye, and an overall menacing expression. The pirate hat features a Jolly Roger, but with two wrenches instead of bones. On the top of MetalBeard's body is a flag, whose stem also features as a perch for a grey bird, and on the other side of this flag is a black exhaust funnel. MetalBeard's anchor is attached to his back using a chain. MetalBeard's right arm features Exo-Force Iron Drone claws as fingers, and as a small brick-built shark attached. His right arm features two cannons instead of a hand, and these are represented with TECHNIC tubes. Both arms are constructed largely through the use of mini ball joints. MetalBeard also wields a sword. The sword's handle is made from a brown TECHNIC connector and a grey TECHNIC pin, with the remainder of the sword being composed of a light grey dish and a long, light grey blade.

The Double-Decker Couch[edit]

The Double-Decker Couch is built largely out of LEGO plates and tiles. The base of each level of the couch is brown and grey, and the cushions and backs are made mostly out of light blue square tiles. Four of these tiles representing the seats have two studs each, allowing minifigures to sit on them. Each level of the couch features an arm rest and a cup holder on each end, and each cup holder holds a white cup. The two levels are connected using grey TECHNIC connectors. Finally, a brown ladder is attached to each side of the couch, providing access between the levels.

The Micro Managers[edit]

The set includes two Micro Managers. Each one is mostly black, with some grey pieces for their arms or claws, black greebles, and transparent red "eyes". Each one is also cube-shaped, with the rectangular plates surrounding the bodies having their studs face outwards.

The smaller Micro Manager features two small arms attached to its thrusters, two eyes, and a large opening at the front from which it shoots a black net. The larger Micro Manager features larger, four-clawed hands, attached via its grey arms to the bottom of its body. Its sides open up to reveal flick-fire missiles, and it's bottom panel also opens to reveal a small grey satellite dish.


MetalBeard uses his Sea Cow to go to and from Cloud Cuckoo Land and (in a flashback) Lord Business's Octan Tower. Later on, when the protagonists hide from Lord Business after their sub breaks apart, the group hides in Emmet's double-decker couch, which he first introduced earlier in the film hoping to demonstrate his creativity. Hiding in the couch, which, luckily, floats, the group isn't detected by Lord Business's forces, and the group is picked up by MetalBeard in his Sea Cow. On board, the group prepares and plans for infiltrating Lord Business's office tower.

Though two Micro Mangers are included in the set, they are never present on screen at the same time as the Sea Cow, and are never seen coming into conflict with it. They instead, however, feature prominently as antagonists controlled by Lord Business throughout the film.

Notes[edit] Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Help our heroes escape the Micro Managers on MetalBeard’s Sea Cow!

Shiver me timbers, the Micro Managers are approaching our heroes and MetalBeard aboard his wacky Sea Cow ship. Climb the mast to keep a look-out. Fire the powerful shooting cannons from the side of the ship to repel the Micro Managers. And watch out – one has flick missiles and the other can shoot a net! Raise the anchors, spin the rear propellers and steer the ship to safety with the mini version of MetalBeard at the wheel. Includes 4 minifigures: Benny, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle, and 2 figures: MetalBeard and QueasyKitty.

Battle 2 Micro Managers with The LEGO Movie MetalBeard’s Sea Cow with mini version of MetalBeard, 4 minifigures and cow with wings!

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Benny, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle, and 2 figures: MetalBeard and QueasyKitty
  • MetalBeard’s Sea Cow features chimney, 2 anchors, 4 back propellers, 2 huge side turbines, lanterns, 2 gold keys, 2 bottles, bottle with printed ship, box with 4 black coals, hammer, wrench, shovel, gold crowbar and a barrel with 2 rammers. Plus cannon and ammunition deck with 6 cannons and 2 boxes with cannon ammunition (12 pieces), and boiler room with 2 flint guns, 2 flint pistols and 2 swords. Also features captain’s room with treasure chest containing 6 gold coins, 2 red jewels and 2 green jewels, 2 blueprints, 2 maps, globe, sextant, ink vial and quill, and a portrait of MetalBeard
  • Also includes a cow with wings!
  • The large Micro Manager features fold-up wings with hidden flick missiles, 2 claws and fold-down satellite dish
  • The small Micro Manager features a net shooter
  • Weapons include 2 flint guns, 2 flint pistols and 2 swords
  • Steer the ship with the mini MetalBeard with sword and treasure chest
  • Fire the cannons on both sides of the ship to fend off attackers
  • Take off the funnel to access the cannon and ammunition deck
  • Open the top to access the captain’s cabin and check out the maps, treasure chest, MetalBeard portrait and more!
  • Open the doors to the boiler room to access the weapons
  • Turn the exhaust to raise and lower the anchors
  • Rotate the giant side turbines
  • Place a minifigure on the fore mast to operate the mounted guns
  • Keep a look-out from the crow’s nest
  • Get the fire going below the huge funnel
  • Make the rear propellers spin and speed away
  • Watch The LEGO® Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
  • MetalBeard’s Sea Cow measures over 22” (58cm) high, 24” (61cm) long and 7” (19cm) wide
  • The Micro Manager (large) measures over 3” (9cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide
  • The Micro Manager (small) measures over 1” (5cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide
  • Mini MetalBeard measures over 4” (11cm) high, 5” (13cm) deep, and 5” (13cm) wide
  • Double-decker couch measures over 3” (8cm) high, 3” (10cm) wide and less than 1” (2cm) long

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