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This article is about theme. For the Drome Racers team, see Exo Force (Drome Racers).

2006 - 2008

Exo-Force is a theme inspired by stories from Japanese manga, anime, and tokusatsu. The theme and its sets are based around large combat mechs (known as Battle Machines) piloted by humans in a battle against the mechanized Devastators, Iron Drones and the Meca One, who themselves possess combat machinery of their own, for complete dominance of the mountain they live on, Sentai Mountain. What lies at the bottom of the mountain was never revealed. The theme lasted two and a half years, as it was introduced in spring 2006 and later discontinued in the summer of 2008.


The story in 2006 is based around the Sentai Fortress, its human inhabitants and the mechanical Devastator Robots that are attacking them. At the end of the 2006 story arc, three of the humans, Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo are sent to find the legendary Golden City. Subsequently, Sensei Keiken, Ha-Ya-To, and the other humans travel to the city. At the end of the 2007 story arc, human leader Sensei Keiken is captured by the Devastators. The team embarks on a mission to find him, leaving Hitomi in charge of the Golden City. The team rescues Sensei Keiken from the Devastators and Meca One.


Despite the sets being discontinued, the storyline has developed dedicated followers, who continue the plot through fan-fiction stories.


Most of the Exo-Force sets consist of large "battle machines"; these are high-powered, heavily-armoured exo-suits designed to mimic human movement, and are mostly piloted by a single human or robot. Most of these vehicles use Technic joints to give the mech stability with a wide range of movement, and normally come equipped with a short-range melee weapon—a sword, shield or similar—in one hand and a long range weapon—such as a pistol or laser cannon—in the other. 2006 Sets used only Click Ball Joints, while 2007 sets introduced Ball-Joints. Aside from the mecha there are larger combat vehicles, bases, and remote installations such as gates and towers. Also, all of the final sets released in 2008 included a miniature robot that resembled the mech that it accompanies. These are comprised of LEGO elements rather than taking the form of minifigures.

Special features[edit]

Power cores: The 2006 sets feature power cores - a light-up brick located somewhere in the mech's chasis and connected to one of the weapons by a fibre-optic cable. This was used to "power up" (Exo-Force's catch-phrase) the battle machines. All of the 2006 sets included a Power core, with the exceptions of a few smaller sets, 7708 Uplink and 7711 Sentry.

Exo-Codes: From 2007 on, the power cores were discontinued and "exo-codes" were now included in every set. These codes could be typed into to unlock downloads and additional set information. The 2007 codes were printed directly onto 2x1 flat tiles and incorporated into the set build. The 2008 codes were instead printed on stickers that can be applied to different brick types in different sets.


Hikaru (2006)Takeshi (2006)Ryo (2006)Ha-Ya-To (2006)Tank GunnerHitomiSensei KeikenIron DroneDevastatorDevastator (Green)Devastator (Red)Devastator (Blue)Meca OneHikaru (2007)Takeshi (2007)Ryo (2007)Ha-Ya-To (2007)Hikaru (2008)Takeshi (2008)Ryo (2008)Ha-Ya-To (2008)


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 3870  Exo-Force Polybag          
No image 3871  Exo-Force Polybag          
No image 3872  Robo Chopper          
No image 3885  Mini Jet Fighter          
No image 3886  Green Exo Fighter          
No image 5965  Exosuit          
No image 5966  Glider          
No image 5967  Takeshi Walker          
No image 7700  Stealth Hunter          
No image 7701  Grand Titan          
No image 7702  Thunder Fury          
No image 7703  Fire Vulture          
No image 7704  Sonic Phantom          
No image 7705  Gate Assault          
No image 7706  Mobile Defense Tank          
No image 7707  Striking Venom          
No image 7708  Uplink          
No image 7709  Sentai Fortress          
No image 7711  Sentry          
No image 7712  Supernova          
No image 7713  Bridge Walker and White Lightning          
No image 7714  Golden Guardian          
No image 7721  Combat Crawler X2          
No image 8100  Cyclone Defender          
No image 8101  Claw Crusher          
No image 8102  Blade Titan          
No image 8103  Sky Guardian          
No image 8104  Shadow Crawler          
No image 8105  Iron Condor          
No image 8106  Aero Booster          
No image 8107  Fight for the Golden Tower          
No image 8108  Mobile Devastator          
No image 8111  River Dragon          
No image 8112  Battle Arachnoid          
No image 8113  Assault Tiger          
No image 8114  Chameleon Hunter          
No image 8115  Dark Panther          
No image 8117  Storm Lasher          
No image 8118  Hybrid Rescue Tank          
No image K8102  Humans vs. Robots Battle Machine Collection          
No image K8107  Golden City Collection          
No image K8111  Battle Machine Collection          
No image SDCC  Exo-Force Pin Set          


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