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Skeleton (Disambiguation)

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A Skeleton is a minifigure that is characterized by a skull, a skeletal torso different from most minifigures, has skeletal arms not used by most minifigures, and is usually white. Skeletons first appeared in 1995 in Pirate sets and have recently appeared in Castle, Atlantis, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and Ninjago sets. Skeletons are also playable characters in video games for comical purposes, but only if the player turns the "Extra Toggle" extra on. Skeletons have appeared in most sets. The term "Skeleton" can refer to any of the following minifigures:

Skeleton head variations

Video Game Appearances[edit]


Skeleton Black.gif
Skeleton with Standard Skull, Blue Wizard Hat, Bandana.jpg
Skeleton with Standard Skull, Red Bandana.jpg
Skeleton warrior.png
Vid skel.jpg
Skel evil.jpg
Skel nice.jpg
7775 Skeleton.jpg
Egypt skeleton.gif
Akator Skeleton.jpg
Skeleton Ship Captain.jpg
Skeleton Knight.jpg
Skeleton Black Knight.jpg
Skeleton Dark Knight.gif
Skeleton Reaper.jpg
Time Cruiser Skeleton.jpg
BGreen Skeleton.gif
Skeleton Pirate Captain.jpg
Skeleton King.jpg
Games Pirate Skeleton.jpg
Conquistador Skeleton.jpg
Skeleton Soldier.jpg
Skeleton Top Hat.jpg
Yellow Mummy Skeleton.jpg
White Mummy Skeleton.jpg
Silver Conquistador Skeleton.jpg
Silver Conquistador Skeleton Variant.jpg
Ogel Minion Commander.jpg
Ninjago Training Skeleton.png
Black SkeletonWizard SkeletonPirate SkeletonSkeleton Warrior from Castle (2007) and appears in Pirate Code gameLEGO Digital Designer versionThe more recent slanted eyesThe older circular eyesDiver SkeletonPharaoh SkeletonAkator SkeletonSkeleton CaptainSkeleton KnightSkeleton Black KnightSkeleton Dark KnightSkeleton ReaperTime Cruiser SkeletonBlack and Green SkeletonSkeleton Pirate Captainthe Skeleton KingGame Pirate SkeletonConquistador SkeletonSoldier SkeletonTop Hat SkeletonYellow Variant of Pharaoh SkeletonWhite Variant of Mummy SkeletonSilver Conquistador SkeletonSilver Conquistador Skeleton Variant Silver ArmorOgel Minion CommanderBonezaiChopovFrakjawKraziNuckalSamukaiSkeleton DummyFrom 75005 Rancor Pit

Img1Skeleton_Black.gif +
Img10Akator_Skeleton.jpg +
Img11Skeleton_Ship_Captain.jpg +
Img12Skeleton_Knight.jpg +
Img13Skeleton_Black_Knight.jpg +
Img14Skeleton_Dark_Knight.gif +
Img15Skeleton_Reaper.jpg +
Img16Time_Cruiser_Skeleton.jpg +
Img2Skeleton_with_Standard_Skull,_Blue_Wizard_Hat,_Bandana.jpg +
Img3Skeleton_with_Standard_Skull,_Red_Bandana.jpg +
Img4Skeleton warrior.png +
Img5vid skel.jpg +
Img6skel evil.jpg +
Img7skel nice.jpg +
Img87775 Skeleton.jpg +
Img9Egypt skeleton.gif +
Txt1Black Skeleton +
Txt10Akator Skeleton +
Txt11Skeleton Captain +
Txt12Skeleton Knight +
Txt13Skeleton Black Knight +
Txt14Skeleton Dark Knight +
Txt15Skeleton Reaper +
Txt16Time Cruiser Skeleton +
Txt2Wizard Skeleton +
Txt3Pirate Skeleton +
Txt4Skeleton Warrior from Castle (2007) and appears in Pirate Code game +
Txt5LEGO Digital Designer version +
Txt6The more recent slanted eyes +
Txt7The older circular eyes +
Txt8Diver Skeleton +
Txt9Pharaoh Skeleton +